Commercial Air Conditioning Service Contracts OC

Commercial Air Conditioning Service Contracts
Commercial Air Conditioning Service Contracts

Commercial Air Conditioning Service Contracts For the lowest price Commercial air conditioning service and repairs in orange County call Dc’s Mechanical HVAC 949-770-9616 Most owners or property managers require you as the tenant or the renter to provide your own service company to do the Air conditioning preventive maintenance!

Commercial Air Conditioning Service Contracts

I work with several large shopping centers for the owner and property managers doing the Air conditioning for mostly the big corporate companies that prefer the property manager to send out their recommended company! This is a good thing in my book because you have the right to choose whom you want and get a fair price instead of being forced to use what company they say! I never push my company on any of the stores and shops in the shopping centers because no one likes a pushy salesman or bothering people while they work!

Commercial HVAC service contract Orange County, CA

I am going to tell you that some companies are paying for a service and not getting this! In my book doing this is stealing! I have been called out to several stores large and small because the duct detector was triggering a fire and setting off the alarm! Because I work with the property manager and they control the fire alarms and the safety of their buildings. I am called in to see why these alarms are going off!

HVAC service contract work Orange County, CA

Here is a list of causes that I have found! Dirty filters yes these companies have a preventive maintenance contract for their roof top air conditioners but no one ever checks their work! I have worked on units that had filters dated back to 2 years ago. The customer paid the air conditioning company to replace them every 3 months. Air conditioning service is more than just changing the filters! Dc’s has a huge checklist when it comes to the preventive maintenance program! Trust me if we miss something during our check we get to come back for free to repair it! Keeping you comfortable and saving electricity is our job!

Rooftop Commercial HVAC System

My advice to business owners large or small is to go up on the roof and take a look at your air conditioner just because its on the roof it should never be neglected especially if you are paying a company to service it! Not sure what to look for? Maybe hire a contractor to look at it with you and get their honest opinion and estimate to do the service! With over 25 years of being on rooftops I have seen the good and the really bad! Take the guess out of what kind of job your current air conditioning company is doing! Stop wasting time and money on a company not doing their job with a second opinion!

Commercial Air Conditioning Service Contracts Orange County California

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