Installed my own solar system

Installed my own solar system I wanted to go with a solar system for my home and had 3 bids for the sales and installation of solar panels and system for my home and I was surprised to see the prices ranging from $27,000.00 to $32,000.00 and just decided to do the job myself and hired a couple roofers for help installing the roof racking!

Installed my own solar system

First I shopped for the complete solar system and found a place that sells to the public and contractors and I want to share the link of this company because they are awesome helping me layout my roof to get the most solar panels on the area needed! The company is CED greentech

This company makes it easy to install your own solar system without being hard sales by most solar companies! I decided to go with the LG brand and installed 14 305 watt panels on my garage which has a good south facing sun! Ok the whole solar system cost me $9100.00 that is everything

I needed for racking, inverters, and panels! What a deal and it only took 12 hours from start to finish to do this job! This was the first time I ever installed a solar system and was told by CED that some of the guys that do this every day can do a system like mine in 4 – 6 hours!

Mine may have taken a little longer but I wanted to make sure it was perfect and looks great on my roof! Purchasing a solar panel and system is like buying a car you really want to read up on the quality of the inverters and the panels! I chose the LG brand panels because LG is huge in the electronics field and I know that the LG brand is quality!

I was impressed when I powered up the solar system to see the electrical meter spin backwards and seeing the power feeding back on the grid and the savings. I did not buy a system to handle my summer load because I am with San Diego gas and electric and they do not purchase back power but credit you!

If you are considering going solar you must look into CED greetech prices! Trust me all solar companies do not want you to see the prices for these solar systems and you will save money for sure! Can you do your own solar system? Yes there are some really great you tube video’s people have made to show you how easy it is! I know because I did my own solar for my house!

CED greentech is awesome the answer your questions and work with you to get you the right system and the easiest way to install your own solar system! I was surprised how quick and easy the install went and wanted to share this to you and all those that are interested in going solar or are shopping for the best solar prices!


If you have any questions or comments on finding the best solar system or maybe you have questions about installing please feel free to leave a reply!

Installed my own solar system
Installed my own solar system


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Frigidaire Gallery microwave repair

I own a Frigidaire Galley Microwave model # FGMV174KFA and the other day the microwave would not work after the house cleaner did her work! The microwave door did not latch and the start button would not turn the unit on! The door felt loose and would not latch so I was thinking oh no time for a new microwave! This microwave has 2 plastic latches on it and looked fine but each time I closed the door the unit would not start! I found a fix for this and thought I would share it for those that want to fix their microwave! I took the spring out of a ball point pen cut the spring in half and installed the spring into the top latch and pushed this in by hand! To my amazement this made the microwave work again causing the latch to hit the micro switch that shows that the door is closed. The microwave must of had a factory spring in the latching system somewhere and either broke or got lost? If you want to fix your home appliances I would like to hear how and what you did to make the repairs and save money!

Electrolux home product repairs fast and free! I will keep giving free advice on the next project I work on as long as people like to read on how to fix it your self. Please leave comments and questions! I want everyone who has projects that have advice or help to post them here

frigidaire microwave repair

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