My air conditioner runs all day free help

My air conditioner runs all day free help D C’s heating & air conditioning serving Orange County, California 949-770-9616 There are many different factors to cause the air conditioner to run all day and never make your desired set point! I have some really great topics on my website, and you can use the search tab to answer the question you have or post a reply so I can try to help you!

My air conditioner runs all day free help

This is free for everyone to post questions or comments for your air conditioning repair or costs.  I will answer your questions daily for free and have over 25 years experience as a residential and commercial contractor! I will keep posting blogs and have currently over 50 on this website to answer most of your questions and help fix your air conditioner but if you cannot find it or just want to post a reply feel free! This can help others also and it feels good inside to help others!

Changing HVAC Filter And Washing Condenser Coil

First thing is have we replaced or washed the filter inside the unit? Do you know that a washable air filter will save you money for those interested! Dirty air filter or cheap air filters will cause the evaporator coil to get plugged up with dirt! These pictures below show the evaporator coil located on the FAU furnace or heater. See how the dirt has build up inside the coil fins causing restriction of air flow and also poor efficiency. The customer coil was freezing up and not cooling the home.

My air conditioner runs all day free help My air conditioner runs all day free help

Is the outside condensing unit clean and washed down? Dirty condenser coils outside take away the performance of your air conditioner! I like to wash mine down regularly to keep great air flow needed to save electrical and performance in your air conditioning system!

dirty condenser air conditioner

How To Check Refrigerant Charge Do It Yourself

My air conditioner runs all day free help Check your temperature split measure the air going into your unit and write it down next measure the air temperature coming out of your supply registers magic number should be 15- 20 degrees difference. How to do this is input temperature (-) minus the output temperature. A low split could possibly be low refrigerant levels.

Next thing we want to take into consideration is humidity or what we call latent heat we remove this during air conditioning!

Closing all your windows and drawing the shades will help! Did you know that direct sunlight adds heat to your home or office!

Use the touch test! Go around your home touch walls especially the south facing where the sun hit this all day! If this feels warm you are loosing money! Check everything in your home or office doors, windows, and seals.

Do It Yourself HVAC Money Saving Tips

Check your ductwork loss of air in the attic or in a crawl space is just throwing your money down the drain! Replace old ductwork with the new insulated silver flex ducting. Tape and repair all air leaks trust me if you climb in your attic you will feel the air blowing! You should always make sure a fitting didn’t come loose or the tape is so old it does not hold the fittings together. Also who knows the cable guy or someone went up in the attic and broke a duct? Air always takes the path of least resistance so if a duct is broken or has came apart the air will escape and not flow into your conditioned home! This is a great cause why your home or office will not make your desired temperature

.Broken HVAC ducting Main supply duct broken Broken round HVAC duct

Feel free to leave comments or questions! Also use the search key on my website to find what you are looking for! You are just clicks away from saving money!

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My air conditioner runs all day free help

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