Air Conditioner leak seal products good – bad?

Today I am going to talk about Air Conditioner leak seal products good – bad?  So many air conditioning technicians are selling and putting this into your commercial and residential air conditioning units to stop the Freon or refrigerant leaks. Will the stop leak work or not?  We will go over our findings.  I have worked in the HVAC/R industry for 30 years. I own D C’s heating & air conditioning in Laguna Hills, California. 

Air Conditioner leak seal products good – bad?

Air Conditioner leak seal products good - bad?
Air Conditioner leak seal products good – bad?

There are a bunch of new and old leak seals products for your air conditioner for sale it will make your head spin which one is best? do they really work?  What should I know about air conditioner leak repair products.

My opinion on Air Conditioner leak seal products good – bad?

Air Conditioner leak seal products good - bad?
Air Conditioner leak seal products good – bad?

I have never used any of the products in my life. I am old school where I look for the leaks using nitrogen, leak detectors, UV dye and any way i can to find the leak. I feel these products are a quick fix to get the customers money and off to the next job for those that use these leak seal products. My local contractors have said the product does not work and they just use it as a band-aid. 

AC refrigeration UV leak test

I was called out to a job where a local Orange County air conditioning company had installed a new HVAC system. Right off the get go the air conditioning system had a leak but was charged up and ran until guess what? out of refrigerant. Company came back under warranty and recharged the system with R410A Puron refrigerant.

The installer 4 months later came back and replaced the compressor in the brand-new air conditioner and added refrigerant leak stop to the new unit. This time the air conditioner worked for one month. Customer called back original air conditioning company again and said the compressor was bad again and needed to be replaced.

Refrigerant recovery

Air Conditioner leak seal products good – bad?

I got a call because this customer needed a second opinion on why his air conditioner was not working. I arrived to take a look at what was going on and what I could do to resolve his issues and get him cool during the hot weather in Orange County.

Air conditioner condenser would come on and my discharge pressures went crazy super high and low suction pressure. Right away I knew restriction in the air conditioning system.  My first thought was bad TXV metering device in the evaporator. The customer told me the last technician had added some stop leak to the air conditioning refrigerant to fix the leak he could not find.

During my inspection I told the customer here is what I suggest fixing his air conditioner. first, we recover all the refrigerant in the system. Second, we remove and replace both the filter dryer and TXV valve in the air conditioner.  Third we pull a deep vacuum and recharge with virgin R-410 Puron refrigerant.

The customer gave me the green light and told me to go ahead and do the repairs. I was surprised to see what the air conditioner leak seal did to the dryer and TXV totally plugged up.  To my surprise I actually found his refrigerant leak at the expansion valve fitting from the factory was loose.  Finished off all my work and ran the air conditioner.

Finding and repairing the leak. customer was really please with my work and repairs. They are like family to me and gave me an awesome Yelp review.  I really love to hear him and his family happy and cool.

AC refrigeration UV dye near Laguna Hills CA

Air Conditioner leak seal products good – bad?

What is my opinion on A/C leaks and seals? It’s like fixing your radiator or tire it makes a temporary patch long enough to get the customers money and off to the next job.  Will I ever use any air conditioning seal products?? NEVER!

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2 responses to “Air Conditioner leak seal products good – bad?”

  1. Most people that are reading this has tried some form of refrigerant leak stop to prevent the refrigerant from leaking out of their air conditioning system. I am sure if you are here reading this post the leak stop did not work. I tried to explain this to homeowners that it is a lazy person’s way of fixing a refrigerant leak. Now that you spent all that money on the leak stop product and also the refrigerant what comes next? Finding and fixing the leak will take a good technician and some time to find the leak and see if it can be repaired.

    If the heating and air conditioning industry keeps bringing crappy products out the service technicians will just rely on easy fixes that is not a fix. I have repaired many different refrigerant leaks in my 30 years working in this industry. I know the difference between right and wrong and refuse to use leak stop products on any of my jobs.

  2. Chad

    Local home air conditioner recharge freon

    I have homeowners all the time calling about needing their air conditioner recharged. This is a common issue due to the age of the air conditioner system or having a refrigerant or Freon leak. Ok we really have to decide if the leak stop good or bad for my air conditioner. If you have an air conditioning system under warranty do not use this product because it will void all warranties. Yes, this means your 10-year warranty on the compressor could and will be voided because the manufacturer will ask for the bad compressor under warranty to be returned for their inspection.

    How to fix repair home air conditioner refrigerant leak

    A leak stop is just a lazy man’s way to repair a leaking refrigerant or Freon. I get many calls in Orange County California because the homeowner paid for a recharge and leak seal added to their home air conditioner. If leak stop products really work, why am I getting your call? I have had calls where air conditioner technicians have injected leak stop into the system and things have gone bad.
    #1 compressor failure
    #2 TXV metering device failed plugged or blockage.
    #3 Filter dryer plugged restricted.

    Local best heating air conditioning repairs refrigerant leak

    A homeowner had a company in Orange County California install the leak stop in a 5-year-old air conditioner American Standard. The customer noticed a loud noise outside and no cooling. The air conditioning technician returned and told the homeowner the compressor was bad and charged $1875.00 to replace the compressor. A week later the same issues load noise no cooling. The homeowner reached out to me for a second opinion. I found the unit had restricted refrigerant flow. High head pressure 600 psi and it would cut out.

    Local best air conditioning repairs

    Suction pressure 35 psi. The homeowner asked me if the compressor was bad? He said they just replaced it a week ago. I asked him if anyone added a leak stop and I can smell the leak stop really quick. I recovered all the refrigerant, removed the dryer and TXV. Flushed the line set. I replaced the TXV and the filter dryer in the system. I pulled a deep vacuum and recharged with a new virgin R410A refrigerant. The air conditioner works great now and the homeowner calls me every year to thank me for the wonderful service and repair.

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