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R22 Freon prices 2016 $35.00 per pound

Looking for the cheapest prices to recharge your R22 air conditioning system? Dc’s Mechanical 949-770-9616 current prices are $35.00 per pound and no one can beat this price! Most residential air conditioners hold 8 to 9 pounds of refrigerant in the system so don’t be told any different on this! Most systems might be a little low and should always be leak tested prior to toping off or recharging! I have read on line companies charging up to $100.00 per pound or telling the customer that you cannot find R22 Freon refrigerant! This is far from the truth and BEWARE! Yes it is true that prices have climbed and production is stopping because of EPA laws of this ozone-depleting refrigerant! Companies have made drop in replacements for R-22 refrigerant so that when R-22 is gone there will be replacements!

If you have a large quote for R-22 refrigerant feel free to give me a call 949-770-9616 and I will give you my honest opinion about what you should pay or other options! No one will beat my prices! Prices are subject to change but I will let you know before I come to your home or office!

R22 freon $35.00 per pound
Dc’s Mechanical 949-770-9616 Nobody beats my $35.00 per pound prices on R22 freon refrigerant! Have your older R22 air conditioner supercharged by the experts we have the lowest prices when it comes to air conditioning and don’t be sold a new unit because the other air conditioning company told you that you cannot get R22 freon refrigerant. I will have your air conditioner running like new and efficient to save you money on your electrical bill this summer

There are a lot of home and office air conditioning systems that might be just a little low on R-22 Freon but we do have to follow the EPA laws and leak test every  air conditioning system! Don’t get fooled people the prices for R-22 freon have gone up but most air conditioning companies are taking advantage of this and charging huge prices for R-22 Freon! Dc’s mechanical Laguna Hills 92653 has the lowest prices for R-22 freon refrigerant for you home and office and I dare you to compare my prices to your current bid or quote!  See how I can save you money Dc’s Mechanical Inc. 24872 Wells Fargo Drive Laguna Hills, CA 92653 call 949-770-9616

Purchasing a new air conditioner is a huge investment and many people have a limited budget last year alone I saved several customers from having to purchase a new air conditioning system for their home or office. I have the lowest prices on service repairs and R22 freon prices at 2016 my price per pound is $35.00 many companies are charging a lot for R22 and telling customers that its cheaper to replace the whole air conditioning system with the new 410A refrigerant and better efficiency. Yes it is true that a new air conditioner is more efficient than the older R22 systems but at Dc’s we have ways to super charge that older air conditioner to run at peak performance saving you from having to purchase a new system. Some companies might tell you that you can no longer get R22 Freon and this is not true like I said I sell R22 at the lowest prices $35.00 per pound and yes the supply houses and I have it in stock. If you listen to them and read my website who are you going to believe and trust? I run an honest air conditioning company one you can trust because I will give you my honest opinion and work with your budget and not up sell you something you really don’t need. I can make my prices low because I do not have overhead and costs and pass my savings on to my customers. call 949-770-9616 for the lowest air conditioning prices.

You might also want to read this blog I posted about the drop in replacements for R-22 Freon refrigerant for your home and business air conditioner.  I have tested many of these refrigerants and surprisingly they work great. Here is the link

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6 thoughts on “R22 Freon prices 2016 $35.00 per pound”

  1. No one can meet or beat my prices! The R-22 2016 projected price per pound of R-22 Freon for you home or office air conditioner will be $35.00 per pound! I have read other companies charging up to $160.00 per pound so why pay more for the same product? My air conditioning sales and service are the lowest price in Orange County, CA. Call now and see what you can save on sales and service in Orange County! My prices will not be beat!

    1. I took my EPA test back in 1991 but I leak test everything from small 3 ounce 134a Refrigeration to large systems! I never just add refrigerant without testing because if it leaks out its my fault! I will have to return to my customer and do the job twice and for free! This would not be profitable and I would never recommend this practice to anyone! There are so many different ways to leak test air conditioning and refrigeration now a days there really is no excuse for the system to leak out after a company has serviced the air conditioning refrigeration! Trust me if you mess up a refrigeration system in a restaurant and they have to throw away their food they will be pissed! Take your time check for all leaks large and small systems! Here is a link

  2. Hi,
    My air conditioner was broken and called an air conditioning company to came out and was told I had a small refrigerant leak. The technician added some kind of liquid seal and recharged the system told me that it was all good and now 2 weeks later I have a broken air conditioner again and no refrigerant in the system can you please help me what I should do and I really don’t want to call back that company because of this. I feel I am out $375.00

    1. Hi Tammy,
      I do hear this a lot and the next thing they will come back and try to sell you a new air conditioning system. I like to find and repair my leaks because I don’t want my customers to pay for nothing. I am sorry you had a bad experience with that air conditioning company and hope they will make it right! In my years of experience there is no liquid fix leak that works and I pressure test the air conditioning system with Nitrogen and braise the leaks to make sure I get a good seal. I gain add Nitrogen to the system to check my repair and also for any other leaks. R22 is not cheap so the technicians should take proper procedures to make sure all leaks are repaired and that the air conditioner is free from refrigerant leaks. Taking your time and doing this right the first time saves companies money and also the customers . Keep me posted on how this turns out for you and I do hope you the best.

  3. About R22 Freon

    On a blistering hot day, you stagger wearily up the sidewalk, open the door to your home, and quickly close it behind you in a vain attempt to keep the heat outside. The wall of cool, refreshing air that greets you is a result of your R-22 Freon air conditioning unit. A malfunctioning air conditioner is a nightmare in the summer heat, and you rely on experienced technicians to make sure the coolant level in your home unit is always sufficient. Many medium and low temperature commercial refrigeration units also use the canned refrigerant for cooling. R-22 Freon is increasing in cost due to a planned phase-out, but the large inventory on eBay still includes some economical options if you want to make sure you always have Freon on hand for emergencies. Beat the heat without breaking the bank and put a little more life into your air conditioning unit with a fresh can of R-22 Freon.

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