Air Conditioner Repair Adding Hard Start Kit

Air Conditioner Repair Adding Hard Start Kit
Air Conditioner Repair Adding Hard Start Kit

Air Conditioner Repair Adding Hard Start Kit Your air conditioner is one of the most essential devices in your home during those hot summer months and can be the difference between living in comfort or living in misery. That’s why it can be such a disaster if your AC decides to suddenly shut down and stop providing you with that soothingly cool air. Other companies may call this a compressor saver also. 

Air Conditioner Repair Adding Hard Start Kit

It’s very possible that your air conditioner may have reached the end of its life, or it may just require a hard start. A central air conditioner may be hard started with a hard-start kit or a compressor saver that sends more amps to the compressor to get the compressor to turn or spin. 

AC Failure and Compressor Failure

Air conditioners use motorized compressors to circulate air through the vents in your home. These compressors degrade over time, however, and may have trouble spinning as they get older. The air conditioner will produce noticeably less cool air or may stop producing air altogether if the compressor fails to start at all. You will see that the fan inside your central air conditioning unit is spinning slowly or not spinning, indicating it’s not getting enough juice.

Air Conditioner Hard-Start Basics

A hard-start kit is essentially a capacitor that’s placed inside your air conditioner. This hard starter acts as a “kick start” device that will push your air conditioner compressor on. The fan should start spinning very fast almost immediately as opposed to the slow start-up time that may have plagued it beforehand. The capacitor in the hard-start kit essentially provides extra juice at the beginning to help get the air conditioner compressor, and thus the motorized compressor, running at full speed right off the bat.

Purported Benefits of Air Conditioner hard Start Kit

Air Conditioner Repair Adding Hard Start Kit Hard starters are a quick and easy fix to an air conditioner with a faulty standard capacitor, but they’re also typically temporary. Hard starters could, in theory, extend the life of your air conditioner’s motorized compressor by shortening the duration that electricity needs to flow to the motor. A compressor that takes longer to start up requires a longer flow of electricity, which could damage the wiring over time. Hard-start capacitors also purportedly eliminate “light flicker” in your home when the air conditioning is kicked on because they minimize energy consumption by the compressor and fan.

Problems With Using Hard Start Capacitors

Hard-starting capacitors, as stated before, are just temporary solutions and may not work at all, particularly if your air conditioner is broken thanks to mechanical issues and not electrical issues. If your compressor runs briefly then shuts off, this issue could theoretically be fixed with the use of a hard-start capacitor, but it’s also typically a sign that the compressor is reaching the end of its usable life and will need replacement soon, anyway. Air conditioners equipped with hard starters may also trip circuit breakers because of the change of electrical voltage being used, so rewiring by a professional technician may be required.

Air Conditioner Repair Adding Hard Start Kit call D C’s heating & air conditioning 949-770-9616 This is a fast and easy job for me If you have a quote or need your air conditioner hard start capacitor replace give me a call and see what great service and low prices all are about. Checkout our heating and air conditioning service area. We offer sales, service, and repairs in these fine communities and cities.

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3 responses to “Air Conditioner Repair Adding Hard Start Kit”

  1. What does a heating and air conditioning company charge to add a hard start or a compressor saver to my home air conditioner? The price for parts and labor run about $150.00 in Orange County California in the cities and communities within Orange County CA. I really do not like to add the hard start or some call it a compressor saver because it did not come OEM from the factory the manufactured your air conditioner. If this product was really a compressor saver the factories or manufacturer of all air conditioners would have it installed in the factory to save the compressor and they could save warranty calls.

    Have you been told or sold a hard start or a compressor saver? How much did the company charge you? I personally only install them when the older air conditioning compressor will not start with a brand-new good brand start capacitor. Most of our air conditioner capacitors have 3 prongs for the compressor and the condenser fan. Each and every air conditioner has its own rating for the capacitor to start the compressor. This is one of the most common failures on the air conditioning system.

    So, let’s go into why I choose not to install a hard start capacitor or the compressor savers. If you have a capacitor failure and the condenser fan will not turn your outside condenser unit will get hot, noisy, and cause compressor failure because the part we added hard start or compressor saver will start the compressor but not the condenser fan motor. Try driving your car without the fan and see how long it takes for the motor to overheat and or fail. Same principle with air conditioner compressors that need the fan to cool the refrigerant and the compressor. The heat will destroy the compressor and breakdown the oil in the compressor. The compressor in an air conditioner is like the motor in your car so if you burnup or ruin an air conditioner compressor it is like burning up your car motor. This is a major costly repair so think twice before adding a compressor saver or hard start kit to your air conditioning system.

  2. Hard start or some HVAC companies call it compressor savers are easy to install for air conditioners that need that extra boost because of age or compressor drawing too many amps. I do not like to install these aftermarket parts unless I have to. If the part was to prolong the life of the air conditioner compressor the factory would have installed one while building the air conditioning unit. I like to keep my air conditioners OEM and use only authorized factory parts when I can. When you start adding or installing aftermarket parts in your A/C unit you are just looking for failure.

  3. Sometimes the older air conditioners need a little more than the capacitor to get the compressor to start. When your compressor in your air conditioning unit gets tired or want start with a new capacitor maybe it is time to use a hard start capacitor in conjunction with your regular capacitor in the condensing unit outside. Instead of just calling the compressor bad or over amping we can put a hard start or booster on the unit and make that compressor come back to life. Call D C’s heating and air conditioning at 949-770-9616 when you are having air conditioner compressor issues, and we will fix that air conditioner for you.

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