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Are you searching for local York HVAC Repair Orange County? York Heating and Cooling systems are one of the most popular choices for homeowners in the Orange County, California area. And why not?

They’re super-reliable, highly efficient, and leaders in innovation in home heating and cooling. old york heating & cooling

York HVAC Orange County

More Orange County, California homes choose York for their reliability and energy efficiency than almost any other heating and cooling systems available.

But, even the most reliable system needs service and repair from time to time.

York HVAC repair Orange County, CA

York HVAC Service Repair Price

For York HVAC serice and repair trust the York experts at Dc’s Mechanical.  we excel in the proper service of your York air conditioner, furnace or HVAC. With more than 25 years of experience installing new systems, we have earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau Company. We are also rated highly on Yelp!

york furnace codes

If you’re looking for help fixing your York furnace, look no further! Our comprehensive York furnace repair guide will explain common issues, provide troubleshooting tips, and show you how to read your model’s error codes. york model number lookup

CODE: Slow green flash
PROBLEM: This is normal operation.

CODE: Slow amber flash
PROBLEM: This is normal operation with a call for heat.

CODE: Rapid red flash
PROBLEM: This is a twinning error, incorrect 24V phasing.
FIX: You should check the twinning wiring.

CODE: Four amber flashes
PROBLEM: The control is receiving a “Y” signal from the thermostat without a “G” signal, and this indicates that the thermostat is wired incorrectly.
FIX: You should check the thermostat wiring.

CODE: One red flash
PROBLEM: Flame sensed when there was no call for heat.
FIX: You should check for a leaky or slow closing gas valve.

CODE: Two red flashes
PROBLEM: The pressure switch contacts that are normally open are stuck in the closed position.
FIX: You should check for a faulty pressure switch, mis-wiring, or an open pressure switch contact that didn’t close after the inducer was energized.

CODE: Three red flashes
PROBLEM: Many issues could cause this.
FIX: Check for a faulty inducer, blocked vent pipe, broken pressure switch hose, or a faulty pressure switch.

CODE: Four red flashes
PROBLEM: The contacts on the main limit switch that are normally closed have opened.
FIX: You should check for a dirty filter, an improperly sized duct system, an incorrect blower speed setting, an incorrect firing rate, or a faulty blower motor.

CODE: Five red flashes
PROBLEM: The contacts that are normally closed have opened during the rollout switch. The rollout control is manually reset.
FIX: If it has opened, you should check to see if there’s a proper supply of combustion air. Otherwise, you can inspect the inducer’s operation, the primary heat exchanger for a sign of failure, or the burner for potential issues. Remember to reset the switch and cycle power to the control.

CODE: Six red flashes
PROBLEM: After the unit began operating, the pressure switch opened four times during the call for heat.
FIX: The furnace will lockout for 1 hour and then restart.

CODE: Seven red flashes
PROBLEM: The flame could not be established. The no-light condition occurred three times during the call for heat before locking out.
FIX: You should check for low gas pressure, a faulty gas valve, a dirty or defective flame sensor, a faulty hot surface igniter, or the burner for potential issues. The furnace will lockout for 1 hour and then restart.

CODE: Eight red flashes
PROBLEM: The flame has been lost five times during the heating cycle.
FIX: You should check the system for low gas pressure, a dirty or faulty flame sensor, or a defective burner. The furnace will lockout for 1 hour and then restart.

CODE: Nine red flashes
PROBLEM: The line voltage polarity has been reversed or there’s a grounding problem.
FIX: You should check the furnace grounding and the polarity at both the furnace and branch.

CODE: Ten red flashes
PROBLEM: A flame has been sensed with no call for heat.
FIX: You should check the gas valve as well as the gas valve wiring.

CODE: Eleven red flashes
PROBLEM: This is usually caused by a failed blower motor or blower wheel.
FIX: After correcting the failure condition, you will want to cycle power to the control which will reset the hard lockout condition.

CODE: Twelve red flashes
PROBLEM: This indicates an open igniter circuit.
FIX: You should check for a disconnected or loose wire, or a cracked or broken igniter.

CODE: Steady red
PROBLEM: This is a control failure.
FIX: You should replace the control board.

York HVAC Orange County

Our technicians are trained in York service, maintenance and repair, and our fleet of vehicles carry a complete stock of certified York parts so you never need to wait days for your home’s comfort to be restored. york air conditioning

York HVAC repair in Orange County, California can be just that easy.

York HVAC Repair Orange County

Reliable York AC Repair 

York air conditioners are known for their ease of operation. Your home is comfortably-and quietly-cooled without breaking the bank in utility costs.

However, when your York system begins to show signs of failing-not being able to maintain a constant level of comfort, spikes in your electric bill, or noisy operation-it’s time to seek out a repair service you can trust. york air conditioner models

Dc’s Mechanical York HVAC Repair Orange County knows York cooling systems. Our expert service and repair team will diagnose and resolve your York HVAC repair in Orange County, California in a timely manner.

Specifically trained in York service, Dc’s Mechanical service technicians take pride in your satisfaction. We won’t consider the job complete until you do.

York HVAC Orange County

York Furnace & Heat Pump Repair

The York name is synonymous with home comfort, and that’s no small task in the Orange County, CA area.

Our winters may not be as brutal as in other areas of the country, but when the mercury plummets, you want a warm and comfortable indoor living environment.

If your York heat pump, or furnace, fails to do the job, you want service and repairs fast. Few things are as frustrating as a home that grows cold while you wait for service to be restored.

If you need emergency York HVAC repair in Orange County, California you can count on Dc’s Mechanical for rapid response. york air conditioning reviews

Our repair vehicles are fully stocked with York equipment and parts so you never need to wait days to be comfortable in your home again. Our response is immediate for York HVAC repair in Orange County, California.

York Products – Beyond the Traditional Options

York products extend beyond the traditional gas or electric furnace, heat pump, and central air conditioning systems.

York’s line also includes the energy crushing geothermal heat pump, ductless air condition, oil furnaces, and boilers, as well as a complete selection of indoor air quality support systems.

Our expertise in York HVAC repair in Orange County, California extends to the full line of reliable York products.

Schedule York HVAC System Repair Today

If you’re in need of York HVAC repair in Orange County, California count on the professionals at Dc’s Mechanical. We’re available to homeowners and commercial customers alike.

Dc’s Mechanical Air Conditioning & Heating also provides seasonal inspections, maintenance and tune-up for your York and many other brands of heating, cooling and HVAC systems.

We’ve been providing service to our neighbors in and around Orange County, California for more than two decades. Contact Dc’s Mechanical 949-770-9616 for York HVAC repair in Orange County, and all your heating and cooling solutions.

York HVAC Repair Orange County

York HVAC heating, cooling, air conditioning service and repairs

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Read my 5 star York heating and air conditioning reviews for Orange County California (CA).

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  1. Orange County homeowners did you know YORK®brings together the best in performance, efficiency, and reliability into your home heating and cooling systems. Energy Stars Heating & Cooling Co understands you want consistent comfort and low energy bills. YORK® residential products are recognized by organizations like Good Housekeeping and Consumer Digest for dependability. YORK® residential systems are designed, engineered, and assembled in the United States where quality standards are closely monitored to ensure the best performance each and every run. YORK® systems are also backed by some warranties in the industry so you always have peace of mind.

    We are Orange County California York dealer. We are a York authorized service, sales, and repair company. If you are interested in York heating and cooling products or just need service or repairs please call us. 949-770-9616 you nearby York dealer.

  2. Is YORK a good brand of furnace and air conditioner for Orange County CA homeowners?
    York is one of the most recognizable names in the HVAC industry, producing air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, and other equipment. Reviewers say its equipment is both high quality and budget friendly.

    Is a YORK heat pump any good for Orange County Homeowners?
    York heat pumps are exceptionally energy efficient because they use a split system. Working in parallel, a compressor and air handler maximize the efficiency of airflow between your inside air and the outside environment.
    With more than 130 years’ experience in heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC&R) product and services, YORK® air conditioners provide the ultimate comfort for your home and office by creating a cool, quiet and dry living environment.

    YORK® was established in 1874 in York, Pennsylvania, and has gone on to claim several significant firsts in design and innovation over the years. Now a Johnson Controls brand, YORK® leverages on its deep understanding of temperature control and heritage of cutting-edge research to provide the best temperature control solutions available around the world today. Explore our range of air-conditioning products to meet the needs of your home and office.

    For more information on the full range of YORK® products, visit York.com.

  3. Chad

    If you are searching for York heating and cooling in Orange County California. We service and repair these local locations. Turn to your local York heating, air conditioning and heat pump experts.
    Aliso Viejo, CA
    Coto de Caza, CA
    Dove Canyon, CA
    Foothill Ranch, CA
    Irvine, CA
    Ladera Ranch, CA
    Lake Forest, CA
    Laguna Niguel, CA
    Las Flores, CA
    Mission Viejo, CA
    Portola Hills, CA
    Rancho Mission Viejo, CA
    Rancho Santa Margarita,CA
    Robinson Ranch, CA
    San Clemente, CA
    San Juan Capistrano, CA
    Shady Canyon, CA
    Trabuco Canyon, CA
    Wagon Wheel, CA
    We have over 30 years experiance working on York HVAC systems call 949-770-9616 We can handle your York furnace air conditioner or heat pump system.

    Is YORK a good brand of HVAC for Orange County CA homes?
    York is one of the most recognizable names in the HVAC industry, producing air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, and other equipment. Reviewers say its equipment is both high quality and budget friendly.

    How much is a YORK HVAC system for Orange County CA homeowners?
    How Much Does a York Central AC Cost? The approximate range is a little more than $4,000 for a small, entry-level, low-efficiency unit to more than $11,000 for York’s top of the line. If you choose a midrange single-stage or 2-stage York AC, expect your installed cost to be $5,800 to $8,500 depending on model and size.

    Are YORK furnaces reliable?
    York is an economy brand, so you’ll pay less for a quality-made gas furnace that’s also reliable, durable, and backed by an excellent warranty. In fact, York offers one of the best furnace warranties in the business thanks to their lifetime heat exchanger warranty, Complete Assurance warranty, and labor warranty.

    How long is York warranty?
    York’s standard warranty generally features 10-year parts limited warranty. York is one of the few manufacturers that offers a 1 year limited labor warranty with all of its equipment. To be eligible for the maximum warranty, York equipment needs to be registered within 90 days from the install date.

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