Air conditioning low airflow cause cure

Air conditioning low airflow cause cure D C’s heating & air conditioning at 949-770-9616 Orange County best air conditioning repair company What causes low airflow in my supply registers? When you use your air conditioning the heat removed from the air causes the air to become dense and harder to move. These are some things to look at to make sure the air flows good in your home or office.

Air conditioning low airflow cause cure

First lets make sure we replace that old air filter with a new one and use a good quality air filter if you have air conditioning this will prevent the dirt from going into the evaporator and plugging up the coil. I like to start at the furnace or FAU and work my way around the home.

We want to unplug the unit and remove the panels looking at the blower motor and blower wheel this is important that you clean both and make sure the dirt is not in the veins of the blower wheel.

I use co2 and blow out my wheel and motor. You can use compressed air or a brush and vacuum to clean the wheel. Some times you might have to pull out the assembly and this is easy and can be done yourself without hiring an air conditioning contractor.

Air conditioning low airflow cause cure
Air conditioning low airflow cause cure

Next thing is we will move up to the evaporator coil mounted on top of your furnace or FAU remove the panels and clean the fins with care not to bend or destroy them. After brushing down the evaporator coils we can either blow them out or use a vacuum to get the remaining dirt off it. I like to use a self-rinsing evaporator coil cleaner on the inside part of the evaporator or A coil. Put all your parts back together and plug the FAU back in.

Air conditioning low airflow cause cure
Air conditioning low airflow cause cure

Go to your thermostat and lets turn the fan switch to the on position. We will now go back to the furnace or FAU and feel for air leaks! This is really important that each and every leak be sealed you can use duct tape at every leak forcing the air into the ductwork.

Air conditioning low airflow cause cure
Air conditioning low airflow cause cure

Next thing we will want to do is go into the attic while the fan is still on and check each of your duct runs and connections. I have found so many air leaks in ductwork causing the loss of efficiency and this is your money going right out the door! Use the duct tape to make repairs on all the air leaks in your attic. Air always wants to take the pass of least resistance so make sure all air leaks and loss are repaired.

Air conditioning low airflow cause cure
Air conditioning low airflow cause cure

You can also find new flex ducting at home depot and also your favorite hardware supply store.  Following these procedures as I described will save you money on your air conditioning electric bill this summer and keep your home cool and comfortable.

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  1. Having poor airflow can be caused by many different issues in your HVAC system. We start with cheapest to most expensive ways to repair the poor airflow to rooms or even areas in your home. D C’s heating and air conditioning in Laguna Hills are the local airflow experts in your area. When was the last time you replaced your air filter? We ask our homeowners to remove and replace their air filter every 6 months in their home heating and cooling system. Is the blower unit plugged up with dirty from years of not replacing the air filter and the dirt has bypassed the filter and now has plugged the veins in the blower wheel? We need to check and clean the blower section in the furnace to get the proper air flow. Is the evaporator coil plugged up with dirt again because homeowner did not replace the air filter? This is getting a little more labor intense to clean the evaporator coil. Is the air ducts kinked, broken, or installed wrong. Many times, we find your older ducting has come apart and all the air is blowing in the attic. Air wants to flow with the path of least resistance and when you have a break or kinks in the ducting, we will have issues that need to be repaired. Call your local home air ducting professionals at D C’s heating and air conditioning 949-770-9616 for an evaluation and estimate to make your home comfortable again.

  2. Homeowners experiencing low air flow from your heating and cooling system are looking for solutions how come some of my home is too cold or too hot? Having a good balanced system is important to have each room in your home comfortable and around the same temperature. Always make sure you have a new air filter or replace the filter every 6 months to keep the air flowing properly. Make sure the fan blower wheel is clean and free of debris.

    When it comes time for your attic ducting, we want to make sure we do not have broken or leaking ducting. Many times, we find ducts disconnected and you are heating and cooling the attic and wasting money. Ducting for your HVAC system should be tightly strapped and not laying on the insulation. Ducting should be straight and smooth for easy air flow without restrictions. If you are having an air flow issue, call the experts at D C’s heating & air conditioning at 949-770-9616 and we will make your home and rooms comfortable for both heating and air conditioning.

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