When should I buy a new air conditioner?

When should I buy a new air conditioner? D C’s heating & air conditioning 949-770-9616 the best priced air conditioning company in Orange County, CA. For sales, service, and repairs. We provide the best local heating and air conditioning prices. Our replacements for furnace, air conditioner, and heat pump cannot be beat.

This is a great topic because everyone wants to save money $ on their electric bill and probably at your home your air conditioner uses the most electrical to run!

When should I buy a new air conditioner?

This is why my people do not run their air conditioner because they cannot afford the expense of a high electrical bill! Some people are looking and shopping the solar ways to save money on their bill and be able to be comfortable at their home or office!

High Efficient Air Conditioning Systems

I have some really great free topics on solar and how to purchase it and save money like a lot of money! I think its great that people want to go solar or purchase a new high efficiency air conditioning system to save money on their electrical bill.

I want to give you some advice before you jump into solar or a new air conditioner! First lets attack the things that will save you energy at a low cost out of pocket and a quick payback for your investment!

First thing is removing all the old light bulbs in your home or office and replace them with an LED light bulb! These old style light bulbs guzzle electricity and produce a lot of heat that will have to be removed by your air conditioner!

I call this the double whammy! You are just wasting your money on the high electrical bill from the cheap lighting, heat, and the air conditioning! I know that LED lighting is not cheap up front but you will save money down the long run by converting to LED lighting!

Check with your current electrical supplier or utility company to see if they have rebates for lighting!

How to lower your electric bill this summer

Another thing to do is climb in your attic and check out your current home insulation and ductwork while your air conditioner is running!

In the older days insulation requirements were really not much so changing out that old insulation with the new higher resistant R-30 insulation would for sure save you money!

Some people say they have great insulation and when I check the insulation is old and really no good! We also have to check out our ductwork for air leaks and crushed ducting who knows how many people like the cable tv person, telephone person or anyone climbed in the attic and crushed the ductwork!

Leaky air from poor ductwork is a total loss of energy!

We want your conditioned air to stay inside your home or office not leaking out in the attic or crawl space! Walk your ducts and try to feel if air is leaking out and repair or replace!

The new style flex ductwork you can purchase from companies like home depot and on line! The new flex duct comes insulated so your cold air is not lost or transferred into the attic!

If you have the old-style ducting in your home or office that is cardboard, I suggest you remove this you will have a lot of loss of your cooling and heating!

When should I buy a new air conditioner?
When should I buy a new air conditioner?
When should I buy a new air conditioner?
When should I buy a new air conditioner?

Before you invest in that new air conditioner for your home or office. Try these money saving tips first before you commit to an expensive new air conditioner this summer!

Please make sure you check for rebates on all your projects because we are going green and the money will help you save money! I know that most air conditioning companies and myself included will agree that the new air conditioning systems are more efficient but lets make sure you get the most efficiency right off the start!

I hope you will think about my free advice prior to making the big step in going solar or that new air conditioner because it will save you money! Questions and comments are always welcome!

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