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Refrigerant recovery company located in Orange County, California Dc’s mechanical 949-770-9616 is the company to call when you need to have refrigerants safely recovered while building or doing demolition of and existing building. The EPA requires you to have a certified refrigerant recovery company come out and recover all refrigerants from air conditioners, refrigeration, and ice machines before removing these units during a remodel or demolishing and existing building! This can be done easy to help prevent fines and loss of refrigerants in the atmosphere! If you are doing a business demolition job and the current building has refrigerators, like walk in’s, Ice machines or roof top refrigeration systems including air conditioning. Call the environmental company that will safely remove the refrigerants.

Recovering refrigerants air conditioner and refrigerators

Construction companies and contractors should always consider and hire an EPA certified company to safely remove all refrigerants before removing any refrigeration or air conditioning systems. Dc’s Mechanical is located in Laguna Hills, CA and is certified by the EPA universal so no job is to large or small for our company to handle! Give us a call at 949-770-9616 and check out our really low price refrigerant recovery process. Don’t take that risk and try to save money by breaking the EPA laws heavy fines can occur is the laws are not followed for reclaiming refrigerants before removing or destroying the systems.

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