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Wi-Fi thermostats saving your home and business money

The new Wi-Fi HVAC thermostats that companies offer are great for businesses and homes that want to save money and a lot of money on their electrical usage.

In the commercial side most employees turn the air conditioner down and really don’t take consideration of the company or the owners electrical bill because they don’t pay for it right?

I have spent my life working as a air conditioning contractor and see this all the time. Either they turn the set point down really low or forget to shut off the air conditioning at night or when no one is there.

These new wifi thermostats are awesome you can program them turn on and off the system when needed or not needed either on your smart phone or your computer.

Maybe you are heading home and do you ever think wow did I shut off the air conditioner? Now you can just look on your phone see if you or the person in charge shut it off!

Cut Heating And Cooling Costs

For your home maybe you just got off work. Instead of having to leave your air conditioner on all day you just look on your phone and set the temperature down for your ride home to be in a conditioned home when you arrive.

Maybe you have a weekend home or a vacation property. The new WIFI is awesome because you might want the heat or air conditioner to be running right before you get there. Programming and setting is an easy thing to do. Look and set the temperature on that smart phone!

Control Your Temperatures Anywhere

I have to say as a mechanical contractor this new feature is a hot item and feel everyone that wants to save money and control the temperature and electric bill this is a must.

No more worrying about if the person in charge shut down the system at night or turned a zone on for that Saturday or Sunday meeting you are in control now and the new Wi-Fi thermostats are easy to use!

For home or commercial use these thermostats will save you a major electrical expense and the cost will be a fast pay back!

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Rewiring a furnace for Nest help
I recently purchased a house and attempted to install a Nest Thermostat. The Nest requires RGYW wires while my furnace and existing thermostat are wired using ABCD. I also believe there is a humidifier attached to my furnace.

Is it possible to rewire the furnace to use the RGYW? I found posts indicating you could, however, when I looked at my furnace circuit there was 2 of each wire (e.g. 2 A, 2B…), coming from 2 different sources.

Can anyone please explain why there are 2 of each wire and if it’s possible to just put both of those wires in the corresponding RGYW terminals?

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