Residents Beware Home Air Conditioning Call Scam

Lately in Orange County, California the phone has been ringing and Residents Beware Home Air Conditioning Call Scam going on in your area. Fast sellers trying to get into your wallet for furnace and air conditioning service, repairs and even replacements. These callers even call my number looking to sell green or energy saving scams.

If you get one of these calls for home improvement or air conditioning hang up. I have had a few myself with a fake phone number displaying on my cell phone.

Residents Beware Home Air Conditioning Call Scam

Residents Beware Home Air Conditioning Call Scam
Residents Beware Home Air Conditioning Call Scam

Many of the calls made by these telemarketers are using names like Home Depot, The Gas Company, Electrical Company and more.  Do not allow them to get any information from you or let them come to your home.  Simply hang up on them or block their numbers. How do these callers get your number?  If you ever fill out a form looking for contractors from the websites like your name, address, e mail, and phone number. The website will sell your information to a lead list and guess what the phone will ring constant and nonstop.

Residents Beware Home Air Conditioning Call Scam

Residents Beware Home Air Conditioning Call Scam

Don’t get taken with fraud calls by companies calling you and offering solar, air conditioning, windows, or any kind of home improvement.

Homeowners beware of unlicensed contracting at any time you should ask the person their contractor’s license number to make sure they are following the California law.

Here is the link CSLB

Warning do not let these telemarketers take advantage of you, your home, or your family. I strongly suggest that you do not book an appointment even if it is free because you might be sorry!

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  1. When you are looking for a contractor or handyman in your area never post your information on the request forms many websites have. You have authorized them to contact you and the do not call does not apply. Let’s say you are looking to replace your heating and air conditioning system and looking for a local company in your area. You find on the internet HomeAdviser, LocalHVACquote, Angies List, and many more. These companies collect all your information and call several times a day about any repair in your home. The information you entered is now for sale to local contractors to call you about every home project even if you are not doing anything. NEVER FILL OUT A FORM!

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