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CA EPA compliance refrigerants

CA EPA compliance refrigerants Did you get a letter from the EPA Refrigerant Management Program to your business or facility about the number of refrigerants you have? Take this seriously because you will be fined if you do not comply!

CA EPA compliance refrigerants

Yes, it is true that businesses and facilities having over 50lbs of refrigerants in California will have to comply and fill out the forms required! If you are located in Orange County California, I can help you out with this!

We all want to make sure that loss of refrigerants that harm the ozone are repaired and checked regularly to save you money in service call and also fines!

Most of the companies I work with fall under the 50 lbs. but you will need to know exactly what you have as far as refrigerants using and quantity so hire a profession refrigeration company to come out and make sure the paperwork is completed right the first time!

Feel free to call me at 949-770-9616 if you need help with this! I am EPA certified Universal for refrigerants.

I shared this link for those that want to read about the California laws!

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