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Air conditioning service call Irvine

Air conditioning service call Irvine I received a call 949-770-9616 from a company with air conditioning problems in Irvine the other day and this was interesting and thought I would share it with my readers! The property management company contracted their preventive maintenance and pays the air conditioning company to do the quarterly service for all the units they rent and lease.

Air conditioning service call Irvine
Air conditioning service call Irvine

Air conditioning service call Irvine

The current Air conditioning company wrote an estimate up to the tenant and told them they had a refrigerant leak and to find, fix and recharge the package air conditioner on the rooftop will be $585.00. I talked with the customer on the phone about his issue and asked does your air conditioner run constant? I was surprised to hear them say no and it cools the offices just fine! I told them I could come out and check the air conditioner out and it would be $95.00! The company told me fine that they wanted a second opinion about this estimate! I checked out the package unit on the roof putting my gauges on the system and the charge looked fine! I did my visual check to see if there was any oil residue for leaks and nothing! I checked the temperature split for the system and it looked great!

Air conditioning service call Irvine

I did not find anything wrong with the air conditioner or the leaks that the property managements air conditioning company claimed! I know that companies that work or contract for management companies have to bid their jobs low to get the contract but know if they toss out some of these estimates to the renter they can make up their losses! My advice is always getting a second opinion on repairs or estimates because some companies and not as honest as we would like! Being honest, reputable, and knowledgeable is one of the biggest things that Dc’s Mechanical has always put first!

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