RS-44 Refrigerant R22 Replacement

RS-44 Refrigerant R22 Replacement
RS-44 Refrigerant R22 Replacement

RS-44 Refrigerant R22 Replacement Do you have an older R22 freon refrigerant home or office air conditioner that is low on charge and was told by your air conditioning company that R22 is gone or super expensive! Yes R22 refrigerant prices have gone up and our current R22 prices per pound is $35.00. The R-22 prices will be going up in cost so RS-44 is a great replacement refrigerant for air conditioners using the old R-22 freon.

RS-44 Refrigerant R22 Replacement

There are some really great drop in replacements for the older R22 air conditioners that air conditioning companies can give you the option to use. You will have to recover the old R22 out of the air conditioner before you add the RS44 refrigerant and also do a system leak test on your air conditioning system. People that are searching for residential and commercial air conditioner recharge that have the old style R-22 refrigerant might want to consider these new drop in replacement  refrigerants for their air conditioning systems because of the money saving cost vs using R-22 freon to recharge your air conditioner.

RS-44 Refrigerant R22 Replacement

These are some really great options to consider before you are told to buy a whole new air conditioning system. I know the refrigerant manufactures are making many drop in replacements for R22 air conditioning systems so please don’t be sold a new air conditioner because a company told you that there is no more R22 refrigerant to recharge your home or commercial air conditioner. Call D C’s heating & air conditioning 949-770-9616 for all your air conditioning needs service, sales, repairs our prices will not be beat and our honest service you will love! Lowest air conditioning prices in Orange County!

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  1. Chad

    Does RS-44b replace R22 for my home air conditioner?
    RS-44b has a lower GWP than most replacements for R22. RS-44b is a suitable replacement for R22 across the range of temperatures where R22 is commonly found at high and low temperatures. RS-44b can be used to replace R22 without the need to change the original mineral oil in the system.

    What is rs44 refrigerant?
    Image result for rs-44 refrigerant
    RS-44 is a non flammable blend of HFC 125, HFC 134a, n-butane, isobutane and isopentane which has a zero ODP and is also compatible with both traditional and synthetic lubricants so that a retrofit is not required. RS-44 is a “Drop-in” replacement for R22 providing an easy and at the same time a long term solution.

    Do you charge 407C as a liquid or gas?
    R-407C should always be charged as a liquid. Due to its zeotropic nature, it will fractionate if charged as a vapor, causing poor system performance — and, possibly, system failure. Additionally, the refrigerant supply in the cylinder may become out of spec if discharged as a vapor. Blended refrigerants always have to be charged as a liquid in the system.

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