How to fix your home air conditioner

How to fix your home air conditioner There are 3 major components that run your home air conditioner. First is the furnace (FAU) that is located usually in your home places like the closet, garage, attic, basement. Call the local best D C’s heating & air conditioning at 949-770-9616.

The FAU will be taking the warm air from your house running the air through the evaporator coil located on the top of the FAU and removing heat from the air and distributing the air through your supply registers. If the air is coming out of your supply registers let’s move on!

Home or Central Air Conditioner Repair DIY

How to fix your home air conditioner
How to fix your home air conditioner

How to fix your home air conditioner

The outside unit is called the condensing unit if this is not running while you have the thermostat set for cool and the set temperature is lower than the ambient or the temperature in your home. We will go through these steps to fix it! You might find these easy steps will save you a service call and a lot of money! Follow these steps.

#1 let’s go to the main electrical panel make sure the double pole breaker is not tripped it should be all the way forward like the rest of them!

#2 there will be an electrical disconnect by your condensing unit maybe a small gray box that has conduit running to your condensing unit! This will have 2 fuses in it! Always pull the disconnect or turn off the power before touching them! You can test the fuses with a voltmeter by removing them and checking the fuses by ohms. If you do not have the tools no problem takes the fuses down to your local hardware store and have them, check them! The fuses need to be what we call a time delay or a slow burn because the unit when starting draws more amps than the fuse will handle so a regular fuse may not work just let the salesperson know it’s for a a/c unit.

#3 with the power off to the condensing unit we will take a nut driver usually 5/16 and remove the screws to the control panel on the unit. Here we will have some things to look at! There will be a black contactor with a bunch of wires to it in the center will be a square button (plastic) this is what will send the power to the compressor and condenser fan! This is controlled by the FAU with 24 volts the button should be all the way in, and you should hear a hum.

How to fix your home air conditioner
How to fix your home air conditioner

#4 If all the above has been checked we will move on to the capacitor! This will be the silver looking object in your control panel most will have prongs on top with wires going to it. You need to look at this closely or have a meter to test but a quick visual will tell you if its good or bad! Take a close look at the top of this capacitor it should be flat on top without any bulge (this is super important) and kind of bulge or burn look means it’s no good! These are easy and cheap to replace.

# 5 still does not work? Leave a question or a comment and let’s fix this air conditioner together.

How to fix your home air conditioner

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