AC Pro Brand HVAC

Do you have questions about AC Pro Brand HVAC? Have you been told this unit is a Lennox heating and cooling unit? I will try to answer your questions and concerns here about the brand and the differences between Lennox vs. AC Pro for your heating and cooling needs. Lennox is Lennox just like Carrier is Carrier. Many big names have a division that makes their lower end brands for a reason. To sell you a heating and air conditioning system.

Where is AC Pro Brand Manufactured

We hear different places but none really clear. I was lucky enough to take a picture of the name tag on a condenser unit and here is what I came up with. Most people want to know Who makes AC Pro air conditioners?

AC Pro Air Conditioner
AC Pro heating and cooling product

This AC Pro condenser was made in China. As you can see by the information tag on the condenser unit. I am not sure if they are all made in China but if you have 1 you might have it all. AC Pro brand hvac country of origin – China

Where is AC Pro Brand Made
AC Pro Brand HVAC

AC Pro vs. Lennox

I decided to research this a little further to see why contractors are saying the AC Pro Brand is Lennox. Lennox HVAC systems have been around for a long time Lennox International/Founded 1895. The Lennox name is important as one of the leaders in the heating and cooling industry. See more about Lennox Lennox has a big hand in the heating, cooling and refrigeration industry.

Lennoc name plate air conditioner
Lennox Air conditioner name plate

About AC Pro heating and cooling

Dion Quinn, President of AC Pro AC Pro, a family-owned business, has been providing heating and air conditioning products since 1986. AC Pro Brand HVAC

Just by what I am reading this appears to be 2 different companies right? Well, let’s dive a little deeper into this topic.

Who is Allied Air Enterprises?

We hear people say they bought a Lennox / Allied AC Pro Air conditioner. Ok here is the link to Allied Air Enterprises. I reached out to Lennox by phone 1 (800) 953-6669 and e mail to get some answers needed. Allied Air makes brands like Armstrong Air, AirEase, Concord, Ducane, MagicPak, Allied Commercial and AC Pro. Most of you are wondering I have never heard of these brands, but should they be called Lennox? In my opinion NO!

Lennox HVAC

Lennox was really nice and replied that Allied air was a division of Lennox. They also made it clear to me Lennox will not warranty or provide much information about AC Pro air conditioners. They did tell me that 80% of the parts on an AC Pro brand are aftermarket a long with the other brands Allied Air manufactures. If AC Pro Brand was really Lennox you would see the line posted on the Lennox website,

AC Pro Brand HVAC

I hope this helps people searching about the AC Pro Brand HVAC units / systems. Please always research products before purchasing a new furnace, heater, air conditioner, or evaporator coil. Are you getting a really great price? Are you getting a great quality HVAC system? Contractors should never confuse the homeowner into thinking that the brand is nothing more than what the label says. Confusing a homeowner could lead to a court battle that might not be in favor of the contractor selling or installing the heating and air conditioning system.

If you are still confused feel free to post questions or reach out to Lennox customer service to get the real facts. Always go to the Lennox web site Air Conditioning & Heating HVAC Systems | Lennox Residential and check the model number on your estimate or quote. If you do not see that model number for furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump it is most likely it is not Lennox. Could a contractor be held liable in court for misrepresenting the brand?


3 responses to “AC Pro Brand HVAC”

  1. Why is my AC Pro brand furnace loud and sounds like a freight train? Most people do not consider why a low-priced furnace is loud and annoying. The construction and material used to make the furnace or air conditioner was a thinner metal and will be noisier. What can you do about the noise? Not a lot and most heating and air conditioning companies will just say that is normal.

    When it comes time to purchase a new heating and air conditioning system always choose a big brand name and don’t always look at the cost but instead look at the quality.

  2. Chad

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    When it comes to keeping you and your family comfortable during our winters or summers you want a heating and cooling brand that leads the industry and won’t fail because it was a cheaper system and you bought into the price.

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