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Air Conditioning Ducting Orange County California. Call D C’s heating & air conditioning for service 949-770-9616 for the best local ductwork company. We offer free in-home estimates to repair or replace your home ducting.  Save money on your ducting job by getting our free repair or replacement estimate today. We offer duct repair, replacement and sealing at an affordable price.  We are your local experts when it comes to your home.  We know how to balance each room and also install ducting correctly.

Air Duct Repair Orange County – Air Duct Repair & Replacement

Many of you know that you’re heating, and air condition duct work is in your attic, walls, ceilings, basement, crawl space under your home! Air Conditioning Ducting Orange County We want to make sure that your hard-earned money is being kept in your home or office while cooling or heating this year! Ductwork must be laid out properly strapped and straight to get proper air flow.  Ducting in a home cannot just lay on the insulation or attic.  California requires strapping the ducting from the joists or rafters by proper duct strap. 

Air Conditioning Ducting Orange County California

This is something that should be checked! The reason why this should be checked for leaks is that heating and cooling a space not occupied or used is just a waste of your money! Years ago, companies used duct tape to seal and connect fittings on the ductwork, but I am going to tell you that the tape gets old and falls apart causing leaks of conditioned air that you paid for to leave or escape your home or office.

Home Ducting Company Near Me Laguna Hills, CA.

We can check this by turning the thermostat fan position from auto to on! This will keep the fan or blower on so that we can inspect the unit and all the ductwork for air leaks! This is easy to repair just use some duct tape and seal the leaks!

 You will be amazed how much heating and cooling energy is lost from poorly sealed or insulated ducting!  This could be a loss of huge amounts of your hard-earned money! D C’s heating & air conditioning is the best Air Conditioning Ducting Orange County, California. Air Conditioning Ducting Orange County

Old HVAC Ducting Could Cost You Money

I strongly advise you to look at your current ducting in your home or hire a professional to check it out and make the proper repairs! This is a great time to also inspect our ducting if we have the old-style cardboard ducting, we really should consider replacing it with the new silver flex duct with the R-6 rating!

This will prevent you from losing the conditioned air through the ducts by heat transfer! Yes, we know attics are freezing in the winter while we heat and hot in the summer while we cool! 

Air conditioner ducting companies near me Laguna Hills, CA.

If your home or office has the flex duct that is black in color, we have found that some of the plastic that holds the insulation around the duct deteriorates and the insulation does not stay in place! This ducting should be examined if you notice this happening replace it! Air Conditioning Ducting Orange County, CA.

What is the lifespan of HVAC ductwork?
Why Replacing Your HVAC Ductwork Is So Important. Quality HVAC ductwork has a maximum lifespan of 25 years. However, many systems start to show serious signs of wear after just 10 to 15 years.

Keep your home and business efficient heating and cooling

The new flex duct on the market today can help save you money on your heating and cooling bills and really needs a good look at before it gets hot in that attic! Be careful where you step while climbing in your attic and make sure to always step on the wood beams the drywall or plaster will not hold your weight and you will fall through the drywall or plaster because that will not hold your weight!

Air Conditioning Ducting repair Orange County California
Broken HVAC ducting in your attic or crawl space is your money going out the door. This is a common problem and should be checked you might be surprised how much money is going out your attic or crawl space. Always check your duct work and repair and replace bad leaky duct work.


Air Conditioning Ducting Orange County California near Laguna Hills
In the old days we used duct tape to make connections and make tight seals but as years go by this duct tape falls apart or loses its seal causing your air conditioning or heating to be lost in the attic or crawl space. A quick visual inspection or run the fan and feel for leaks. Save big time money and efficiency by going through your ductwork.


Air Conditioning Ducting Orange County California
Older duct work should be inspected many times we find someone was in the attic and messed up or broke the duct work. If you have some free home check all your duct work and repair or replace as needed. This is cheap way for you to save money on air conditioning and heating bills making your home more efficient.
Air Conditioning Ducting Orange County California

D C’s heating & air conditioning 949-770-9616 Serving These awesome areas with the lowest home ducting prices in Orange County California since 1998! Laguna Hills, Mission Viejo, Aliso Viejo, Lake Forest, Laguna Niguel, San Juan Capistrano, Laguna Woods, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Rancho Santa Margarita, Irvine, Dove Canyon, Coto De Caza, and more. Air Conditioning Ducting Orange County, CA. We are your local home ducting experts with affordable prices. We offer free ducting repair and replacement prices to our local community. 

Cost to Repair Ductwork | Air Duct Repair Cost

D C’s heating & air conditioning 949-770-9616 offers a free estimate to fix or replace your ducting. For over 25 years we have provided homeowners the best prices and professional service. Ducting is like an art and must be properly laid out and strapped. Keeping proper airflow to all rooms and the right amount of air. Not too little and never too much by proper balancing. 

Air Conditioning Ducting Orange County CA.

Tired of looking for a heating and air conditioning company that you can call without being told to buy a new system? Or maybe you just don’t know who to call or trust to fix that broken air conditioner for a fair price! Also read our blog about zoning

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  1. Most homeowners never go into their attic and check their heating and air conditioning ducting. Over years ducting can come apart or leak air and you will lose efficiency of your heating and cooling system. The gray colored flex ducting is defective, and the outer plastic falls apart and exposes the pink insulation. This style of flex ducting should be replaced in your home. When it comes to installing new ducting in your home it must be straight and clean to make sure the airflows properly. Ducting in your attic should be strapped by code and not sitting on the insulation. Not strapping and securing the ducting in your attic will cause poor airflow and issues. They make duct strapping for a reason – To strap and secure the ducting so use it. D C’s heating and air conditioning 949-770-9616 is your local residential or home air ducting experts in Laguna Hills and surrounding areas. We have over 25 years’ experience in the HVAC industry and homeowners in our area love our work. Let us help you with ducting issues or questions please call us today.

  2. Ducting companies near me. Searching for the local best HVAC ducting company call D C’s heating & air conditioning at 949-770-9616. We provide free estimates to repair or replace your current home ducting.

    Ductwork replacement companies near me compare our low prices on replacing your home ducting with the highly efficient R6 or R8 flex ducting on sale. ductwork replacement companies near me cost we offer free estimates on replacing or repairing your ducting in your home. Duct work contractors near me since 1998 D C’s heating & air conditioning has been a licensed California contractor providing professional ductwork repair and replacements.

    Residential ductwork installation contractors in Orange County California. We offer our homeowners the best installation of new ducting in your home. Save money with a highly efficient ducting job.

  3. I was called today from a homeowner in Mission Viejo about ducting issues. The homeowner told me that some of his registers did not have air coming out. I was evaluating the issues and asked who had worked on his ducting? He told me he hired a handyman to run the ducting. Wow what a mess and what they did was totally wrong. We size ducting by room size and cfm required to condition the room. I found the issue right away and told the customer how to fix the issue. The customer was amazed and sad that we would have to cut the wall, ceiling and sofit to fix the issue correctly.

    When you do ducting wrong it will lead to poor airflow and also expensive repairs because we have to remove what is wrong and doit right. Always look for a heating and air conditioning company that is good at ducting.

  4. Best ducting heating air conditioning

    Does your Orange County home suffer from air flow issues? Do you have rooms in your home that are too cold or too warm? This is a common issue with your heating and air conditioning system. The ducting in your home can cause you to lose money by losing efficiency. Many home we checkout have ducting issues either broken, kinked, or installed wrong. You might notice your home is not balanced correctly where too much air is coming out the registers and in other rooms barely any air.

    local best ducting company

    Our prices cannot be beat D C’s heating & air conditioning 949-770-9616 has fixed and repaired residential homes ducting for over 25 years now. We are the local experts when it comes to ducting repairs, and new installations. Ducting in your attic should be strapped and never laying on the floor of the attic. The ducting should be straight and tight to prevent air restriction. Sagging ducting or kinked can and will cause an airflow issue in your home.

    Best price home ducting company

    When it comes to balancing your home so you’re heating and cooling temperatures are the same in each room is an art we know well. Have you ever tested or looked in your attic to see if the ducting is bad, broken, or kinked? Some homeowners never look in their attic or hire some company to replace the ducting. Over our many years we are either repairing old ducting issues or even when a company just replaced the ducting. You will know when the ducting is bad by too much airflow in rooms and hardly any airflow in other rooms.

    Best local heating air conditioning ducting

    We offer a free evaluation of your home ducting and have the proper tools to check air velocity and CFM of air going into each room or out each register. We are the experts on sizing the right ducting for your home both supply and return air. If you feel your home suffers from different temperatures let us, come and checkout the issues you might be experiencing.

    Best nearby ducting companies

    Over the years how many people have climbed in the attic to do work? Cable tv, Phone company, Electrician, Plumber and more. think about these people up there stepping on your ducting crushing, collapsing or kinking it. They are not going to say sorry we messed up you’re ducting or even repair it. Most homeowners never go into their attic or just to get some things they store in the attic.

    home ducting companies near Laguna Hills

    Years ago, we used duct tape to put ducting together but over the years duct tape falls apart and ducting separates causing you to heat or cool your attic instead of your home. Many homes in Orange County are losing efficiency by having broken or bad ducting in their home. When you are heating and cooling the attic you are tossing away your hard-earned money by heating or cooling a space where nobody lives or visits.

    Best price heating air conditioning ducting repair

    Call the ducting experts at D C’s heating & air conditioning today at 949-770-9616 for your best local company that does the job right the first time. You will be amazed at how the ducting will look and the money savings by making your home more efficient.

  5. Chad

    Best prices heating air conditioner ducting repair replacement

    For over 30 years in the HVAC industry the biggest loss in efficiency is your current ducting in your home. Years ago, we used duct tape for taping and sealing the ductwork. We found over time duct tape deteriorates and the ducts leak air or the seams leak. Most homes in California have the ducting in the attic where nobody usually goes to test for leaks. Leaking air from bad ducting is just a waste of your hard-earned money. You paid to either heat the air during the winter or cool the air during the summer. Why would you cool or heat your attic? Nobody lives or stays there, right?

    The Air Duct Repair Experts – Air Duct Repair Orange County

    I have seen my share of broken or bad ducting over my years. Who has been in your attic over the lifetime of your home? Telephone person, electrician, cable person and many more. If someone crushes or breaks your ducting do you think they would tell you? The answer is no. They don’t care about your home and sure don’t want to pay to have it repaired.

    The Air Duct Repair Experts Laguna Hills

    Home ducting does not last forever, and you could be wasting your money each year with high electrical bills or even a high natural gas bill to keep your home cool or warm depending on the season. Sometimes we get rodents in our attic and trust me they love to live in the ducting warm and cool perfect for raising a family. Rodents are not clean animals and when we have their poop and pee in the ducting that makes an unhealthy situation for you and your family.

    The Air Duct Repair Experts Laguna Niguel

    Hiring a contractor to repair or replace your ducting. I have over my years seen the good jobs and the bad. Ducting needs to be run tight and straight with proper strapping keeping it off the insulation. We take pride when running our ducting because we want you to be happy with our work. We balance the system proving the right amount of air to each room in your home. No more rooms that are too hot or too cold.

    The Air Duct Repair Experts Mission Viejo

    Because California laws we use a min R6 to R8 ducting the higher the R value the more efficient the ducting is. Most common in CA. is the R6 flex duct. We also use a duct sealer or mastic to make sure the joints and seams never leak air in the attic. Save money this season by calling D C’s heating & air conditioning in Laguna Hills, CA. 949-770-9616 for the best ductwork company. We serve all cities in Orange County California. We offer free estimates on our ducting jobs call today and compare our prices to any other local heating and cooling company.

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