Allstyle Air Conditioning Evaporator Problems Leaks

Are you having air conditioning problems? We are going to talk about Allstyle Air Conditioning Evaporator Problems Leaks. Many new homes air conditioning installs used Allstyle evaporators in your heating and cooling system.  Being an Orange County HVAC contractor I have seen many issues with these Allstyle evaporators leaking refrigerant.

Allstyle Air Conditioning Evaporator Problems Leaks

Most of the issues have been with the horizontal coils in the attic were most California contractors have been placing the furnace and evaporator coil. This can control your whole home or maybe it’s just the upstairs that has issues because you have 2 or more heating and cooling units. Leak Stop will not fix this issue you will need to replace the coil.

What causes my refrigerant to leak out

We are currently seeing a lot of Allstyle Air Conditioning Evaporator Problems Leaks. The first time I ran into this issue was a few years ago when I had an air conditioner which was low 2 lbs of R-410 Puron out of a 8.75 lbs system. I was not sure what to think and searched the welds to make sure they were good.  I added the refrigerant to the system and cooled the home down fast and quick.

Allstyle Air Conditioning Evaporator Problems Leaks
Allstyle Air Conditioning Evaporator Problems Leaks

3 days later customer called said their home A/C was not working again. I put my gauges on to check pressures and charge to my surprise it was empty.  I pulled out my nitrogen and pressurized the system to 300psi. The air conditioning condensing unit and piping was fine leak test with refrigeration bubbles.

Climbed into the attic and could hear the hissing from the leak. I checked the liquid side nut to see if it was loose and sprayed with the bubbles and nothing. I pulled off the Allstyle evaporator cover and could hear the leak bad and also the oil in the condensation pan.  I am sure there was a small leak at first and by making that aluminum tubing cold it cracked it big.

Allstyle Air Conditioning Evaporator Problems Leaks

I talked to a bunch of people and even called Allstyle about the problem. Allstyle was nice and told me it was under warranty and the evaporator would be exchanged for a new evaporator, but customer is responsible for the labor. This sounded like a good deal to save the customer some money.

Allstyle Air Conditioning Evaporator Problems Leaks
Allstyle Air Conditioning Evaporator Problems Leaks
Allstyle Evaporator return warranty

I spent a good full day tracking down the company that originally sold this coil because no Allstyle distributor wanted to take it back because they don’t want to do warranty for something they didn’t sell, and I understand that.  I finally found the Allstyle distributor in Orange County, CA and went to get the replacement.  I was surprised to see pallets and pallets of bad Allstyle air conditioning evaporator coils going back for warranty.

I called my customer and explained I don’t feel comfortable putting back in Allstyle brand evaporator coil because of the issues I am seeing.  I told him about going with ADP air conditioning evaporator coil because I have used them for years.  He agreed with my suggestion.

Allstyle Air Conditioning Evaporator Problems Leaks

Since the first time I found the refrigerant leak in the Allstyle evaporator coil during my leak test I go right to the air conditioning evaporator and if its Allstyle brand air conditioner evaporator I can almost be 90% sure its defective.  If you have a refrigerant leak small or large take a look at your evaporator brand and if its Allstyle you might check that first.  I have replaced many Allstyle air conditioning evaporators with ADP brand evaporator coils.

We also have been seeing issues with water leaking into the secondary pan and the secondary drain.  For some reason the primary condensation pan does not catch the water properly.  Many times, we get called for water leaking or the drain line over window is dripping.

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2 responses to “Allstyle Air Conditioning Evaporator Problems Leaks”

  1. Carl samuels

    Four AllStyle coils and counting. I had one last 20 years. This last one has been good for about three years.

    I was warned but since I had collectively had a fair experienced
    Average. I rolled the dice and lost.

    1. Chad

      AllStyle evaporator issues leaking refrigerant

      Hi Carl, Thanks for your post. Allstyle coils during the early years lasted longer than the new ones. Many of the Evaporator coil companies used copper tubing and R22 refrigerant. R22 is a lower pressure refrigerant compared to R410 Puron. The last 10 years the air conditioning industry has been working on higher efficient systems for higher SEER rating. In California we require a min 15 SEER air conditioning system as of January 1, 2023. Aluminum is used more now in condensers and evaporators coils because the heat transfer is higher in Aluminum vs Copper. As an air conditioning repair person for over 30 years, we see failures in the Aluminum products on different brands. If you have an 8-year-old condenser made by Trane, American Standard, or York. you might experience a condenser coil refrigerant leak because I have seen many.

      AllStyle evaporator coil issues and repair

      The Allstyle evaporator had major issues and a huge failure rate. Yes the company honored their warranty, but I refused to install Allstyle because I saw the pallets of coils going back for warranty. The labor and refrigerant costs more than the coil. I am a huge fan of using quality HVAC equipment for all my installs. Sure, paying more upfront will save you money in the long run.

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