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Is your air conditioner ready for this summer?

Is your air conditioner ready for this summer? Have D C’s heating & air conditioning supercharge your air conditioner 949-770-9616. Let’s go over the do-it-yourself air conditioning checklist and see what you can do to make sure your air conditioner is ready for this summer heat wave!

Is your air conditioner ready for this summer?

First thing we will want to do is make sure we replace the air conditioning filter in your home or business this way we get a proper amount of air flow across the evaporator coil to prevent freezing up the air conditioning unit and providing good clean air through out your home or business. This is really important that you change the filter or clean it every 3 to 6 months. I have a blog about what filters are the best to use on my website to read so please use the search part to find many topics on how to fix your home air conditioner.

Save Money On Your Electric Bill

The second thing is to make sure the condensation drains are cleaned because the air conditioning besides removing sensible heat also removes what we call latent heat that is humidity and moisture in the air! As air gets cooler it cannot hold water causing it to condense in the evaporator coil you will notice a water pipe connected to the evaporator that will run to a drain or a pump in your home. We want to keep this clean so the water does not do damage to your home or business by over flowing and causing mold! These pipes can be blown out with compressed air or co2 easily.

Do It Yourself Air Conditioning Service

The third thing we want to do is go to the outside condensing unit make sure all leaves, grass, plants, or clothing dryer residue is not plugging or around the unit! Think of this unit like your car radiator and what would happen if you hand a plugged radiator the car would over heat! After removing all the clutter and junk around and on the unit we will now take the garden hose and wash the coils down removing all the dirt that will hinder the efficiency of the unit! Do not use high-pressure water because we do not want to bend or flatten the coils. Make sure you can see the water flowing through the coils starting from the top and working lower this way the dirt will be washed out and Wow that air conditioner never worked so great!

How To Test Your Air Conditioner Performance

Ok the fourth thing we can do is to take a thermometer and measure the inside temperature in your home or if you have a digital thermostat on you wall look and see what the temperature is with the unit running for a minimum of 20 minuets we will take your thermometer and measure the temperature coming out of your supply register to see how much heat we are removing from the air! This is the perfect way to see if your air conditioner has the proper charge! I am going to give you an example so you can do this yourself and not have to pay for an expensive service call Is your air conditioner ready for this summer?

Temperature in the house or office is 78 degrees with the air conditioner on for minimum 20 minuets you put your thermometer next to the supply register (please hold this or tape on for 5 minuets to get accurate reading) the supply air is 58 degrees.

Here is the math formula 78 – 58 = 20

78 is home or office temperature

58 is the temperature out of the supply registers

20 degrees is the split in air conditioning we look for a 15 – 20 degree temperature split and anything less we may need to look at the charge or other problems such as ducting loss of air flow around the unit!

Is your air conditioner ready for this summer?
Is your air conditioner ready for this summer?
Is your air conditioner ready for this summer?
Is your air conditioner ready for this summer?
Is your air conditioner ready for this summer?
Is your air conditioner ready for this summer?

Should you have any questions please log in and post them to my blogs I am more than happy to help you out!

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