Attic heat affects on your air conditioning

Attic heat affects on your air conditioning Many people ask about how much heat is in your attic and the effects it has on your home air conditioner. D C’s heating & air conditioning 949-770-9616 is a strong believer that the heat in your attic has a huge affect on your air conditioner where temperatures in Southern California can get as high as 150 degrees Fahrenheit in your attic and will work its way into your home by heat transfer through your ceiling.

Attic heat affects on your air conditioning
Attic heat affects on your air conditioning

Air Conditioning efficiency tips to save money

Here are some really great tips to cut the electrical cost and make your air conditioner run to peak performance. Make sure we have good insulation coverage and also make sure your insulation is not old and degraded. Attic insulation is a great start to make your home efficient with a great R-value.

Attic heat affects on your air conditioning
Attic heat affects on your air conditioning

Attic heat affects on your air conditioning

I also like to get that hot attic air out of the space with either attic fans or roof vents. Removing this hot attic air is really important because your roof gets sun all day long and the heat that builds up in the attic will migrate into your home all night even when the temperatures drop at night because the heat is trapped in there is you do not have any ventilation or exhaust.

Attic exhaust fans do they work?

The cost to run the attic fans and ventilation is cheap on your electric bill and keeping the inside of your home from having the air conditioner removing the heat. There are many different styles of attic ventilation for sale today from wind powered, solar, and electric motors but each work great and use low electrical power.

Attic heat affects on your air conditioning

Remember air conditioning is removing heat from a confined space or area so lets make your home air conditioner more efficient this summer and save you some money on your electric bill during the heat of this summer.

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  1. Are you looking for ways to save money this summer on your cooling costs? Many homeowners are trying to research ways to cut that electrical bill down but keep you and your family comfortable during our hot summers in Orange County California. Our attic in the home is the biggest reason for the air conditioner to run long and hard. Why is the attic so darn hot? The sun beats on the roof all day long and the attic in our home is like an oven. We need to get that hot air out of our attic to cut back on the costs of running that air conditioner. There are several different attic exhausts to remove the heat in our home attic. I use the quiet cool gable exhaust fan in mine. I have noticed a huge difference on my electrical bill from less use of the air conditioner. Get that hot attic heat out of your attic and you will see a huge savings on your summer electrical bill.

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