Test home air conditioner refrigerant charge

Test home air conditioner refrigerant charge. making sure your home air conditioner is running to the best performance today we will teach you how to test your home air conditioner refrigerant freon charge. call D C’s heating & air conditioning for sales, service, and repairs 949-770-9616.

This simple easy test can be performed by any person and will save you money.

Test home air conditioner refrigerant charge

Having a properly refrigerant charge in your home air conditioner will save you money on your utility bills during the hot and warm days when you want to cool your home.

My simple do it yourself freon refrigerant test will show you if you need to add refrigerant or your air conditioner is working fine.

You will not need to purchase any of the expensive tools a heating and air conditioning service person needs but just a digital thermometer.

Test home air conditioner refrigerant charge
Test home air conditioner refrigerant charge

Test home air conditioner refrigerant charge

Tools needed for you do it yourself home air conditioner refrigerant freon test.

  • A digital thermometer
  • Pencil or Pen
  • Piece of paper

Do it yourself DIY air conditioner refrigerant charge test

When you have these tools ready and you want to test your air conditioning system I am going to go over this really easy and trust me this will save you money on your next electrical bill.

AC refrigerant charge testing DIY

First we want to turn on the air conditioning in your home and set the temperature low just for this test.  Use your digital thermometer to measure the temperature in your home.

Write down the temperature on your paper

Second after air conditioner has been running 15 – 20 minuets we will go to our supply registers. ( the ones that push air into our rooms).

Here is what we do put the thermometer inside the supply grill and wait for 2 – 3 minuets to get an accurate reading.

How to check your air conditioner charge DIY

Read the temperature and write it down on a piece of paper.

Third lets do our calculations. For an example I am going to use my numbers.

My home is 75 degrees F (First set of numbers)  and the supply temperature from the registers is 55 degrees F. 75 – 55 = 20 degrees F split

Measuring the split temperatures is how we know if we need to recharge our home air conditioner or if it is fine. The best split should be 16-20 degrees difference.

If you have lower numbers than this you will need to add refrigerant to your home air conditioner

If you have a higher split temperature than 20 degrees F we will have to check a few things like air flow restriction (dirty air filter, dirty evaporator coil, dirty blower).

Test home air conditioner refrigerant charge
Test home air conditioner refrigerant charge

Can I test my own air conditioner refrigerant charge

This is a great way to test your own home air conditioner without having to pay an air conditioning company to come sell you refrigerant you might not need or even have to spend money.

Keep you home heating and air conditioner serviced either by a professional or yourself can save you money in the long run.

Test home air conditioner refrigerant charge
Test home air conditioner refrigerant charge

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  1. As a homeowner do you know that you can test your own air conditioner performance? I show you tips on how to check your air conditioning cooling performance without having gauges or checking the pressures of the refrigerant. These simple tests can save you money on electrical usage during the summer months while running your air conditioner. Always replace your air filters every 6 months to keep your heating and cooling performance high. We go over many different tests to make sure your air conditioner is running right and cooling your home without breaking the bank on utility bills or costs.

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