What is Heat Pump unit

What is a heat pump unit? Many people here want to know what is a heat pump HVAC unit and why are homeowners installing them? I wanted to go over this and explain what and how a heat pump works. How to heat your home or office with a heat pump unit. D C’s heating & air conditioning is your local heat pump experts. Call today at 949-770-9616.

What is Heat Pump unit for homeowners Orange County California
What is Heat Pump unit

Heat Pump California

Heat pump units have been around for a really long time and is not a new thing on the market. I have worked on heat pump systems for 30 years now from commercial to residential units. Southern California weather is great for a heat pump system because we do not often get temperatures below 40 degrees, so the heat pump can operate without issues.

heat pump operation for homeowners Orange County California
During the winter, heat pumps pull in heat from outside to warm your home. If temperatures are extremely low, heat pumps need to use a backup heat source. In the summertime, heat pumps take the warm air from inside your home and pushes it outside.

Heat pumps do not operate as efficiently when temperatures drop to between 25 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit for most systems. A heat pump works best when the temperature is above 40. Once outdoor temperatures drop to 40 degrees, heat pumps start losing efficiency, and they consume more energy to do their jobs.

Payne Heat Pump for homeowners Orange County California
What is Heat Pump unit

What is Heat Pump unit

A heat pump unit is an air conditioner that reverses the refrigerant flow when you call for heating. During the cooling season the indoor fan coil gets cold by the liquid refrigerant flashing in the evaporator and the fan moves air through the coil absorbing heat. Do you have questions? Please feel free to call 949-770-9616 or leave a comment.

What is Heat Pump unit for homeowners Orange County California
What is Heat Pump unit

During the winter the refrigerant is reversed causing the compressed hot refrigerant to pass through the hot coil and the indoor fan will transfer the heat to your home.

Is a heat pump efficient?

Compared to electric heat strips you will get 10 x more efficiency If you compare to natural gas in our area no. Heat pump is running your air conditioner in the winter to warm your home. How expensive is it each month? You can see your monthly bill to compare. Heat Pumps have come a long way in the last few years providing homeowners with comfort and reliability in the heating and air conditioning world. Are you looking for more information or have questions about heat pumps for your home?

Carrier heat pump for homeowners Orange County California
What is Heat Pump unit

Why are companies pushing heat pumps?

California homeowner are getting around $3000.00 to remove their gas furnace and replace with heat pump units. This is part of the CLEAN air Furnace Rebate Program. HVAC contractors will get $1000.00 to convert your system. Always remember our electrical costs in CA are expensive and keep rising.

Yes, we all want clean air but make sure you have a really large solar system to cover the expense of running your heat pump during the winter. Choose wisely my friends before just jumping in.

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For over 25 years D C’s heating and air conditioning has provided the best local heat pump sale, service and repairs to homeowners in Orange County California. Our experience and years of knowledge makes us the best choice for your heat pump system. Call now at 949-770-9616 and let the local experts do the job right at an affordable price.

We are your local heating and air conditioning company in Laguna Hills, California. Since 1998, we have provided homeowners in our local cities and communities the best service and prices. We dare you to compare our posted prices for furnace, air conditioner, and heat pump systems. Being a small company, we can beat local contractors in our area. We provide our services to Orange County California homeowners who want sales, service and repairs at an affordable price. Why do we have the local best reviews for heating and air conditioning companies in your area? Call or read our reviews and become a part of our family.

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  1. Carrier or Bryant newest heat pumps for residential homeowners
    The Small Space Heat Pump That Fits Big Comfort Needs
    Our Preferred™ Compact Heat Pump is quiet and ideal for tight spaces near patios or decks, providing both cooling and heating for year-round energy savings. This unit delivers up to 18 SEER2 cooling and 9.8 HSPF2 heating efficiency and can be installed as close as six inches from your exterior. It provides excellent versatility as well because the units are stackable for multi-unit housing and is compatible with the Bryant Ductless Crossover Solutions.
    PRODUCT LINE: Carrier or Bryant Heat Pumps – Preferred™ Series
    ENERGY STAR: Select sizes qualified.
    NOISE LEVEL: as low as 54
    1 – ton system 38MURAQ12AA3
    2 – ton system 38MURAQ24AA3
    3 – ton system 38MURAQ36AA3
    4 – ton system 38MURAQ48AA3
    5 – ton system 38MURAQ60AA3
    These heat pump sizes are perfect for your home and will provide quiet comfort in your home and also provide you with high efficiency. If you are looking to switch over to a heat pump system and get rid of your gas furnace. Call today D C’s heating & air conditioning for the best replacement prices 949-770-9616.

  2. Best price local heat pump heating air conditioning

    How to identify a bad heat pump
    1. High Energy Bills
    When your electric bill suddenly rises up, there is probably a look-out for appliances that need repair. For your heat pumps, see if it is still manageable to replace some parts like the filter or if it needs to be replaced as one already.

    To make sure of this problem, it is advisable to consult your HVAC professional for a proper identification of the problem.

    2. Poor Airflow
    The main cause of poor airflow is probably the duct but when it is clean, clear and does not have leaks, the heat pump might be the problem.

    Dirty air filters, dirty coils cause Poor airflow as well as an in active motor or other more. While it is a must to keep it clean, it is also much advisable to call in HVAC professionals for a more definite identification and solution to the problem.

    Local heat pump air conditioning sales, service, repairs

    3. Weird Noises
    Heat pump has definitely had a humming-like noise but when it emits other noises, call your HVAC professional immediately. Certain causes such as a loose belt fan might be the problem.

    4. Strange Smells
    There is an immediate need to change your heat pumps in times that it already releases strange smells. A rotting smell is an indication of mold formulation or in other cases, animals that crawled and died causing the smell.

    Other smells like a burning smell might also cause danger given that it is something concerning electricity. Hence, if you smell a weird smell, it is best to check on your heat pumps and call an HVAC professional as you see fit.

    5. If it no longer heats your home
    Heat pumps are meant to heat the home so when it does not provide this service already, it is clearly an indication that your heat pumps need replacement already.

    There could be several causes to the problem such as the things mentioned above or other more that is yet to be identified but when you feel no heat anymore, it is best to take an action and call your HVAC professional for inspection of the product, replacement or repair.

    Best price heat pump repair near me

    Mistakes to avoid when buying a heat pump
    1. Buying the Bargain Unit
    When deciding to buy one for your homes, make it a point that you buy a new one with the best recommended brand for a longer use.

    Though many opt to buy the used ones because of the lower price, it is still much better to buy a new one. Remember that it is better to spend on quality products than to have it at lower prices but do not meet the standard length of use.

    2. Not hiring a professional when installing the unit
    Because of our want to lessen the expenses, most people opt to DIY installations which are not recommendable for all appliances bought.

    When buying a new unit, it is best to look for the one that suits best for the job or you can ask the place where you are buying your unit to install. It is much better to pay once and for all than to pay more afterwards.

    Best price heating air conditioning near Laguna Hills

    3. Not checking reviews
    Nowadays, before buying a certain product, we always see the feedback or reviews from people who have tried purchasing the product for you to have a background of what and what not to buy.

    Checking reviews before purchasing is definitely a plus for wise consumers.

    4. Not minding the SEER rating
    When purchasing heat pumps, it is best to check the SEER rating for it will give you an idea of what brand to buy to make your heat pump experience a long lasting one.

    This measures the efficiency of the brand so if you want to spend less on your electricity bill, give it some thought and check the SEER rating.

    5. Purchasing a brand new (but the cheapest ones)
    Heat pumps vary depending on your home, location, and other factors so when purchasing a heat pump, make sure to make an inspection inside your home first so that you will know what is needed.

    Best price heating air conditioning heat pump

    With this, you can save time shopping asking for the right heat pump for you. Also, do not dwell on heat pumps that are brand new but are lower in prices. Buy as you see fit.

    6. Not checking the Price beforehand
    Purchasing heat pumps without the knowledge of its prices are a big no-no. It is always a must to know of the probable prices which you can check online or ask anyone who has the same appliance and ask some advice regarding where or what product is best for a heat pump.

    It is always okay to ask beforehand to give you a hint of the price of your chosen heat pump. Remember to always check before placing an order.

    7. Purchasing heat pump sizes that are not suited In your area
    Given so many things to think about when purchasing a heat pump, it is also a must to take in mind the best size that is suited in your heat pump placing area.

    Make sure to get advice from professionals or to people who have experienced buying such machines. The right size is always the perfect size. So, give it some thought when buying such.

    8. Not paying attention to the brand
    Buying heat pump brands that are widely available in the market but are not recommendable by many is also a big no-no.

    Knowing the brands and the service it provides is a must when purchasing one. Though most recommended brands are pricey, it can help you spend wisely.

    9. Missing rebate opportunities
    When purchasing a brand-new heat pump, it is always best to ask for rebates (if it is available). Many brands offer this kind of marketing strategy for them to attract customers and sell more.

    The higher the efficiency and cost of the product, the higher the rebate so always see to it or boldly ask the seller of a possible rebate given if you buy their product in petty cash or in credit.

    Best price heating air conditioning in my area

    10. Not considering maintenance contracts and warranty
    Buying for a quality and high-cost heat pump but has no guarantee of a free maintenance and low warranty period is a big no-no. Always make it a point to see these things first before buying one.

    Warranties and free maintenance are a big help and can make you save more so always pay attention to these things when you buy a brand-new appliance or machine.

  3. Chad

    Best price local heat pump heating air conditioning

    We offer expert heat pump heating and air conditioning service, repairs, and installation in these local cities : Aliso Viejo | Anaheim | Brea |Buena Park | Capistrano Beach |
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    | Laguna Beach | Laguna Hills | Laguna Niguel | Laguna Woods
    | Lake Forest | Los Alamitos | Midway City | Mission Viejo |
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    Best price local heat pump expert heating air conditioning

    Heat Pump Repairs
    When your heat pump needs repair, call in our knowledgeable experts to get your house feeling homey again. Our technicians are skilled and experienced at diagnosing and fixing problems with all makes and models.

    Heat Pump Maintenance
    We offer several detailed maintenance plans with thorough service for heat pumps, so you can select the one that best fits your family’s needs.

    Heat Pump Installation & Replacement
    Curious about switching over to a heat pump HVAC system? Our certified technicians can evaluate how well suited your property is for the switch and help you select the right model for your home.

  4. Chad

    Best price local heat pump heating air conditioning

    How much should an Orange County CA homeowner pay for a new heat pump?
    Cost of a Heat Pump Replacement. The cost of a heat pump replacement can range between $4,900 – $12,500. This range accounts for the cost of the equipment, labor, and other fees. This range also covers a variety of system sizes and levels of sophistication, including variable-capacity heat pump systems. We offer the best prices and best brand name equipment for our local homeownwers.

    Let us tell you about the best heat pump air conditioners and show you the best ptices in Orange County California.

  5. Chad

    Best price local heat pump heating air conditioning

    Our Promise to You is to Perform the Correct Heat Pump Installation at an Honest Price for Orange County CA homeowners.
    When you need Heat Pump services, trust the experts at Dc’s heating and air conditioning. Our technicians have the skills, knowledge, and tools to fix most Heat Pump problems on the spot.

    Best price local heat pump heating air conditioning sales, service, and repairs

    When your technician arrives at your home, they will explain all of your options before starting repairs so you can make informed decisions before any work begins. We service and repair most brands of equipment, so you can trust us to perform a professional Heat Pump job.

    We’re not happy until you’re happy. Schedule a Heat Pump Installation Evaluation Near You in Laguna Hills, CA.

    Best price local heat pump heating air conditioning

    Do heat pumps make sense in Southern California?
    Southern California has one of the best climates for heat pumps. Because they work similarly to an air conditioner and circulate refrigerant to pump heat from one place to another, they can perform well in the mild, comfortable climate.

  6. Chad

    Best prices local heat pump heating air conditioning

    I offer the best prices and service for heat pump units in Orange County California. Are you considering removing your natural gas furnace and replacing your HVAC system with an electric heat pump? Let us know we can size out your system and remove your gas furnace.

    Shop local prices heat pump heating air conditioning

    Heat Pump AC units are popular to homeowners who want to heat their home without burning fossil fuels and want clean energy. In Southern California our natural gas prices have gone up in 2023. We help find that budget and also your Federal Tax Credit for converting your home to clean energy.

  7. Chad

    What is heat pump heating air conditioning

    What is a heat pump air conditioner Heat pump repair D C’s heating & air conditioning 949-770-9616 Living in Southern California and mostly in the commercial side of air conditioning we see a lot of heat pumps being used.

    Shopping local heat pump heating air conditioning

    This is because we have a mild winter and temperatures do not get below 40 degrees to often! Here is a description of what a heat pump air conditioner is

    A heat pump is a device that provides heat energy from a source of heat to a destination called a “heat sink”.

    Heat pumps are designed to move thermal energy opposite to the direction of spontaneous heat flow by absorbing heat from a cold space and releasing it to a warmer one.

    How does heat pump heating air conditioning work

    How Does A Heat Pump Air Conditioner Work
    Ok in simple terms it just reverses the refrigerant flow so the warm or hot gas from the compression enters the home and absorbs the cold air in you home or office! Where do we use these heat pumps?

    Places that we do not have access to natural gas or propane. Places that outside temperatures will not get below 40 degrees! A heat pump is 10 times more efficient than electric heat strip heating!

    Nothing will compare to propane or natural gas currently because these FAU units now up to 96% efficient

    Here is an example of what I saw! My mother lives in Minnesota and was sold a whole new system! I went back to visit and here is what I saw and what a scam or lack of knowledge on the contractors part.

    First he installed a high energy efficient FAU or furnace 95% which is awesome because why not get the most out of your gas while burning right? The only problem is that the contractor installed a heat pump air conditioning condensing unit.

    Ok this is crazy gas is way cheaper and Minnesota get way below 40 degrees during the winter months! My mother does not have solar so she is paying full price for her electric bill! Now you have a great 95% efficient furnace not being used?

    I will tell you even the basic 80% furnace FAU is more efficient than a heat pump!

    Heat Pump Air Conditioner Repair Orange County, California
    Should you have a question or comment on heat pumps please feel free to comment! If you were the contractor that did my mothers house use that extra money you charged her and please educate yourself about your trade!

    HVAC service area

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