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I had an interesting service call 949-770-9616  the other day for Air conditioning in Tustin and thought I would share the story on my blog! I drove to the home and Wow what a great looking home big and expensive! The doctor that owns the home was really a nice guy but had some questions about the honesty of the other air conditioning companies had told him! He called me up and wanted or was told he needed a whole new furnace and air conditioning system! I took a look at the current system that was installed about 8 years ago! The heating and air conditioning system was made by York and looked good except the leaves from the trees had plugged up the condensing unit outside! The other companies refused to service the unit and told the doctor to buy a new system because it was in bad shape and also is the older R-22 refrigerant! Ok they are phasing out R-22 and the prices have gone up on this refrigerant but really?

I removed the condenser fan and cleaned out all the leaves by hand! I then took my CO2 and blew out all the other debris in the coil! I was surprised to find a 30 amp fuse blown so I replaced it. I put my gauges on the service ports and turned the air conditioner on! I was impressed the condensing unit ran really nice and quiet! I checked the pressures and everything looked good! I was not impressed with the way the original contractor installed this unit but I am all about how things should look great! I checked the amp draw to see if there might be an electrical problem but everything was normal!

I told the customer that he still had a great air conditioning system and he does not have to replace it but keep up the maintenance and maybe cut back the tree branches that overhang the unit! I filled out my invoice for the total cost for the job $85.00 parts and labor! The customer was impressed by the honesty and the price he had a big smile on his face! The other contractors wanted to charge $8750.00 for a new furnace and air conditioning system!

I know the air conditioning companies that quoted him for a new system are still driving around and making service calls! Will you be their next victim? I know that this customer is happy and he will call me back for all his heating and air conditioning needs!

Dc’s 949-770-9616 how much can I save you?

Dc’s Mechanical Inc. 24872 Wells Fargo Drive Laguna Hills, CA 92653 949-770-9616


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