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Air Conditioner Recharge R22 Freon Is your Orange County home or business air conditioner not cooling your home or business like it used to? D C’s heating & air conditioning has the best prices on refrigerant recharge call today 949-770-9616.

Do you ever wonder if the refrigerant levels might be low?  With rising prices because of the phase out of R22 Freon refrigerant the prices are rising and most people are worried because their home or business air conditioner is older and uses R22 Freon Refrigerant.

Air Conditioner Recharge R22 Freon

This blog is going to be about what customers can expect and what happens when there is no more R22? D C’s heating & air conditioning goes over the topic about drop in replacement refrigerants for R-22 Air conditioners

Air Conditioner Recharge R22 Freon
Air Conditioner Recharge R22 Freon

What if my air conditioner needs R-22 Freon Refrigerant?

Air conditioning contractors and licensed EPA card holders can still purchase R-22 Freon refrigerant from the supply house but yes the prices have gone up but you should not have to be sold a new air conditioning system because of this.

Is R-22 freon still around? Can you still buy R22

I was told by my air conditioning guy that I needed a whole new system and he is honest!  The answer is NO and I will show you why the last air conditioning company was not honest and upfront about R-22.

I have seen companies charge as much as $250.00 per pound for R-22. Why that is crazy and I have other suggestions to save money.

Drop- In Replacements For R-22 Freon Refrigerants

Just because they are phasing out R-22 refrigerant does not mean your air conditioning system need to be thrown away and replaced.

There are many drop-in replacements for R-22 Freon Refrigerants on the market that we can use for home and commercial air conditions so sit back and relax while I go over some options you have to replace and recharge your air conditioner.

What HVAC companies still work with R22 air conditioners

Shopping and looking for an air conditioning company is tough who do you trust because maybe you don’t understand these things. No worries I will explain them here and if you have questions or comments, please leave them.  I am going to list them but in no order.

Air Conditioner Recharge R22 Freon 949-770-9616
Air Conditioner Recharge R22 Freon 949-770-9616

RS-44 refrigerant replacing R-22 freon

RS-44 refrigerant is a direct drop-in replacement for R22 in air conditioning applications in systems with a capillary as well as an expansion device.

What refrigerant can I use to replace R-22

There is no need to change the lubricant since, as with all the RS series of refrigerants, RS-44 is compatible with mineral, alkyl benzene and POE oils. This is a drop in replacement for your R-22 Freon home and commercial air conditioner

Air Conditioner Recharge R22 Freon 949-770-9616
Air Conditioner Recharge R22 Freon 949-770-9616

NU-22 refrigerant replacing R-22 air conditioning

NU-22B (R-422B) is a non-ozone depleting blend, which can be used as a direct refrigerant replacement into existing systems that are designed for R-22, R-407C or R-422D.

It is compatible with all standard ACR system lubricants, i.e. MO, AB, and POE oils Another R 22 Freon drop in replacement for home and commercial air conditioners

R22 freon drop-in replacement

Freon R-407C is a replacent for R-22 air conditioners

Freon™ 407C is an HFC refrigerant replacement for R-22 in positive displacement systems such as new or existing residential and commercial air-conditioners and heat pumps.

Freon™ 407C offers similar performance to R-22 and can be used to retrofit existing R-22 air-conditioning systems. Freon™ 407C can also be used to replace R-502 for some existing medium-temperature applications with evaporator temperatures above +20°F (-7°C). HFC-407C is included in the U.S. EPA SNAP de-listing of HFCs that will no longer be acceptable in new equipment in certain end use applications in the U.S. market.

There are no U.S. regulations currently impacting the HFC service market

Air Conditioner Recharge R22 Freon 949-770-9616
Air Conditioner Recharge R22 Freon 949-770-9616

MO99 refrigerant replacing R22 for your home air conditioner

Freon™ MO99 refrigerant is Field Proven to Replace R-22 begin paragraphs Hundreds of thousands of air conditioning systems have successfully been retrofitted to MO99

Freon™ MO99 is the closest match to R-22 of all “no oil change” replacement refrigerants. It is compatible with all traditional and new lubricants. Compare MO99 to other R-22 replacement products.

Freon™ MO99 matches R-22 in terms of capacity and efficiency in most systems, but with a significantly lower discharge temperature that may prolong the life of the compressor. MO99 is compatible with mineral oil and POE oil providing a quick, cost-effective R-22 replacement.

Once a system is running on MO99, it can be topped off during service without removing the entire refrigerant charge. For complete details, please refer to the MO99 Retrofit Guidelines.

For most R-22 systems, when retrofitting to Freon™ MO99, all you need to do is recover the R-22, replace critical seals, charge refrigerant, restart and monitor for leaks, label the system with a Freon™ MO99 retrofit label, and you’re done. R-22 replacement can’t get any easier.

The list of R22 drop-in replacements refrigerants for your air conditioner is huge and vast. Did the last air conditioning company inform you about these drop-in replacements? How honest was the last air conditioning service company?

Don’t be told you cannot get R-22 for your home air conditioner

I just worked on a customer’s air conditioner that was told he needed a whole new $6000.00 system and really didn’t. By using these drop-in refrigerant replacements for R22 Freon air conditioners save the customers thousands of dollars by not having to replace their whole central home air conditioners.

These refrigerants are compatible with your metering device either cap-tube or TXV for R22 refrigerants.

D C’s heating & air conditioning Home and business Air Conditioner R22 Freon refrigerant recharge in Orange County, California and surrounding area’s

Air Conditioner Recharge R22 Freon

Having your home and commercial air conditioner refrigerant levels will save you money on your next electrical bill.

D C’s heating & air conditioning 949-770-9616 can supercharge your air conditioning system to peak performance will save you money each time you run your air conditioner and you will see the savings in your next electrical bill.

Home and business R-22 Freon recharge cities

Aliso Viejo | Anaheim | Brea | Buena Park | Capistrano Beach | Corona Del Mar | Costa Mesa | Cypress | Dana Point | Foothill Ranch | Fountain Valley | Fullerton | Garden Grove | Huntington Beach | Irvine | La Habra | La Palma | Ladera Ranch |
Laguna Beach | Laguna Hills | Laguna Niguel | Laguna Woods | Lake Forest | Los Alamitos | Midway City | Mission Viejo | Newport Beach | Newport Coast | Orange | Placentia | Rancho Santa Margarita | San Clemente | San Juan Capistrano | Santa Ana | Seal Beach | Silverado | Stanton | Sunset Beach | Surfside | Trabuco Canyon | Tustin | Villa Park | Westminster | Yorba Linda | Orange County CA.

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  1. If you’re home air conditioner is not cooling well or maybe not at all you could be low on refrigerant, or some call it coolant. We offer the best local prices to recharge your refrigerant in your home air conditioning system. Shop and compare local heating and air conditioning company’s prices to ours and see why we are a 5-star rated heating and air conditioning company in the local area. By comparing prices or costs you can and will save money on heating and air conditioning services and repairs for your home. We offer free prices for recharging, adding, and checking your air conditioner refrigerant charge.

  2. Now that the year is 2024 is R22 Freon still available? Yes, I still carry R-22 refrigerant in my truck for homeowners that still have the older R22 air conditioners. I was told R22 is illegal is that true? No. R-22 is still legal to buy and use in the industry in 2024. The refrigerant ban for R22 law is clear – you cannot import or manufacture R-22 refrigerant in the United States as of January 1, 2020. We are using the huge stockpiles of refrigerants and also what is recycled. There are many different replacements for the refrigerant R-22 on the market and more ozone friendly. Check my main page for current prices on recharging your older R-22 air conditioner.

  3. Hello,

    I used your service a couple years ago to service my R22 AC. I think I might need to have my AC recharged with R22. I actually have some R22 left over from a previous service and was wondering what your service fees are if you recharge an AC with R22 if I price the R22. Additionally could you provide the cost if you provide the R22 to recharge?

    Thank you

    1. Chad

      Hi Kirby,
      If you have some R22 refrigerant to fill the unit to the required level that will save you money. If you need to purchase the refrigerant from me my prices are front page I could charge your unit using your refrigerant might run you $100.00. Refrigerant R22 is expensive but I still have a good supply of it.Refrigerant R22 Freon for home air conditioners

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