How to fix your furnace FAU furnace

How to fix your furnace FAU furnace D C’s heating & air conditioning 949-770-9616 I am not going to go into great detail here about fixing your home furnace or FAU because of the hazards behind it. Always unplug the furnace or FAU before you start your service!

How to fix your furnace FAU furnace

I will tell you that it is important to replace your filter and oil the blower motor by removing the 2 screws that lock the blower assembly in! The older style FAU has oil ports on them. These can be found on the top of the motor bot the front and backside! We use a oiler with a long tube to reach in there without having to take the blower assembly apart!

How to fix your furnace FAU furnace
How to fix your furnace FAU furnace

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It is also important to blow out the burners and parts keeping them dust and spider webs from causing poor ignition or the unit not to work! I strongly suggest you call your current gas provider to check out your furnace each year.

Most of the time this is free to their customers and they usually will make some adjustments and make sure your furnace is burning correctly and carbon monoxide free.

Servicing your Furnace yourself can be dangerous the wrong thing can cost you and your family their lives so please if you cannot afford a contractor to check the furnace out before it gets cold call your local gas company and have them look and test it.

How to fix your furnace FAU furnace
How to fix your furnace FAU furnace

Carbon Monoxide testing furnace

Carbon Monoxide is the odorless killer and should never be taken for granted! If you have a furnace FAU that is 10 years old or older please have this tested so that you don’t have a cracked heat exchanger or carbon dioxide leaking in your home! Keep yourself and your family safe during the heating time and have your furnace checked regularly. This should always be done by a professional either a licensed contractor or your current gas provider.

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  1. My furnace does not work or heat the house. The blower staying on constant and blowing cold air in my home. This issue usually is that the furnace has tripped a limit switch because the safety switch sensed too hot of temperatures. If you do not replace your air filter every 6 months the air restriction across the heat exchanger will get too high and trip the switches that protect the furnace from getting too hot or even a fire. Poor air flow will always cause furnaces to shut down and replacing your air filters is really important.

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