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Where to look for a great air conditioning contractor

For the best air conditioning repair in Orange County, CA call Dc’s Mechanical HVAC 949-770-9616 People are always searching for the great air conditioning contractor someone they can trust to provide an honest and cost efficient service. Where do people go to find these services or companies? Most people are aware of Yelp a company that is suppose to have honest reviews by honest customers but look close because at the bottom of the page it will say reviews that are not currently recommended! This is where a company hides all the bad reviews! Yes it is true that you can alter and make your Yelp reviews look great by paying companies to hide those bad reviews and get you more stars! I cannot recommend yelp to any of my customers or friends because of this feature! If you use Yelp please go to the bottom and click on the link currently not recommended and you will be surprised what you will read and see what that company is trying to hide from you!

Finding an honest heating and air conditioning company

I have never used Angie’s list but was told from a friend that they were looking for a plumber and wanted to see some off the Angie’s list and was charged to see a list of plumbers! I have found the best way to find a great person or a contractor is by word of mouth! I am sure you or your friends had a great experience with someone who was honest and fair priced!

HVAC contractor references

Things that you might want to ask the contractor is a list of references! Why not! They are like an employee right? A great contractor has worked several jobs and I am sure that people are happy to say yes they are a great company and they did a great job!

Good luck with your search for a repair person for your air conditioner and take your time and find the right one!

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