Service call frozen air conditioner

Service call frozen air conditioner D C’s heating & air conditioning at 949-770-9616 I was called out for a air conditioner service call in Tustin Orange County, California

The customer stated that there was a lot of ice on his coil and the suction line was frozen. I asked him when the last time he changes his air filter and he replied a month ago.

Ok here is what happened and this can be something you can watch for and help prevent a service call. I took a look at the filter in the FAU and did notice the filter looked new but it was the really cheap air filter and I would suggest people from using these cheap filters because they really don’t work great.

Service call frozen air conditioner

This will cause the dirt and if you have pets the hair and fur to plug the evaporator coil on top of the FAU or furnace! This restricts the airflow through your system causing the evaporator to freeze up.

I talked with the customer about buying a washable air filter and he can find these cheap on amazon or ebay. I had to remove the panels to get to the evaporator and to my surprise there was a lot of dog hair plugging the airflow.

I took my coils brush and cleaned off the hair and using some self-rinsing evaporator coil cleaner and sprayed the coils the dirt fell off like butter. I took my co2 tank and blew the rest of the evaporator coil to get the small dirt and dust out of the coil.

You can use compressed air also to clean the coil. I started up the air conditioning and let it run for a while and checked my refrigerant pressures at the condensing unit, which were fine.

I was surprised to see a huge smile on my customers face and made the comment to me that WOW I can feel the air and it has never blown this great since I owned the house.

Service call frozen air conditioner

This is a great feeling to know that people are happy with your honesty and great work! Airflow is really important for heating and air conditioning so keeping a good quality air filter in you FAU or furnace is important.

If you just purchase a home you should check the filter and the evaporator coil to make sure you are getting proper airflow through your coil!

I showed the customer the hair and dirt I removed from his air conditioner coil and he was surprised.

His dog loves to lay by the return grill for the unit and yes it sucked in all the hair so if you have pets please be aware you may need to change or wash your air filter more than a regular home without pets.

I own pets myself and use a washable air filter that I have had for 4 years. I do pull this filter out and wash it monthly because of the pet hair and fur. I use the electrostatic washable air filter and love the quality and the performance of this air filter.

Always remember that turning or setting your thermostat lower does not make the air cooler if the air conditioner freezes up please check the air flow! This could be as easy as a dirty filer to dirty coil.

Keeping your system clean from the blower wheel to the ducting is the proper way to make sure proper air flow is getting used!

If you want to fix this yourself here is a list for for you to start and try to fix the air conditioner yourself and save money!

#1 clean or replace the air filter every 6 months

#2 unplug your FAU Furnace open the cover to your blower make and make sure the blower wheel is clean you can use compressed air to blow out the dust and dirt keeping this clean is really important!

#3 turn the blower wheel with your hand the motor and blower wheel should spin easy and not have any restriction what so ever! The motor has 2 oil ports you need to oil each year to keep the bearings lubricated! If the blower wheel feels tight or does not spin for a while you will need to pull out the blower assembly and oil!

#4 check the evaporator coil by removing the front cover this sometimes can be tricky and may take some time to do but yes they get plugged up with dirt and will need to be brushed, vacuumed, and washed out!

#5 make sure your duct work in the attic is not crushed, broken, or connections loose or fallen off! This is really important to keep the air from escaping either from the ductwork or the unit itself any air loss in my book is bad! I like to use duct seal for my air leaks but you can use a good quality duct tape!

# 6 You can check your charge without having gauges or expensive tools you will need a digital thermometer first measure the air going into your FAU and write this number down.

Next with the air conditioner on for 5 minuets measure the air coming out your supply registers write this down. Here is an example of my number and how to check your refrigerant charge.

Temperature going in is 78 and supply temperature is 58

78 – 58 = 20  I have a 20 degree split and the heat is being roomed great from my air conditioner  Your magic number should be 15 to 20 degree split for the optimal performance in air conditioning.

More than 20 could mean you have an air flow restriction and you should look into this!

dirty evaporator coil air conditioner
Having a dirty evaporator coil or plugged with dirt will cause low air flow and your air conditioner to freeze up. Air conditioner freeze up is bad for the system and you will loose all heat transfer across the coil or to the normal person cold air. Keeping a clean high quality air filtration filter in your furnace or FAU will prevent this from happening.
Service call frozen air conditioner
Cleaning your evaporator coil that is located on your furnace or FAU is a big job so I tell my customers to use good air filters all the time. Some times you cannot get access to the evaporator coil and you might have to remove it. I use a fin coil brush at first and evaporator coil cleaner either self rinsing or regular. If I have to remove the evaporator coil I will use a garden hose and water. I also will blow the evaporator coil out with my co2

Please feel free to post comments or questions! I do like to hear from you!

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