Sediment trap FAU furnace and water heater

Sediment trap FAU furnace and water heater Here is a picture and a description of how to make and install a sediment trap for your home water heater and furnace. D C’s heating & air conditioning at 949-770-9616 has experienced this filter and trap on the commercial side of heating and air conditioning.

On the residential side we know some inspectors are requiring this when it comes to selling your residential home. This trap is easy to make and the picture shows you exactly how to make the sediment trap for your water heater and furnace.

Natural gas sediment trap how to install

The parts you will need can be purchased at home depot or your favorite hardware store. Make sure you use Teflon tape or pipe dope to seal the threads prior to putting them together. Using black pipe the same diameter of existing pipe so if you are using ½ inch use the same and ¾ use the same and so on.

This to me is something new to residential appliances such as water heaters, FAU (furnace) and also pool heaters. If you need help call D C’s heating & air conditioning 949-770-9616 serving South Orange County California.
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Sediment trap FAU furnace and water heater
Sediment trap FAU furnace and water heater

Sediment trap FAU furnace and water heater

Although this picture shows a sediment trap on a water heater you will build or install this same way for your FAU (furnace).  The natural gas will flow in at the top down towards the trap catching moisture, rust and debris that comes from your existing pipes before it goes into your gas valve.

Yes most gas valves either furnace or water heaters have a screen in them to catch to all the contaminates before going into the gas valve.  Make sure to use soapy water to test for gas leaks after installing on all your fittings.

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California homeowners are requiring installing a sediment trap on their furnace gas line. The state and city codes will require the contractor installing your new furnace to install the trap. This will prevent the debris in the gas line from getting into the gas valve and causing issues.  We also see the inspectors and home inspectors wanting the sediment trap installed on your natural gas appliances in your home.

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