2020 R22 Freon Recharge A/C

2020 R22 Freon. What does 2020 mean for air conditioner Orange County, CA. Homeowners and businesses having the R-22 Freon refrigerant in their older air conditioners? The law states As of January 1, 2020production and import of R22 refrigerant will be illegal in the United States. Of course, continued use of your air conditioner (AC) or heat pump system using R22 refrigerant is allowed.

Can I still get an R-22 Freon Recharge Orange County, CA? Yes

D C’s heating & air conditioning 949-770-9616 will and can and will recharge your air conditioner in Orange County. We have several options using R-22 Freon or using the replacements for R22 without replacing your air conditioner. Call us to recharge your air conditioner today. We still carry R-22 refrigerant Freon for your home air conditioner.

2020 R22 Freon Recharge A/C near Laguna Hills California
2020 R22 Freon Recharge A/C

Do I need to replace my R-22 air conditioner? NO!

I don’t suggest you replace your air conditioner because there is a lot of R22 Freon in the USA. Just because they are not manufacturing or importing we do have a huge stock pile of R-22 refrigerant. You may want to also consider drop in replacements for R-22 Freon. These replacements are ozone friendly and cost efficient when recharging is needed.

Refrigerant Recharge Orange County, CA.

Searching for a HVAC company to come recharge your air conditioner in Orange County, California? We recharge R-22 Freon and R410A Puron air conditioners. Don’t be told you cannot recharge these systems and that it is cheaper to buy a new A/C system.

2020 R22 Freon Recharge A/C near Laguna Hills California
2020 R22 Freon Recharge A/C

2020 R22 Freon Recharge A/C

Just because you have the older R-22 refrigerant in your air conditioner don’t worry because we specialize in 2020 R22 Freon older air conditioners. We service and repair 20-30 year old A/C systems to make them run like new. This saves our customers money and who does not like great service and saving money.

2020 R22 Freon Recharge A/C near Laguna Hills California
2020 R22 Freon Recharge A/C

Service Repair Older HVAC Systems

When it comes to Service Repair Older HVAC Systems. People always ask how long will my older Heater or air conditioner last? This is a great question and I will say many years. I work on heaters and A/C units 20-30 years old that are working great. Will you save money on your electric bill with high efficient new HVAC system? Yes you will see a saving but trust me it will not be huge. 2020 R22 Freon Recharge A/C

2020 HVAC service repair prices Orange County, CA.

If you are looking for an honest HVAC service or repair company give us a call. Our prices are honest and lowest in Orange County. We are here to save our customers money for their heating and cooling needs. Even if you have an estimate from a HVAC company come compare our prices to anyone.

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  1. Best price home air conditioner recharge

    Homeowners still call me about recharging the older R-22 Freon refrigerant home air conditioners. Yes, we still recharge the systems with R-22 or use a retrofit to the new refrigerants. As the R-22 phase out continues we are using the stockpiles of refrigerants before they are gone forever. R -22 cannot be imported or manufactured in the USA but that does not mean the refrigerant is illegal to still use. Yes, the prices for R 22 refrigerant keeps going up because the supply dropped.

    Best price heating air conditioning freon recharge

    Can a homeowner still get R 22 put in their home air conditioner? The answer is YES. Most companies do not want to deal with older air conditioning systems using R22 because of the cost. You really have to research local heating and air conditioning companies that carry, sell, and recharge the system.

    Compare prices and ask the company what they charge per pound for R22 because some are crazy priced. Get the best prices by calling 949-770-9616 and compare our prices to any local heating and air conditioning company.

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