Does a Freon leak mean I must get a new home AC unit?

Freon Leak AC. In Orange County, CA. An air conditioning repair company technician was at my house to charge the Freon in my AC. He told me that I’ve got a leak & that I’ll have to get a whole new unit. This seems a little far-fetched to me, especially because my unit is only 10 years old. Can’t the leak just be fixed?

Yes at D C’s heating & air conditioning 949-770-9616 our company specializes in refrigerant freon leaks. We use state of the art equipment and tools to detect your leak and repair it without selling you a new air conditioning system.

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I was told to buy a new air conditioning system due to refrigerant leak

Call and get someone else to perform a proper leak check on your system or a second opinion I’ve got systems that we service that are 40 years old and still operating. If you have a Freon leak AC call the experts 949-770-9616.

Most air conditioning repair technicians are getting lazy, especially if the companies pay commission , then they would rather try to sell you a new system , than repair.

Does a freon leak mean I must get a new home AC unit? near Laguna Hills CA
Freon leak

I have R-22 freon refrigerant in my air conditioner can you still charge it?

One other possibility which he may have been thinking but did not say, is if it is an R22 refrigerant system, that is costing hundreds of $ to fill now that it is going out of production, and will cost more in the future, so he may have figured you were better off with a system that uses the replacement refrigerants.

Yes the cost of R22 freon refrigerant is being phased out and expensive. Did your air conditioning repair person talk to you about the drop in refrigerant replacements for R-22?

Freon leak near Laguna Hills CA
Air conditioner freon refrigerant leak repair

Air Conditioning HVAC Freon Leak Repair Specialist

D C’s Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to have a team of qualified freon leak repair service technicians that are properly licensed, insured and have preformed HVAC system high pressure test since 1998. 

When an air conditioning system has been found to be low on refrigerant. (freon). The technician will charge the system with refrigerant and check the equipment for leaks at the accessible pipe joints along with tightening of all fittings. However, should no leak be evident at that time we will run several tests to find and repair the refrigerant leak.

Freon leak recharge near Laguna Hills CA
Freon leak

What Causes refrigerant Leaks?

There are many reasons for a refrigerant leak to happen, and depending on what your issue is, this is something that you need to learn more about. You want to ensure that you feel confident regarding having the issue resolved, but also that it is not something that is horrible. You want to make sure that it is something that is also not dangerous. refrigerant has a lot of information out there, but perhaps none about what causes these leaks in the first place.

Freon leak test near Laguna Hills CA
Freon leak

Refrigerant Leak Detection 

Having refrigerant leaks makes anyone scared, because this can cause further problems inside the home and with the unit. When it comes to recognizing a refrigerant leak however, then this is something that has to be done through a professional.

Freon leak detection near Laguna Hills CA
Freon leak

Electronic Refrigerant Freon Leak Detection 

This is one of the most common methods out there that are used through professionals. This is a method that cannot be done through the use of an electronic device that can be found in the home. You have to hire a professional to bring the device to your home and do the refrigerant leak detection for you. It can take just a few minutes to have the reading done for the results.

Freon leak UV dye near Laguna Hills CA

UV Light Refrigerant Leak Detection Method 

UV light methods can provide you with a better idea of the size and location of the leak. This is something that you want to do when it comes to not knowing how bad the system is leaking. You want to make sure that larger leaks are something that are taken care of sooner, rather than later. This is due to the fact that you want to ensure that your system is working in the best possible way. 

Freon leak test bubble near Laguna Hills CA

Pressurized Bubble Leak Method 

This is when the air conditioning system is pressurized with nitrogen and liquid is poured around the tubing throughout the unit and bubbles would indicate that there is a leak somewhere in the system. Freon leak AC

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  1. Chad

    Recharging your home air conditioner

    Does your home air conditioner need a recharge? As we go over this topic about recharging your older or newer air conditioner to keep the performance high and save you electrical costs. When your air conditioner runs it really uses a lot of electrical and you will notice keeping your home cool can cost you a lot of money. Making sure your air conditioner refrigerant or freon coolant is right check out my blog.

    Repairing home air conditioner refrigerant leak

    When you have a refrigerant leak, it takes the right technician or company to fix it right the first time to save you money on future costs. Making the repairs takes skill finding or even patching or repairing the leak. Most companies just want to replace the system without really looking into the repair or diagnosing it.

    Local home air conditioner refrigerant leak experts

    My blogs include the ways I fix your refrigerant leaks and after 30 years in the HVAC industry I have fixed a lot. Some can be fixed while other cannot but at least try to find the issues because installing a new air conditioner without knowing where the refrigerant leak is can cause issues for the homeowners or the contractor.

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