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Diagnosing Problems in Walk-in Cooler & Freezer Refrigeration

The walk-in cooler or freezer is an essential part of many cafeterias, restaurants and convenience stores. It is also a large energy user in these facilities but is rarely considered until problems emerge.

Problems include failure to maintain temperature and compressor failure, both of which can result in expensive losses to the products stored in the cooler. These problems, as well as unnecessarily high energy use, can be avoided by observing equipment and taking corrective action.

Condensers Unit not being serviced

The condenser coil of the refrigeration system removes heat from the system. It’s not unusual to find condensers located in enclosed spaces or spaces with inadequate air flow to remove heat from the space. The temperature around the compressor rises resulting in higher head pressure for the compressor, which again increases compressor power.

Condenser coils should also be checked regularly for cleanliness. Dust and debris will act like putting cardboard over your car radiator. This will insulate the heat transfer surface and reduce airflow, which will make the compressor run harder and longer. In extreme cases, compressors may fail.

Evaporator coil not being serviced

Moisture from the air freezes onto the evaporator coils (the cooling coils in the freezer) and forms an insulating barrier to heat transfer. Airflow also decreases as the passages narrow due to ice buildup. Dirt and debris builds up on the back of the evaporator and causes temperature issues.

Walk in Cooler and Freezer repair Orange County, CA
Diagnosing Problems in Walk-in Cooler & Freezer Refrigeration

Walk-in cooler running warm

To prevent your walk-in cooler or freezer from running warm or failing. You will need to maintain them. I recommend every 6 months doing a complete service Clean both evaporator and condenser coils, oil and check all motors, check refrigerant charge and superheat.

Never be stuck with a broken walk-in

I wish I could say that if you follow these steps you will never have a failure but that would not be true. Always seek a local licensed refrigeration contractor to go through your refrigeration units. Don’t be stuck in the middle of the night or weekends with a broken down or warm walk-in cooler or freezer.

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