How to service your home air conditioner

Summer is close and lets do our part to make sure our home air conditioner is ready and running at its peak performance! I talked earlier about how important it is to use a good air filter for your home so please use the search on the website to read my blog about the filter! This should be replaced or cleaned a minimum of every 6 months! Lets jump to what I can do about the outside unit known as the condensing unit!

Do it yourself Air Conditioning service

First we want to make sure to get all the old grass and leaves off this unit by hand or what I like to do is take the garden hose and water to wash the coils down! We don’t want to use a lot of water pressure and bend the coil fins this is really important so I do not use a nozzle when I spray down the unit. A good clean condensing unit means good heat transfer and better efficiency saving you money! Keeping the outside condensing unit clean and air flowing through it is the most important thing to do!

Air Conditioning cleaning tips and freon test

Does my home air conditioner need to be recharged? Most of the time the answer is no! This unit is sealed and has copper lines that are wielded together to keep the refrigerant from escaping and if this goes low or empty there is a leak and will have to be repaired! The fast and easy way to tell if your system is running good is to replace the filter, wash down the condenser out side! Turn the unit on and after 20 min of running measure the temperature of the air in your home and then we will measure the temperature of the air coming out of the registers looking for a 15 – 20-degree difference!

Here is an example my home is 78 degree’s F so my air conditioner turned on and ran for 20 min. I took my thermometer and measured the temperature out of my registers and it was 58 degree’s F

78 – 58 = 20 This means we have a 20 degree split! Like I said earlier 15 – 20 degree split is wonderful and your system is working greatdirty condenser air conditioner dirty evaporator coil air conditioner evaporator coil cleaning air conditioner

These pictures show the dirt that collects in the outside condenser. I like to clean and wash the air conditioner condenser coil at least 2 times a year. Keeping dirty and debris off of the air conditioner condenser coils is easy to do and this will save you money on electrical and repair costs.

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