Free Money Saving Tips solar a Must Read!

On my website I have some really great money $$ saving tips for those that are thinking about going solar to save money! I have talked about leasing vs purchasing you home or business solar system! This is free and without a charge to those that just want to save money! I am talking about a lot of money! Big solar companies do not want you to know about my website because it cuts into their profits big time or my big goal is for these huge solar companies to start charging their customers a fair price when it comes to purchase or leasing solar! Solar should be affordable by all and also have a quick payback for your investment! I like to always look at numbers to see what payback I get on my investment so I am offering you some really great ways to save money for free if you don’t mind doing some reading on my website.


I listed a couple wholesale supply companies were you could cut out the middleman and purchase your solar system directly! I have also talked about how to hire roofing companies to install and mount your panels to your home or office rooftop. Last but not least the electrician and having him do the simple and easy wiring and hooking your solar system to your main panel!


If you are looking into solar and want the lowest price on your solar system just follow my steps and trust me you will save thousands of dollars!

Please use the search for specific topics you would like to read about to save money! Feel free to leave a comment or question I will answer them for you free also!


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Service call frozen air conditioner

949-770-9616 I was called out for a air conditioner service call in Tustin. The customer stated that there was a lot of ice on his coil and the suction line was frozen! I asked him when the last time he changes his air filter and he replied a month ago. Ok here is what happened and this can be something you can watch for and help prevent a service call! I took a look at the filter in the FAU and did notice the filter looked new but it was the really cheap air filter and I would suggest people from using these cheap filters because they really don’t work great causing the dirt and if you have pets the hair and fur to plug the evaporator coil on top of the FAU or furnace! This restricts the airflow through your system causing the evaporator to freeze up! I talked with the customer about buying a washable air filter and he can find these cheap on amazon or ebay. I had to remove the panels to get to the evaporator and to my surprise there was a lot of dog hair plugging the airflow! I took my coils brush and cleaned off the hair and using some self-rinsing evaporator coil cleaner and sprayed the coils the dirt fell off like butter! I took my co2 tank and blew the rest of the evaporator coil to get the small dirt and dust out of the coil. You can use compressed air also to clean the coil. I started up the air conditioning and let it run for a while and checked my refrigerant pressures at the condensing unit, which were fine! I was surprised to see a huge smile on my customers face and made the comment to me that WOW I can feel the air and it has never blown this great since I owned the house. This is a great feeling to know that people are happy with your honesty and great work! Airflow is really important for heating and air conditioning so keeping a good quality air filter in you FAU or furnace is important! If you just purchase a home you should check the filter and the evaporator coil to make sure you are getting proper airflow through your coil!


I showed the customer the hair and dirt I removed from his air conditioner coil and he was surprised! His dog loves to lay by the return grill for the unit and yes it sucked in all the hair so if you have pets please be aware you may need to change or wash your air filter more than a regular home without pets! I own pets myself and use a washable air filter that I have had for 4 years! I do pull this filter out and wash it monthly because of the pet hair and fur! I use the electrostatic washable air filter and love the quality and the performance of this air filter! Always remember that turning or setting your thermostat lower does not make the air cooler if the air conditioner freezes up please check the air flow! This could be as easy as a dirty filer to dirty coil. Keeping your system clean from the blower wheel to the ducting is the proper way to make sure proper air flow is getting used!

If you want to fix this yourself here is a list for for you to start and try to fix the air conditioner yourself and save money!

#1 clean or replace the air filter every 6 months

#2 unplug your FAU Furnace open the cover to your blower make and make sure the blower wheel is clean you can use compressed air to blow out the dust and dirt keeping this clean is really important!

#3 turn the blower wheel with your hand the motor and blower wheel should spin easy and not have any restriction what so ever! The motor has 2 oil ports you need to oil each year to keep the bearings lubricated! If the blower wheel feels tight or does not spin for a while you will need to pull out the blower assembly and oil!

#4 check the evaporator coil by removing the front cover this sometimes can be tricky and may take some time to do but yes they get plugged up with dirt and will need to be brushed, vacuumed, and washed out!

#5 make sure your duct work in the attic is not crushed, broken, or connections loose or fallen off! This is really important to keep the air from escaping either from the ductwork or the unit itself any air loss in my book is bad! I like to use duct seal for my air leaks but you can use a good quality duct tape!

# 6 You can check your charge without having gauges or expensive tools you will need a digital thermometer first measure the air going into your FAU and write this number down. Next with the air conditioner on for 5 minuets measure the air coming out your supply registers write this down. Here is an example of my number and how to check your refrigerant charge!\

Temperature going in is 78 and supply temperature is 58

78 – 58 = 20  I have a 20 degree split and the heat is being roomed great from my air conditioner  Your magic number should be 15 to 20 degree split for the optimal performance in air conditioning!  More than 20 could mean you have an air flow restriction and you should look into this!

dirty evaporator coil air conditioner
Having a dirty evaporator coil or plugged with dirt will cause low air flow and your air conditioner to freeze up. Air conditioner freeze up is bad for the system and you will loose all heat transfer across the coil or to the normal person cold air. Keeping a clean high quality air filtration filter in your furnace or FAU will prevent this from happening.
evaporator coil cleaning air conditioner
Cleaning your evaporator coil that is located on your furnace or FAU is a big job so I tell my customers to use good air filters all the time. Some times you cannot get access to the evaporator coil and you might have to remove it. I use a fin coil brush at first and evaporator coil cleaner either self rinsing or regular. If I have to remove the evaporator coil I will use a garden hose and water. I also will blow the evaporator coil out with my co2


Please feel free to post comments or questions! I do like to hear from you!

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Air conditioning service Laguna Hills

949-770-9616 Searching for the best residential and commercial air conditioning service repair company? Take a look at Dc’s Mechanical for quality work at a really low cost! I just don’t say this for good Google ranking! I provide the best service and sales for all my customers both new and old! I have the lowest rate in Orange County and will beat any other company’s bid or quote to do your work! Here is how I can offer the lowest prices I have little to no overhead meaning big savings for you as a customer and yes I make some money also! I think this is a great program that I offer to my customers! If you have a current quote or repair estimate from another company give me a call and I am 100% sure that I can beat their price for the sale or service. So before you give the OK to that current air conditioning company that came out to diagnose the problem call or e mail me directly! I was reading on the Internet that the average air conditioning repair quotes for Orange County California is from $400.00 to $500.00 to me that is crazy! Most of my services or the average is around $150.00 from Dc’s mechanical that includes the total price fixed and out the door! I cannot promise that your fix will only be $150.00 but I do promise this I will be any other companies bid or estimate! I have lived in Laguna Hills California since 1999 and love to work in the area and save you money because no long waits on traffic and low gas usage this savings will be passed on to you as the customer and I promise you will love my work and the prices for all services and sales!

Feel free to call me if you want to save money on an air conditioning service or sales! I like to stay in South Orange County because I do live in Laguna Hills! 949-770-9616 if you get my voice mail leave a message I will for sure get back to you and you will save $$$ money!

I service all brand of home and commercial air conditioners !

Rheem air conditioning Trane home air conditioner Carrier condenser central air conditioner York air conditioning Lennox air conditioning

I service all makes and brands at the lowest cost! Call now Dc’s mechanical Laguna Hills 949-770-9616


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When should I buy a new air conditioner?

Dc’s Mechanical 949-770-9616 the best priced air conditioning company in Orange County, CA.  This is a great topic because everyone wants to save money $ on their electric bill and probably at your home your air conditioner uses the most electrical to run! This is why my people do not run their air conditioner because they cannot afford the expense of a high electrical bill! Some people are looking and shopping the solar ways to save money on their bill and be able to be comfortable at their home or office!

High Efficient Air Conditioning Systems

I have some really great free topics on solar and how to purchase it and save money like a lot of money! I think its great that people want to go solar or purchase a new high efficiency air conditioning system to save money on their electrical bill. I want to give you some advice before you jump into solar or a new air conditioner! First lets attack the things that will save you energy at a low cost out of pocket and a quick payback for your investment! First thing is removing all the old light bulbs in your home or office and replace them with an LED light bulb! These old style light bulbs guzzle electricity and produce a lot of heat that will have to be removed by your air conditioner! I call this the double whammy! You are just wasting your money on the high electrical bill from the cheap lighting, heat, and the air conditioning! I know that LED lighting is not cheap up front but you will save money down the long run by converting to LED lighting! Check with your current electrical supplier or utility company to see if they have rebates for lighting!

How to lower your electric bill this summer

Another thing to do is climb in your attic and check out your current home insulation and ductwork while your air conditioner is running! In the older days insulation requirements were really not much so changing out that old insulation with the new higher resistant R-30 insulation would for sure save you money! Some people say they have great insulation and when I check the insulation is old and really no good! We also have to check out our ductwork for air leaks and crushed ducting who knows how many people like the cable tv person, telephone person or anyone climbed in the attic and crushed the ductwork!

Leaky air from poor ductwork is a total loss of energy!

We want your conditioned air to stay inside your home or office not leaking out in the attic or crawl space! Walk your ducts and try to feel if air is leaking out and repair or replace! The new style flex ductwork you can purchase from companies like home depot and on line! The new flex duct comes insulated so your cold air is not lost or transferred into the attic! If you have the old style ducting in your home or office that is cardboard I suggests you remove this you will have a lot of loss of your cooling and heating!

Rheem air conditioning Trane home air conditioner York air conditioning Carrier condenser central air conditioner Lennox air conditioning


Before you invest in that new air conditioner for your home or office. Try these money saving tips first before you commit to an expensive new air conditioner this summer! Please make sure you check for rebates on all your projects because we are going green and the money will help you save money! I know that most air conditioning companies and myself included will agree that the new air conditioning systems are more efficient but lets make sure you get the most efficiency right off the start! I hope you will think about my free advice prior to making the big step in going solar or that new air conditioner because it will save you money! Questions and comments are always welcome!


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HVAC repair in Orange County, California – CA

My air conditioning repair prices are the lowest at Dc’s Mechanical 949-770-9616 Serving the metro areas with the lowest air conditioning prices in Orange County, California. Turn to the honest HVAC contractor in the Orange County, California area


When it comes to a broken air conditioner you will be playing the guessing game on whom to call or trust to fix that broken air conditioner for the lowest price! Most companies will offer a coupon or a discount because they just wan to get your service call and make money off of you! Do coupons save you money in the air conditioning world? The answer is no because the company will inflate their price to do your repair knowing that you have a 20% or more coupon! I have never liked that game and its for companies that lure you in with false or junky ways in my book! I was reading on the Internet for South Orange County California the average service prices for air conditioning repair is $400.00 to $500.00 dollars! I think that is crazy and I would never charge or pay that much for air-conditioning repairs! Currently I have an average of $150.00 for my service calls! How can I charge this and make money you might ask? I have been doing air conditioning and refrigeration for over 25 years and trust me most of the service calls I go to are easy cheap fixes like a fuse, capacitor, or dirty filter! Did you get a large quote or call a company that had a coupon discount only to find out that the average service call is going to charge you $400 – $500 dollars! I will totally blow away any of my competitors prices when it comes to new sales or just a repair!


Ok here is how I beat the prices of my air conditioner competitors! I have low to no overhead that is how I keep my prices low! I don’t lease a building so there is no monthly rent for the company to pay! I don’t have any more employees to have to pay hourly, benefits and workers comp so that helps me keep the prices real low! I don’t have my fleet trucks any more the gas consumption insurance and high commercial insurance on the fleet not only that but the maintenance of the fleet! I answer my own phone and do all my appointments! I do it all to save you and I money! So if you have a broken air conditioner or maybe you have an air conditioning repair estimate drop me a call or post it here I will show you some really huge savings that no other company can touch!

Tired of looking for an air conditioning & Refrigeration company that you can call without being told to buy a new system? Or maybe you just don’t know who to call or trust to fix that broken air conditioner for a fair price Give me a call 949-770-9616 and see how much I can save you on your air conditioning repair!

Rheem air conditioning Trane home air conditioner York air conditioning Carrier condenser central air conditioner Lennox air conditioning

Dc’s Mechanical 949-770-9616 serving these great cities with the best air conditioning prices and service Laguna Hills, Mission Viejo, Aliso Viejo, Lake Forest, Laguna Niguel, San Juan Capistrano, Laguna Woods, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Rancho Santa Margarita, Irvine, Dove Canyon, Coto De Caza

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Your current refrigeration company

How much do you like your current refrigeration company that handles your refrigeration needs? I always like to ask this because some people just settle for a company or a refrigeration guy without giving him or the company a great review! Why is this? Maybe he or the company has great prices? The cost for refrigeration some times can cost a lot and companies will take advantage of this for sure! I like to do the job right the first time to make sure that I do not get a call back for something I may have missed! I have to admit we are not perfect and sometimes miss something so that call back should be free and I will have to suck up the loss for the travel and parts needed to make the refrigeration system work good! I like to look good for my customers clean uniform not a printed shirt like some companies! Short hair and no facial hair! This prevents hair loss on the equipment, food, or ice that we will be working over and you want to stay clean for the customers! Many have hired me big to small companies as the problem solver guy! When all else fails and that current refrigeration guy that took your money and will not return your calls bails on you! I see this happen all the time maybe it’s a person or a company which I call fly by night taking new jobs collecting the money and never returns or calls back! This is sad because you have already paid this person for the repair and now you have to scramble to find a new company or refrigeration person to fix what you already paid for!


I have been doing air conditioning and refrigeration for over 25 years now! Do I know everything? No! I am still daily learning the new ways to save customers money and when I do that the restaurant, bar, or any company that have commercial refrigeration will keep in business and that makes me happy and gives me return calls! Some times enough is enough right? You have to keep calling the same company or person to come back to fix the same problem because of lack of knowledge or just poor workmanship this refrigeration person is costing you time and money from down time! Can you count on the Refrigeration Company or person to answer the phone, show up in a timely manner, and make or keep his appointments? Trust me there are hours in the day when you do not want that refrigeration person to be in your way trying to fix a broken refrigerator or ice machine because you might have what I call your rush hours!

So what grade would you give your refrigeration company or guy? Lets do a school grade A-F please feel free to post and lets hear the good, bad, and ugly!

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What solar companies don’t want you to know?

I was at my barbershop talking with the guys about solar power and the costs that companies are charging to put solar on your rooftop. I have done a lot of research about the best way to do solar and the lowest cost! On my blogs in this website I have talked about doing your research before you commit to working with a solar company and how I saved over $15,000.00 dollars on my whole home solar system! First search the internet companies like CED greentech sell solar systems to the general public at a really low price and the current solar companies do not want you to know about this because it will cut into their huge profits! I suggest you hire a roofing contractor to install the racking and mount your panels so you won’t have a leak in your roof! This job should be less than $1000.00 to do this so call roofing companies and get quotes to handle the install! The next thing would be hire a electrician to run the power to your main panel this should be less than $500.00 for the job because it does not require a lot of wok and maybe some conduit or flex and wire!

Are you tired of paying for an electrical bill? Do you want a solar system that you will own without the bad lease that these solar companies are making huge profits from and taking your federal tax credit! I have talked about how to get solar power for your home and business at the lowest prices that your current solar company cannot touch! Do you want to save money? I am sure you do otherwise you would not be looking into solar power to save on your electrical bill! My website is dedicated to people that want to save money on power, air conditioning, and refrigeration! This website is free for people to use and also comment questions and advice to those that want to find out how to save money! Please use the search on my website to find topics that you are interested in!

When it comes to investing in solar for your home or office you want to look at the real numbers and not the numbers the solar companies give you and try to use as their sales points! Don’t invest in solar for a monthly payment but look at the whole cost and break down each operation to have the solar system complete!  Now i dare you to use my free solar tips to compare prices from what the current solar company wants to charge you compared to what I told you to do to save money! My original quotes from 3 solar companies were from $27,000.00 to $32,000.00 dollars and I got my quote from CED green tech for $9235.00 for a complete solar system with all the racking, parts for a complete system! Hired a roofer for $600.00 to instal the racks and mount the panels. The electrician quoted me $500.00 so I just saved thousands of dollars on my solar system and trust me the payoff will be quick and also I get to keep my federal tax credit for my solar install! The solar manufacture has the 20 year warranty on their systems so don’t be fooled or up-sold from the solar company! The wifi system you purchase will show you the production so look on your computer or your smart phone to monitor your solar system! This way you can look and see if you might have a bad panel that need to be replaced! You don’t really need a company to do this for you because of the great technology with smart phones and computers you can save money and do this yourself for free! CED green tech also offers free advice for your solar system like how many panels you can put on your roof! The best direction and also where you will get the most or best results for your roof top solar panels.

Don’t get taken for a bad lease or a bad sale that most solar companies are advertising! Research the internet and read my free blog for tips on how to save money for those that are interested in going solar and saving money! Take a look what is going on these solar companies are offering you free installation and no out of pocket money or they claim! You better beware when you go into a 20 year lease with a solar company that is a long time and maybe the increase or the fine print on your contract might cost you more money in the long run!  Please make sure to read the lease understand everything it has to say! I have talked with a few people who have signed a solar lease and hate it but are locked in with the solar company for 20 years!

Home solar


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Hoshizaki Ice machine 949-770-9616

Hoshizaki Ice machine
Hoshizaki Ice machine

Dc’s Mechanical 949-770-9616 Hoshizaki Ice machine service repair call Laguna Beach I received a service call today for a Hoshizaki ice machine making a loud noise and a lot of vibration during the run cycle! I responded to the place in Laguna Beach CA and kind of knew what the problem was even before I driven down to the restaurant.

Hoshizaki Ice machine

The common problem is that owners of these ice machines do not keep up on the maintenance that is really important to do for an ice machine. People either hire a company or make sure every three months you follow my service tips for the ice machines on my website. The condenser coil was plugged up with dirt so the fan that pushes air through the condenser was causing back-pressure on the fan blades and caused one to break off. I do consider the Hoshizaki ice machines the best ice making machines on the market but they do need to be serviced every three months to prevent things like broken fan blades, thin or small ice, or just a complete break down!

Hoshizaki Ice machine

This service call could have been avoided if proper service on the ice machine is completed. Please make sure you either hire a refrigeration company to service or read on my website how to service an ice machine for those that want to do it yourself repairs and service! If you own an Ice machine when was the last time you have completed your service on your ice machine or refrigeration!

If your Hoshizaki ice machine stopped working or making a beeping noise the machine is trying to tell you something is wrong.  Many people and owners look at how to reset the machine without repairing the cause of the warning.  Please be aware that just resetting the error or beeping codes could cause major damage to your Hoshizaki ice machine.  Clean and service your Hoshizaki ice machine every 6 months min to keep your ice machine running good.

Hoshizaki Ice Machine Service and Repairs Orange County

    • Laguna Hills, CA 92653
    • Mission Viejo, CA 92630
    • Irvine, CA 92618
    • Lake Forest, CA 92609
    • Laguna Woods, CA 92637
    • Aliso Viejo, CA 92653
    • Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
    • Dana Point, CA 92624
    • Coto De Caza, CA 92679
    • San Juan Capistrano, CA 92673
    • Trabuco Canyon, CA 92678
    • Ladera Ranch, CA 92694
    • Laguna Beach, CA 92651
    • Newport Coast, CA 92657
    • Corona Del Mar, CA 92625
    • Newport Beach, CA 92658
    • Foothill Ranch, CA 92610
    • Dove Canyon, CA 92679
    • Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688
    • San Clemente
    • San Juan Capistrano

Hoshizaki Ice Machine


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Air Conditioning service before you call

Dc’s mechanical 949-770-9616 My free air conditioning website is full of great information from do it yourself repairs and free advice for all those that want to save money this summer from repairs to electrical usage. I have dedicated my air conditioning website to all that want to save money either doing their own repairs, energy saving tips, and much more. I will answer your questions and help you fix your own air conditioning system and also the maintenance that is required by the system. If you follow or just read about how to save money on repairs or energy efficiency you will save hundreds or thousands of dollars and this is all for free to those that want to know how to save money! I have many tips on the website so please use the search page to find key words that will help you find what you are looking for!

Rheem air conditioning Trane home air conditioner York air conditioning Carrier condenser central air conditioner Lennox air conditioning


Please feel free to post your questions and comments on my website and I will make sure that I check it daily to help you fix that broken air conditioner without having to call a air condition service company to come out and take your hard earned money! I currently have over 50 topics on my blog page to help you save money so please come by and check them out! It is really important to me that we leave comments on the website so that others can read and also be able to save money! This website is free and there are no scams or products for sale!

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Free tip to save on air conditioner service

When calling out an air conditioning service company for your broken air conditioner is a hit or miss in my book! I think everyone wants to save money and get the service completed fast and honest right? When you look through the Internet to find a company what do you look for? Most people like to see Google stars or yelp reviews the more stars the better in most cases but do these companies pay to have false reviews put on their pages? The answer is YES! Beware of some of those stars or the hidden reviews which yelp terms as NOT RECOMMENDED! These are reviews that the company or the owner did not like to see and had them hidden from their yelp page. I like to use the word of mouth finding someone who had a great experience with an air conditioning company and is willing to share to others how honest and fair their pricing and service was.

Most companies are up front and tell you there will be a diagnostic fee because it is true that gas and labor cost money for that service tech to drive to your home or office and check out your air conditioner. Most companies will credit this back to your bill if you agree to their estimate. The most important thing about the estimate and agreeing for the work to be done is research! We all have computers or should have one right? Find out what is wrong with the system by reading the repair estimate and then Google the cost for the part to see what the air conditioning service company wants to charge you! If you cannot find the part on Google that is time for you to tell the company to take a hike they are trying to scam you! You will be amazed at how cheap the parts in an air conditioner are and if you pay 25% over the listed price on the Internet that is fair. Don’t be in a rush to agree on their quote or estimate your air conditioning company wants you to be this way just like pure pressure from a car dealer. Take the current estimate or repair estimate and call other air conditioning companies to see what they charge for the same repair. You have to understand as a air conditioning contractor we are not governed by any company for our prices and you will see that when you do your research!

Be smart take your time before you agree to the estimate and I am sure if you start looking around the air conditioning company you called will want the sale or repair so bad the price will drop while the technician is there! The technician will play a little game and say I need to call my boss to get the discount approved but trust me this saving will be great! Take yourself out for a great dinner and drinks because this advice will save you money $$$

dirty condenser air conditioner dirty evaporator coil air conditioner evaporator coil cleaning air conditioner

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