Furnace Heat Exchanger Testing

Are you searching for local Furnace Heat Exchanger testing? Maybe a company said your older furnace has a crack or hole in the heat exchanger and the furnace or heating unit must be replaced. D C’s heating & air conditioning 949-770-9616 Do you trust the company telling you the diagnostic? How did the HVAC company test and determine that the heat exchanger is cracked? Furnace Heat Exchanger Leak Tests. Heat Exchanger Testing & Safety Inspection Procedures & Standards

Furnace Heat Exchanger Testing near Laguna Hills CA
Furnace Heat Exchanger Testing

Testing Carbon Monoxide Furnace

You might be wonder how I can test your furnace for carbon monoxide? I have over 30 years’ experience working on heating and air conditioning units. I use the best electronic detectors that money can buy. Why? Because your safety is my priority. I know how to test heat exchangers from my experience in the HVAC industry. Most furnaces have a 20-year warranty on their heat exchanger so please always check the warranty before replacing your current furnace.

Furnace Heat Exchanger Testing near Laguna Hills CA
Furnace Heat Exchanger Testing

What is a Heat Exchanger

People often ask me what is a heat exchanger in a furnace? The heat and spent fuel from your natural gas furnace runs through these tubes. It is importand we do not have any cracks or holes in the heat exchanger because this will cause death or poisoning. The odorless tasteless is something to take serious. The heat exhanger prevents the carbon monoxide from entering your home during the heating season when you use your furnace or heater.

Furnace Heat Exchanger Testing near Laguna Hills CA
Furnace Heat Exchanger Testing

Honest Local Heat Exchanger Testing

Who can you trust when you are told your heat exchanger is bad and you must replace your furnace? We are here to help you. If you decide you want a second opinion to check the honest of the heating and air conditioning company. Yes, Their are HVAC technicians mis-diagnosing heat exchanger issues. Many of our customers find our testing shows no issues with cracks or holes in the heat exchanger.

Furnace Heat Exchanger Testing near Laguna Hills CA

How do we test furnace heat exchangers

When it comes to testing our customers heat exchangers on their furnace or heater we use electronic meters a lot. They can detect the smallest fractures, cracks or holes in your furnace. We also preform visual and other testing. Our goal is to provide you with safety and also keep contractors honest before having to purchase a new furnace.

Furnace Heat Exchanger Testing Near Me

How often do you experience bad heat exchangers in furnaces? The heat exchanger is a tough metal and we do not see many furnaces bad because the heat exchanger has gone bad or cracked. Many companies use this tactic to sell you a new furnace but always get a second opinion or call your local gas company immediately to have an honest opinion.

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One response to “Furnace Heat Exchanger Testing”

  1. Chad

    Interesting how many heating companies come out to your home in Orange County California and tell you your furnace needs to be replaced. Heat exchangers are important for your furnace or heater but many companies are telling you your furnace is unsafe and cracks in the heat exchanger and will have to be replaced. I get several calls for an honest heat exchanger testing to see if the issue really exists.

    Most of my calls are second opinions that the homeowner does not trust their current repair person. I have to say that most companies have misdiagnosed the heat exchanger issues. I have even had customers show me pictures of their furnace or heater cracks in the heat exchanger from the technician. After visual tests and bringing in the big expensive test tools the heat exchanger is good.

    Most big brand name furnace companies offer a 20 year heat exchanger warranty. I have tested all different brands to see what the issues are. For example a local Orange County HVAC company said a 12 year old Carrier furnace had a cracked heat exchanger and showed the customer the issue. I checked out the furnace and heater for any issues because the furnace had a 20 year warranty on the part. I could not find any issues and the HVAC company did not tell the customer about any warranty but wanted to replace the furnace.

    When it comes to California and the mild winters we have our furnace heat exchangers will last a long time. I like to refer to not age but mileage when it comes to Orange County California furnaces or heaters. Always get a second opinion when a HVAC technician claims your heat exchanger is bad.

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