HVAC | Don’t Overpay For Heat & AC‎ Service Repair

When you have a broken heater or air conditioner HVAC | Don’t Overpay For Heat & AC‎. Our Company offers the lowest prices in Orange County, California for all your heating and cooling needs. Never overpay for your service or repairs ever again. Compare our HVAC service and repair prices to any HVAC contractor. D C’s heating & air conditioning offers local best prices call now 949-770-9616.

Don't Overpay For Heat & AC‎ Service Repair
Don’t Overpay For Heat & AC‎ Service Repair

Don’t buy a new HVAC system because its older

Many of our HVAC customers love our honesty when it comes to an older furnace or air conditioner. We service and repair older air conditioners that other companies said they needed to be replaced. How can we save you money? Being honest and up-front with prices that you can read and compare posted on our website. What is a fair price for HVAC service and repair in Orange County, CA.

HVAC Don't Overpay for Heat & AC‎ near Laguna Hills California
Don’t Overpay For Heat & AC‎ Service Repair

Recharging R-22 Freon air conditioners

So you might have an older residential or commercial air conditioner using the older R22 freon. Are you looking for a company to recharge or ever retrofit to the newer refrigerants? You will be surprised you don’t have to buy a new HVAC system. Don’t be told R-22 is illegal and cannot be used. Many customers call me asking if this is true? No its a false statement!

Converting R-22 Freon air conditioners to new refrigerants

HVAC Don't Overpay for Heat & AC‎ Service Repair near Laguna Hills California
Don’t Overpay For Heat & AC‎ Service Repair

I was told you cannot get R-22 Freon to recharge my air conditioner? This is not true we have large supply of R-22 Freon in the United States. As of January 1, 2020 the US will no longer manufacture or import R-22 Freon refrigerant. We can still use the refrigerant to recharge air conditioners.

Converting your older R-22 Freon air conditioners will save you money without having to replace them. Some great retrofit conversion refrigerants are R-407C. A great refrigerant that works with your existing condenser and evaporator coil. MP99 Refrigerant is another great option for retrofitting out your old R-22 refrigerant. Currently there are about 20-25 different refrigerants you can use with your old R-22 HVAC system.

HVAC companies who will recharge R-22 Freon air conditioners

HVAC Don't Overpay for Heat & AC‎ near Laguna Hills California
Don’t Overpay For Heat & AC‎ Service Repair

Searching for and honest HVAC company that will tell you the truth about recharging R-22 Freon air conditioners? No worries we can help you out and save you money without replacing the HVAC system. We have many options and with 30 years’ experience working on furnace and air conditioners AC. Don’t Overpay for Heat & AC‎ Service Repair. Always know what the average repair cost is in your area.

Carrier HVAC system near Laguna Hills California
Don’t Overpay For Heat & AC‎ Service Repair

Where can I find local HVAC service repair prices

Before you go to Angies list or Home advisors to compare prices for heating and cooling service and repairs. Maybe look around the internet using your current city or county you live in. Compare prices from websites that post their service and repair prices. Don’t fall prey to having to fill out forms with your personal information name address phone number or e mail. May companies use your personal information or sell it.

Don't Overpay For Heat & AC‎ Service Repair
Don’t Overpay For Heat & AC‎ Service Repair

Local honest HVAC service repair Orange County, CA

Aliso Viejo | Anaheim | Brea | Buena Park | Capistrano Beach | Corona Del Mar | Costa Mesa | Cypress | Dana Point | Foothill Ranch | Fountain Valley | Fullerton | Garden Grove | Huntington Beach | Irvine | La Habra | La Palma | Ladera Ranch |

Do you know that 90% of the homeowners in these cities do not have any idea what service and repair prices should be to fix or service your heating and air conditioner? By not understanding local heating and cooling prices you will be overcharged and pay too much money for the services. Always shop and compare local HVAC prices before you spend too much money. Don’t Overpay for Heat & AC‎ Service Repair in your area. Yelp Reviews

Laguna Beach | Laguna Hills | Laguna Niguel | Laguna Woods | Lake Forest | Los Alamitos | Midway City | Mission Viejo | Newport Beach | Newport Coast | Orange | Placentia | Rancho Santa Margarita | San Clemente | San Juan Capistrano | Santa Ana | Seal Beach | Silverado | Stanton | Sunset Beach | Surfside | Trabuco Canyon | Tustin | Villa Park | Westminster | Yorba Linda | Orange County CA. Google Reviews

We dare you to compare our prices to any HVAC company in the OC



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  1. Shopping local heating and air conditioning companies is something each and every homeowner should do in their area. When you do the researching you can find the best local companies for all your HVAC services. When a homeowner signs a service agreement are they still checking their prices to make sure the company is doing honest work and honest pricing for the service or repair? Many homeowners just think the price is the price to repair your broken furnace or air conditioner.

    You might be getting overcharged and not even know but by doing an internet search for part prices and different company prices you will then know if you are getting the local best prices from your HVAC company. Stop just paying what the repair company is asking and research local deals in your area.

  2. If the average homeowner in Orange Couty California would price check their local heating and air conditioning companies, they could save a lot of money. Each and every air conditioning company has their own different prices for service, repairs, and replacement costs. How my people reading this have actually compared prices when your furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump system needs any kind of service. Get the best prices by researching repair prices in your area by Google, MSN, or whatever search engine you are using. Save money by comparing prices for service and repairs before calling any local heating and air conditioning company.

    I like to save money on everything I buy or need. We compare gas prices, grocery prices and more. Why would you not compare repair company prices for your home?

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