Air conditioning brands and differences

Dc’s Mechanical 949-770-9616 Thinking about purchasing a new heating and air conditioning system can be difficult because it’s like buying a car you have the really cheap ones on the market and the really great ones! You will notice that most Air conditioning companies sell a brand and have that logo on their service trucks and vans. If you ask them what is the best brand furnace or air conditioner you will for sure hear it from them that their brand is the best! This is far from the truth and I have been working on furnaces and air conditioners for 28 years now and trust me there are many brands I will not sell or even consider selling! If you go to a car dealership they will tell you the best car on the market is the ones they sell right? You really need to look into what brands are great, good and ok! Each furnace and air conditioner have different prices and when you are shopping cheap you will really get cheap equipment that will fail, break down and that service company that will do the warranty work will not like it. Do you have a noisy air conditioning system? This is because it was a cheaper unit using lower gauge sheet metal and loud fan and compressor! Some residents or communities in Orange County California have required noise DB ratings that you will have to comply to for city code.

Carrier Heating and Air Conditioning

Here is my all time favorite system Carrier! Carrier has been making air conditioning and furnaces for a long time they make a system that is easy to work on and really quiet and nice! Yes it does cost more money to buy a Carrier system but in the long run you will be impressed and happy! I really like to sell and install the Carrier systems because my customers will be happy and that is my biggest goal!

Carrier condenser central air conditioner

York Heating and Air Conditioning

I do also like the York brand also! I have the York system in my home it works great and trouble free! I do keep my service on the condensing unit and furnace every three months washing down the washable air filter and washing the outside condensing unit!. I did have a couple issues on the commercial side package units so I have cut back for a while on selling them!

York air conditioning

Lennox Heating and Air Conditioning

Lennox units I have not had great luck with them! I have some commercial Lennox package units that I service and have nothing but problems with them! The cheap disconnects that are plastic fell apart due to the sun so my electrician had to replace all of their disconnects with a mechanical fused disconnect! I had problems with their parts department while trying to get inside blower motor that burned out! In my opinion save your money and move on to a different brand!

Lennox air conditioning

Rheem Heating and Air Conditioning

RHEEM units in the older days tough for service! Just to clean or see most of the components in their package units you better bring your screw gun and drivers because you have to take off so many screws and panels just to get to anything! Why so many screws and what’s up with not keeping it simple? Most of the air conditioning technicians get paid by the hour and trust me you work 4 times harder on a REEM air conditioner than any other system!

Rheem air conditioning

Trane Heating and Air Conditioning

Trane Units I have to also say have not had good luck with them! I have had to repair new units that the factory went cheap on their braising and the entire refrigerant leaked out! I don’t care for Trane nor will I ever sell one! I do have to service them for some of my customers and just another name to avoid! I am not sure why but I am constantly replacing the belts on the Trane units more than all the other brands I service! They have a lot of plastic and I am sure the sun and weather have to make this crack and break often.

Trane home air conditioner

Commercial and Residential Heating and Air Conditioners

Do you have a brand of air conditioning or furnace that you would like the honest advice of? Please post your comments and questions here and I will give you my honest opinion about the air conditioning system you are thinking of purchasing! Trust me buying a new air conditioning system is like buying a car and really don’t trust the contractor or the company that is selling you one because you will never get the honest truth out of them!

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Ask any air conditioning question

I have dedicated my website to those that want to fix or repair their own air conditioning systems! This will include home or commercial and free to all that want to post questions or comments! I want to help out those that want to do it themselves air conditioning repair or are wanting to know what the current charges or prices are for an air conditioning company or contractor to come out and repair the broken air conditioner or furnace! I have a bunch of blogs on my website to help you maintain your air conditioner and how to service the air conditioning unit yourself that should be done to prevent failures. If you use the search on my website and put in a keyword you are looking for you will find topics on the terms you are searching for. I will check the website often so please leave your questions and comments and I will answer them free of charge!

Do it yourself air conditioning repair

I am a California contractor since 1998 and have been doing air conditioning and refrigeration for 28 years now in Orange county California. I am honest and fair with my pricing offering the lowest prices in Orange County California and I just don’t say this I do back it! I am sure you will hear a lot of companies talk about affordable and discounts but sometimes you just have to beware there is a catch! I can offer the lowest prices on my sales and service because I do not have overhead causing companies to charge huge prices to keep the company of trucks and employees going! In my case I have down sized 1 truck and myself but no job is too large for me I do work with a couple other small contractors to make sure we can do some larger jobs also!

Air Conditioning Refrigeration service and repairs

I do like to hear from people about the air conditioning business and the changes that are going on to make new high-energy efficient units to save the consumer or customers money on electricity! I also love to talk about the new wifi thermostats, economizers and all other topics related to air conditioning! I spent 4 years studying HVAC-R in college at Cypress, Orange Coast, and Golden West so I think my knowledge and background will be enough to answer most of your questions! If you are a current contractor or a technician doing air conditioning or refrigeration I would love to hear from you and your comments and suggestions! I know my website is not grand or great but I have to pay for it out of my own money and just want a place for people to come and talk air conditioning and refrigeration for free.

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Thank you and welcome to my website!

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Commercial air conditioning job Costa Mesa

I was called out to check and advise a commercial Air conditioning job that was done on a commercial building in Costa Mesa California and to my surprise after working in the Air Conditioning industry for 28 years the job was completely done horrible! The Air Conditioning contractor used condensation pumps on the roof top for 3 units and pump up into this copper line mounted on the roof about 4 feet high! I was just surprised that the company did this! The construction was a new roof and new package unit air conditioners and I cannot for the life of me understand if the plans show that you have 3 air conditioners to go in the place why in the world would you not run drains for the 3 units? This happens I guess contractors think it’s the rooftop and no one will ever see it but guess again!

I will now have to climb through the attic and see what my options will be to run the drains or tie into some existing drain so we can remove the eyesore and the condensation pump! Some one really messed up this construction site and job but I guess that is job security for me to make things right! I have always taken pride in my work and always do the best that I can to make things go easy and look nice for my customers! I guess this is why companies call me to help get the job done correctly or find options on how to make things right! I did not take pictures of this mess because it was bad but if you are an owner of commercial buildings or a property management company you might want to take a good look at your roof tops because you might be surprised what you might find or see!

New construction or a remodel of your existing building should be planned well and your architect should work well with your mechanical engineer to provide the best ways to have the job go smooth and easy without a lot of change orders that are going to cost you the owner money! A great superintendent of the job or a project manager is always a plus! This would not have happened if they all worked together on the job and proper communication is a must! Work easy and smoothly save money for both the customer and the contracting company!


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How to wire your thermostat home or office

949-770-9616 Maybe you just purchase a new thermostat for your home or office and looking to install and wire your new thermostat. I will go over the wire colors for your low voltage 24 volt thermostat! Before you remove your old thermostat lets unplug or shut off the power to your furnace or package unit air conditioner so that we do not blow the fuse or burn out the transformer that supplies the 24 volts to your thermostat.. Here are the colors of wires you will be dealing with for your heating and air conditioning thermostat!

Red wire will be your 24 volt positive side

Green wire will be to operate your fan

White wire will be for your heat if using gas natural or propane

Brown wire will be your 24 volt common

Yellow wire will be your cooling wire used for cooling

If you have a heat pump system we use the orange wire for the heat pump solenoid to reverse the refrigerant flow in the condensing unit or package unit!

Making sure you wire the low voltage to the thermostat is important and if you follow these easy directions you can do your own thermostat saving you money and time calling a heating and air conditioning contractor! If you have any questions or comments about my thermostat wiring please feel free to leave a comment or question on my website! I hope this helps and best luck with that new thermostat wiring project!


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HVAC repair when cost matters!

Dc’s Mechanical 949-770-9616 I really like beating all my air conditioning competitors by offering the lowest price on sales and service in all of Orange County CA! I am sure that you might hear this a lot or are shopping for the best deal to fix that broken air conditioner! I don’t just use the word lowest price as a gimmick to get you to call me but I back it up with the lowest prices! I am sure you are wondering how I can beat all prices for sales and service and still stay in business? This is simple by cutting my overhead and no more employees I can go out and make a living and not charge you as much as when I had a large company! I did have a big company but was really not happy dealing with the costs and the workers so I decided why not cut back on the high expenses and offer the customers prices that they will love and want me to do their work without trying to make a ton of money on each job! I took all my fleet vehicles that were averaging 10 miles to a gallon of gas and sold them all! I decided to do all the work myself and trust me the prices that I give my customers they will wait because the money is important to them and in this economy every amount I can save them is important!

Maybe you have fallen on some hard times and you are afraid to have the air conditioner fixed because most companies are out there to make great money on your service call!   I have been in business for 25+ years and licensed contractor in California since 1998! I do not use Yelp or advertisement to get customers so if you are reading this you found it on a google search! I don’t have an expensive website but hope you will get the point things that cost me money will have to be added to the bill so I will keep it simple and cheap to save you the customer money on my service work!

Did you call an air conditioning company out for an estimate or service call? I would love to hear about your experience and the fee’s they charged you on the reply part of my website! You can also find on my website some really great information using the search! I have loaded a lot of topics for those that want to fix your air conditioner to save money or looking for ways to help save cost of electrical usage in your home or office its all here! I have even taken the time to answer questions to help people fix their own air conditioner without calling a service company! Trust me when I say that most air conditioning repairs are simple for me and if you ask the questions here I might be able to help you fix your own air conditioner without the expense of calling an air conditioning company!

dirty condenser air conditioner
Supercharge and make that old air conditioner run like new! Dc’s Mechanical in Laguna Hills 949-770-9616 loves working on older R22 freon air conditioners to the modern 410A air conditioners. I service a lot of 15 plus year old air conditioners that still work great and energy efficient. Don’t get sold a new air conditioner without calling me to look it over I have the lowest prices for air conditioning sales, service, and repairs
dirty evaporator coil air conditioner
Dirty air conditioner evaporator sometimes what you don’t see can be bad. Have a good spring cleaning on your air conditioning system before summer can help efficiency and good healthy air in your home during that air conditioning time. Call 949 770-9616 and have Dc’s Mechanical inspect your air conditioner
evaporator coil cleaning air conditioner
Dc’s Mechanical 949-770-9616 can make your older air conditioner run like new. Have us come out and supercharge that older air conditioner to run like news breath some fresh air this summer with an evaporator coil cleaning


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