CA EPA compliance refrigerants

Did you get a letter from the EPA Refrigerant Management Program to your business or facility about the amount of refrigerants you have? Take this serious because you will be fined if you do not comply! Yes it is true that businesses and facilities having over 50lbs of refrigerants in California will have to comply and fill out the forms required! If you are located in Orange County California I can help you out with this! We all want to make sure that loss of refrigerants that harm the ozone are repaired and checked regularly to save you money in service call and also fines! Most of the companies I work with fall under the 50 lbs. but you will need to know exactly what you have as far as refrigerants using and quantity so hire a profession refrigeration company to come out and make sure the paperwork is completed right the first time!


Fell free to call me at 949-770-9616 if you need help with this! I am EPA certified Universal for refrigerants


I shared this link for those that want to read about the California laws!

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Installed my own solar system

I wanted to go with a solar system for my home and had 3 bids for the sales and installation of solar panels and system for my home and I was surprised to see the prices ranging from $27,000.00 to $32,000.00 and just decided to do the job myself and hired a couple roofers for help installing the roof racking! First I shopped for the complete solar system and found a place that sells to the public and contractors and I want to share the link of this company because they are awesome helping me layout my roof to get the most solar panels on the area needed! The company is CED greentech This company makes it easy to install your own solar system without being hard sales by most solar companies! I decided to go with the LG brand and installed 14 305 watt panels on my garage which has a good south facing sun! Ok the whole solar system cost me $9100.00 that is everything I needed for racking, inverters, and panels! What a deal and it only took 12 hours from start to finish to do this job! This was the first time I ever installed a solar system and was told by CED that some of the guys that do this every day can do a system like mine in 4 – 6 hours!   Mine may have taken a little longer but I wanted to make sure it was perfect and looks great on my roof! Purchasing a solar panel and system is like buying a car you really want to read up on the quality of the inverters and the panels! I chose the LG brand panels because LG is huge in the electronics field and I know that the LG brand is quality! I was impressed when I powered up the solar system to see the electrical meter spin backwards and seeing the power feeding back on the grid and the savings. I did not buy a system to handle my summer load because I am with San Diego gas and electric and they do not purchase back power but credit you!

If you are considering going solar you must look into CED greetech prices! Trust me all solar companies do not want you to see the prices for these solar systems and you will save money for sure! Can you do your own solar system? Yes there are some really great you tube video’s people have made to show you how easy it is! I know because I did my own solar for my house! CED greentech is awesome the answer your questions and work with you to get you the right system and the easiest way to install your own solar system! I was surprised how quick and easy the install went and wanted to share this to you and all those that are interested in going solar or are shopping for the best solar prices!


If you have any questions or comments on finding the best solar system or maybe you have questions about installing please feel free to leave a reply!

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949 770 9616 wireless registered do not call

The wireless cell phone number 949 770 9616 is registered to If you have this number on your website or call list be prepared to have your information filed as a complaint to the government website as a violation of the terms the do not call website! I get charged for each and every call you make to the 949 770 9616 phone! I am tired of the recorded messages companies make to your phone or companies trying to sell you something!!   I like to keep people information private and my company will never cold call you for air conditioning service or repair.   I just want everyone and all companies about my wireless number and hope that if you bought a phone list to call from or looking for number off the website to cold call make sure you check to see if that number allows calls! All forms of sales calls will be reported!   I am sorry if this sounds rude and unfriendly but I work for a living and would like to spend my money how I want without someone or company calling me about spam or things I do not want or need! I am sure you feel the same way and respect my phone number as I respect yours!

If you purchased a phone list or lead phone numbers and search the internet for 949-770-9616 do not call this number for any kind of sales! Personally if you buy a phone list and see my wireless cell phone number on the list get your money back because it is not a legal list and your number will be reported to and registered as a complaint!  The FCC will violate and fine you for calling wireless phone numbers without prior approval!  If you get the phone number 949 770 9616 from the California State Contractors Board list @ CSLB you are still in violation this goes for every call that is a sale!  The 949 770 9616 phone number is for making an appointment for my service ONLY!

949-770-9616 registered
949-770-9616 is a wireless cell phone number registered to anyone using this phone number unauthorized by me will be turned over to the FTC


Thank you!


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Frigidaire Gallery microwave repair

I own a Frigidaire Galley Microwave model # FGMV174KFA and the other day the microwave would not work after the house cleaner did her work! The microwave door did not latch and the start button would not turn the unit on! The door felt loose and would not latch so I was thinking oh no time for a new microwave! This microwave has 2 plastic latches on it and looked fine but each time I closed the door the unit would not start! I found a fix for this and thought I would share it for those that want to fix their microwave! I took the spring out of a ball point pen cut the spring in half and installed the spring into the top latch and pushed this in by hand! To my amazement this made the microwave work again causing the latch to hit the micro switch that shows that the door is closed. The microwave must of had a factory spring in the latching system somewhere and either broke or got lost? If you want to fix your home appliances I would like to hear how and what you did to make the repairs and save money!

Electrolux home product repairs fast and free! I will keep giving free advice on the next project I work on as long as people like to read on how to fix it your self. Please leave comments and questions! I want everyone who has projects that have advice or help to post them here

frigidaire microwave repair

Thank you!


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Free Money Saving Tips solar a Must Read!

On my website I have some really great money $$ saving tips for those that are thinking about going solar to save money! I have talked about leasing vs purchasing you home or business solar system! This is free and without a charge to those that just want to save money! I am talking about a lot of money! Big solar companies do not want you to know about my website because it cuts into their profits big time or my big goal is for these huge solar companies to start charging their customers a fair price when it comes to purchase or leasing solar! Solar should be affordable by all and also have a quick payback for your investment! I like to always look at numbers to see what payback I get on my investment so I am offering you some really great ways to save money for free if you don’t mind doing some reading on my website.


I listed a couple wholesale supply companies were you could cut out the middleman and purchase your solar system directly! I have also talked about how to hire roofing companies to install and mount your panels to your home or office rooftop. Last but not least the electrician and having him do the simple and easy wiring and hooking your solar system to your main panel!


If you are looking into solar and want the lowest price on your solar system just follow my steps and trust me you will save thousands of dollars!

Please use the search for specific topics you would like to read about to save money! Feel free to leave a comment or question I will answer them for you free also!


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What solar companies don’t want you to know?

I was at my barbershop talking with the guys about solar power and the costs that companies are charging to put solar on your rooftop. I have done a lot of research about the best way to do solar and the lowest cost! On my blogs in this website I have talked about doing your research before you commit to working with a solar company and how I saved over $15,000.00 dollars on my whole home solar system! First search the internet companies like CED greentech sell solar systems to the general public at a really low price and the current solar companies do not want you to know about this because it will cut into their huge profits! I suggest you hire a roofing contractor to install the racking and mount your panels so you won’t have a leak in your roof! This job should be less than $1000.00 to do this so call roofing companies and get quotes to handle the install! The next thing would be hire a electrician to run the power to your main panel this should be less than $500.00 for the job because it does not require a lot of wok and maybe some conduit or flex and wire!

Are you tired of paying for an electrical bill? Do you want a solar system that you will own without the bad lease that these solar companies are making huge profits from and taking your federal tax credit! I have talked about how to get solar power for your home and business at the lowest prices that your current solar company cannot touch! Do you want to save money? I am sure you do otherwise you would not be looking into solar power to save on your electrical bill! My website is dedicated to people that want to save money on power, air conditioning, and refrigeration! This website is free for people to use and also comment questions and advice to those that want to find out how to save money! Please use the search on my website to find topics that you are interested in!

When it comes to investing in solar for your home or office you want to look at the real numbers and not the numbers the solar companies give you and try to use as their sales points! Don’t invest in solar for a monthly payment but look at the whole cost and break down each operation to have the solar system complete!  Now i dare you to use my free solar tips to compare prices from what the current solar company wants to charge you compared to what I told you to do to save money! My original quotes from 3 solar companies were from $27,000.00 to $32,000.00 dollars and I got my quote from CED green tech for $9235.00 for a complete solar system with all the racking, parts for a complete system! Hired a roofer for $600.00 to instal the racks and mount the panels. The electrician quoted me $500.00 so I just saved thousands of dollars on my solar system and trust me the payoff will be quick and also I get to keep my federal tax credit for my solar install! The solar manufacture has the 20 year warranty on their systems so don’t be fooled or up-sold from the solar company! The wifi system you purchase will show you the production so look on your computer or your smart phone to monitor your solar system! This way you can look and see if you might have a bad panel that need to be replaced! You don’t really need a company to do this for you because of the great technology with smart phones and computers you can save money and do this yourself for free! CED green tech also offers free advice for your solar system like how many panels you can put on your roof! The best direction and also where you will get the most or best results for your roof top solar panels.

Don’t get taken for a bad lease or a bad sale that most solar companies are advertising! Research the internet and read my free blog for tips on how to save money for those that are interested in going solar and saving money! Take a look what is going on these solar companies are offering you free installation and no out of pocket money or they claim! You better beware when you go into a 20 year lease with a solar company that is a long time and maybe the increase or the fine print on your contract might cost you more money in the long run!  Please make sure to read the lease understand everything it has to say! I have talked with a few people who have signed a solar lease and hate it but are locked in with the solar company for 20 years!

Home solar


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Tips on how to save $1000’s on solar systems

Did you know that you can save thousands of dollars on solar and I am going to show you for free! The solar companies that sell these systems for your home or office do not want you to know about this tip that can save you money or at least give you some negotiations on the price of the solar system or the install! First I did a lot of research and want to share what I have found because my estimates for a complete solar system was $25,000.00 to $32,000.00 and trust me the payoff for this cost would have taken many many years! So if you are looking for a solar system you have to read this free tip!

CED greentech sells solar panels and complete solar systems to the general public and you don’t have to have a contractor license to purchase your system and trust me this is huge! You can call them and give your address and the companies will Google your roof to get you the right layout for free! Now just tell them how many kilowatts of power you are using and they will calculate how many solar panels you will require to cut your electrical bill down or even never have a power bill again! The system that you purchase from CED have a 20 year manufactures warranty like all solar panels you purchase so don’t let that current solar company try to use that as a sales point! They tried it on me but I cut them short saying the manufacturer has the warranty not the solar company!

The second thing you want to do is pull an owner builder permit from the solar layout CED Greentech is going to give you! I live in Southern California so it will run me about $200.00 and should be really easy to get! Some places will not require a building permit but just in case always check with your city!

Find a roofing company local to you! Most big solar companies contract the job to roofing contractors so you are just cutting out the middleman! I found one and showed him what I needed done and he quoted me $600.00 to install the racks and mount 14 solar panels to the roof! This process is easy and should only take a couple days tops! Don’t let these solar companies tell you it is hard work and up sale you on the cost of the solar system!

The next thing is getting prices for the electrical! My electrician said for $500.00 he would make sure to build it to code and hook up all the necessary wiring to the electrical panel. It is nice to hire an electrician because of the danger of fire or electrocution so we do want to make sure it is safe!

Ok let’s look at what the solar companies quoted compared to what I researched for prices on a complete solar system for my home.

Solar companies bid $25,000.00 to $32,000.00

Here is what I came up with CED Greentech estimate for a complete system using the new LG 305 panel’s racks and inverter! $9165.00 this is for all the stuff and is a complete system and tax! Oh yes this is a wifi system also great for your smart phone or computer! You are just cutting out the middle man or these expensive solar companies

$9165.00 + $600.00 roofers + $500.00 electrician + $200.00 permit to the city = $10,465.00 for my solar system! There is no way any company would even come close to that cost for my solar system! So if you want the cheapest solar system or want to save $1000.00 of dollars this is the way to go! I wanted to share this for all of the people looking to go solar power and want to save money! Check out my cost numbers and you will see that the savings is huge!


Here is the link to CED greentech for your complete solar system for those that want to save money!

Please leave comments or questions! I do like to hear from you!

Home solar DIY

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Electrical saving tips

Do you want to save money on your electrical bill this year? Most people will say yes to this topic and pay way too much on their electrical bill! Money saving is always great because people can always use more money! My website goes over many different ways for people to save money on their electrical bill! I had to long talk with a friend of mine because he was considering going solar and yes solar is a perfect resource for making power and saving money but there are many things we need to consider before we jump into that solar lease or purchase as I have wrote about solar on my website! I told my friend before he goes solar we need to really look into what is costing him the money on his power bill and what we can do to help before jumping into solar! I asked him about his lighting and he told me he is using the cheap older style lighting for his home and also his wife does not shut off the lights when she leaves for work! I suggested that he invest in LED lighting and he said wow those are expensive to purchase! This is true LED lighting upfront cost is high but will last longer and save you money on your power bill! This is a fast return on your money and will save you on your power bill! I also suggested that he install the motion detection light switches so that the lights will turn off when they sense no movement and this is huge!


He decided to give my advice a try and we will check back with him to see what his electrical bill looks like next month! My website is dedicated to people who want to save money on their electrical bill! Putting that hard earned money back in your pocket is my goal so please read and comment on my website! Together we can save you money in your home or office! Use the search on my site for money saving ways for all your home or office needs!  If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave a reply I will be more than happy to help you out!

Buying your solar system is the way to go! Although many companies try to get you to lease the solar program taking advantage of your federal tax credit and also selling you back the power the panels produce! I have to say that if you want to go green and interested in the solar programs please make sure you read my blogs and also check out what others on the internet have to say about lease vs purchase! Many people can purchase a whole home solar system from CED green tech! This company carries a huge selection of solar system for your home or commercial building!

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Orange County Restaurants

Everyone loves to go out to eat and have a good time including myself! I have been in the refrigeration business for over 25 years and have seen the good and bad! Did you know that you can look up your favorite restaurant and bar to see how they might be doing in their kitchen or places you do not see? shows you how they rank as far as being clean and the temperatures violations. I know that the food and drinks might taste great and you might give them a great Yelp reviews also but have you really looked behind the screens to see if the restaurant or bar is safe for you and your family? You might be surprised how many of your favorite places might have major violations and could put you and your family in the hospital for food poisoning!

I really like to read the health reports before I go to the restaurants and bars just to see what going on! The health reports are free to read for those that want to and are a great resource for families that like to dine out! I am sure that the health reports are available for all counties and should be looked at! A restaurant or bar might have a great Yelp review and you might want to go because of all the stars but you really need to check out the health report also!

Have fun go out to dinner with your family and friend in confidence that the food and drink are safe for human consumption and won’t send you to the emergency room for food poisoning. Trust me I have been working in the kitchen and places where most customers do not go and I have seen the good, bad, and ugly in the food industry!

Here is a link to some of Orange County California closures from the Orange County health department


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San Diego Gas and Electric

I am a customer of San Diego gas and electric and I was reading on their website about the cuts in the care program for low income and elderly! It’s a sad world when big companies will cut this program for people in need! I am sure that the San Diego gas and electric is not hurting profit wise and just another way for big corporations to profit! I guess my big question to the company is why they do not invest in home solar? We see big companies like solar city and all the other ones advertising free solar! Free is a term used loosely today because nothing is free! Well, these companies are just selling you power that the panels make from sunlight! You will notice that these large solar companies are making major profits from their lease programs! I am not sure why San Diego gas and electric or Edison do not jump on this program and supply solar panels to their customers! Most of the big utility companies either buy their power from dams, solar, wind, or produce it from their fossil burning power plants!


I think this would be a great way these power companies could generate profits! Keep the world cleaner with solar power and the people could see lower rates on their power bills! I am not sure about you but I do like to save money and keep this world clean without the use of fossil fuels!   Everyone deserves electricity and we all need it right? Why raise the electrical rates and cut the care program so that people have to suffer by not running their air conditioners and appliances!

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