R410a refrigerant price $15.00 per pound

R410a refrigerant price $15.00 per pound Most air conditioners home or commercial use either R22 or the new refrigerant R410a Puron refrigerant. Call D C’s heating & air conditioning 949-770-9616 for current prices.

Due to the phase out of the ozone depleting R22 Freon refrigerant we are seeing higher prices on the cost of R22 but we also have some really great drop in replacements for the R22 refrigerants that can save you money when your air conditioner needs refrigerants and you probably need to read about this and save your hard earned money.

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I have a great bunch of blogs on my website talking about refrigerants and costs to the consumer and what my going prices are for refrigerants. You really need to understand when you call an air conditioning company or contractor the prices you are charged for refrigerants, parts, and labor are different and there is no scale or price list that we share this means any contractor or company can charge whatever they want and this might be scary. R410a refrigerant price $15.00 per pound

Current Prices R22 Freon and R410a Puron

If you are looking for someone to fix your air conditioner and you are not sure who to call or you want to know what the charge ask the company on the phone how much do you charge for R22 or R410a refrigerants per pound. Know what your current air conditioner uses for refrigerant by reading the tag on the outside condensing unit.

R410a refrigerant price $15.00 per pound

Ask the company what they charge for a service call.   Doing some investigation and reading on the Internet about prices and repairs for heating and air conditioning is a great step for those that want to save money on service and repairs.

R410a refrigerant price $15.00 per pound

D C’s heating & air conditioning in Laguna Hills CA 949-770-9616 we have honest prices and really great service for people that want to trust an air conditioning company! Serving all South Orange County California since 1998.

R410a refrigerant price $15.00 per pound
R410a refrigerant price $15.00 per pound

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  1. R410A or Puron is the refrigerant used in home air conditioner units to replace the old R22 refrigerant due to ozone depleting refrigerants. As we go through refrigerant changeouts in the home air conditioning units we will still see more changes in 2024.

    What does this mean to homeowners? The changeouts will cost you more money for refrigerants until the world comes to some kind of agreement that we find a universal refrigerant to keep. The prices for refrigerants keep changing and I will keep the current prices on the home page for people to see and compare my prices to any other local heating and air conditioning company.

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