Electrical saving tips

Do you want to save money on your electrical bill this year? Most people will say yes to this topic and pay way too much on their electrical bill! Money saving is always great because people can always use more money! My website goes over many different ways for people to save money on their electrical bill! I had to long talk with a friend of mine because he was considering going solar and yes solar is a perfect resource for making power and saving money but there are many things we need to consider before we jump into that solar lease or purchase as I have wrote about solar on my website! I told my friend before he goes solar we need to really look into what is costing him the money on his power bill and what we can do to help before jumping into solar! I asked him about his lighting and he told me he is using the cheap older style lighting for his home and also his wife does not shut off the lights when she leaves for work! I suggested that he invest in LED lighting and he said wow those are expensive to purchase! This is true LED lighting upfront cost is high but will last longer and save you money on your power bill! This is a fast return on your money and will save you on your power bill! I also suggested that he install the motion detection light switches so that the lights will turn off when they sense no movement and this is huge!


He decided to give my advice a try and we will check back with him to see what his electrical bill looks like next month! My website is dedicated to people who want to save money on their electrical bill! Putting that hard earned money back in your pocket is my goal so please read and comment on my website! Together we can save you money in your home or office! Use the search on my site for money saving ways for all your home or office needs!  If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave a reply I will be more than happy to help you out!

Buying your solar system is the way to go! Although many companies try to get you to lease the solar program taking advantage of your federal tax credit and also selling you back the power the panels produce! I have to say that if you want to go green and interested in the solar programs please make sure you read my blogs and also check out what others on the internet have to say about lease vs purchase! Many people can purchase a whole home solar system from CED green tech! This company carries a huge selection of solar system for your home or commercial building!

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Air conditioner run costs $$$

Air conditioning money saving tips

Dc’s Mechanical HVAC 949-770-9616 free help to get the most out of your air conditioner. The most common reason why people do not use their air conditioner is the cost! This is true to run that air conditioner will cost you money in your electrical bill but my website will show you how to save money and feel comfortable during those hot summer days! I have went into details on how to service, and fix your air conditioner to make sure it is running great and also some repair tips how to fix a broken air conditioner without calling a service company!


We have to understand what air conditioning does to make sure our home or office can stay at a comfortable temperature during the hot days! Ok let’s start with the basic! Air conditioning is removing heat from a confined space or area! The air goes in the intake or return at the current room temperature for an example if the temperature in your home is 78 degrees F and goes into your intake or return the supply air should come out at 58 degrees F this is how we calculate the split 78 in – 58 out = 20 so we have a 20 degree F split!


Big things we need to consider in air conditioning are the heat loads! Things that make it warm in our home or office such as cable TV boxes, dishwashers, doors, windows, attic space, and walls. Here is a simple test to see what is causing heat to our home or office! Use your hand touch your exterior walls, and windows and if they feel warm that is causing your air conditioner to work harder and costing you money! Make sure you have great insulated duct work in your attic or under your home old duct work can cause leaks so you might be spending your hard earned money conditioning your attic or under your home! The new flex duct on the market is awesome and is insulated to keep that cool air in your home or office just something you might want to look at or replace! Lighting in your home or office is really important! Lets take out those old cheap light bulbs and replace them with LED lighting! This will save you a lot of money both in electrical use and heat! I know that the LED lighting is not cheap to purchase but this will payoff really fast and keep your heat load down in your home and office!


Try to keep direct sunlight out of your home during the summer draw those blinds or window shutters down whenever possible! Lets make your home or office comfortable temperature wise without costing you a lot of money and saving electricity or lowering your power usage bill! I have a bunch of great information on my website to help you save money during the summer heat so feel free to look it all over! Free tips and advice to repair and save money on air conditioning!

I hope this helps and please look through my website and use the search to find great topics on air conditioning and how to save money this summer! Please feel free to ask questions and comments I am here to help!

dirty condenser air conditioner dirty evaporator coil air conditioner evaporator coil cleaning air conditioner

Keep your air conditioning equipment clean for performance and clean health air! Super charge your air conditioner with my free help website or give Dc’s Mechanical a call at 949-770-9616 for $85.00 air conditioner tune up!

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Dc’s Mechanical Inc. Laguna Hills CA

Dc’s Mechanical Inc. is located in Laguna Hills, California we specialize in air conditioning and refrigeration in Orange County California with the lowest service and sales prices for residential and commercial sales and service. We service both small and large corporations who are looking to save money and be provided with the best workmanship in both sales and service. If you are looking for the lowest prices I am sure I would be the person to call because of my low overhead my prices will be great! I have been doing air conditioning and refrigeration for over 25 years. I have dedicated my life to my work because I do enjoy what I do for a living.

I have seen the good and bad in my years of work being on top of roofs for the commercial side and also in the residential also! I guess the biggest thing that bothers me is the prices that some companies are charging for their service. I have dedicated my website to educate people about air conditioning, refrigeration, and ice machines to try to help out others that cannot afford to call out a service company for the repairs or that person that likes to fix it themselves! I know that not all fixes can be made without making a service call or calling in a contractor so I will put my phone number here for those that want to make an appointment!

Dc’s Mechanical 949-770-9616 this is a cell number registered to do not call so please do not call unless you want to make an appointment! I am sure that you will be surprised how I can fix your equipment at a lower cost than my competitors. If you have a repair quote or bid from an air conditioning company let me know because I am the lowest price contractor in Orange County California!

Serving these awesome areas with the lowest prices in Orange County!

Laguna Hills, Mission Viejo, Aliso Viejo, Lake Forest, Laguna Niguel, San Juan Capistrano, Laguna Woods, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Rancho Santa Margarita, Irvine, Dove canyon, Coto De Caza, And more!!!

Tired of looking for an air conditioning & Refrigeration company that you can call without being told to buy a new system? Or maybe you just don’t know who to call or trust to fix that broken air conditioner for a fair price! We service all brands of air conditioners!

Rheem air conditioning Trane home air conditioner Carrier condenser central air conditioner York air conditioning Lennox air conditioning

Call today to make an appointment 949-770-9616 cell phone for appointments only! Please no sales calls!

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Dc’s Mechanical is Licensed, Bonded and Insured in Laguna Hills for heating air conditioning and refrigeration service, sales, and repairs. Please check out our Laguna Hills service and repairs.  Laguna Hills, CA – California 92637  * 92653  * 92654  * 92656

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Orange County Restaurants

Everyone loves to go out to eat and have a good time including myself! I have been in the refrigeration business for over 25 years and have seen the good and bad! Did you know that you can look up your favorite restaurant and bar to see how they might be doing in their kitchen or places you do not see? http://ochealthinfo.com shows you how they rank as far as being clean and the temperatures violations. I know that the food and drinks might taste great and you might give them a great Yelp reviews also but have you really looked behind the screens to see if the restaurant or bar is safe for you and your family? You might be surprised how many of your favorite places might have major violations and could put you and your family in the hospital for food poisoning!

I really like to read the health reports before I go to the restaurants and bars just to see what going on! The health reports are free to read for those that want to and are a great resource for families that like to dine out! I am sure that the health reports are available for all counties and should be looked at! A restaurant or bar might have a great Yelp review and you might want to go because of all the stars but you really need to check out the health report also!

Have fun go out to dinner with your family and friend in confidence that the food and drink are safe for human consumption and won’t send you to the emergency room for food poisoning. Trust me I have been working in the kitchen and places where most customers do not go and I have seen the good, bad, and ugly in the food industry!

Here is a link to some of Orange County California closures from the Orange County health department



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Air conditioning repair costs

I am the lowest price air conditioning repair company in Orange County and always curious how much people pay to have their air conditioner fixed by companies! This is a great topic and you will see that prices will be all over the board here! Air conditioning companies can charge whatever they want and are not governed by any company or by price gouging! I have been told some really bad stories about companies that have their employees on sales commission! These companies will not admit to doing this but also want their employees to make the company the most money they can during a service call! I know if it was costing me more money in wages and fuel to send out a worker it would not be worth being in business! Lets talk about repair estimates most companies have prices from hight to low! How do you know what the going rate or cost for repairs should be? I dedicated my website to help people that have air conditioning and refrigerations problem and how to fix them! I will also include on my site prices what you should be paying for a repair! If you have a current quote from an air conditioning company feel free to list it on my website and we will make sure you are getting a good deal and that price you will be paying for that repair will be fair and honest!

My company and website is for people who want to save money! I will look at your current repair estimate and tell you the going rate for the repair! 99% of the time I can beat the current estimate you received for service or new sales! Before you say yes to that current repair estimate or new install come read my pages and also post questions or comments! I am confident I can save you money!

Dc’s Mechanical 949-770-9616 Serving these awesome areas with the lowest prices air conditioning in Orange County! Laguna Hills, Mission Viejo, Aliso Viejo, Lake Forest, Laguna Niguel, San Juan Capistrano, Laguna Woods, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Rancho Santa Margarita, Irvine, Dove canyon, Coto De Caza, And more!!!

Tired of looking for an air conditioning & Refrigeration company that you can call without being told to buy a new system? Or maybe you just don’t know who to call or trust to fix that broken air conditioner for a fair price!

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San Diego Gas and Electric

I am a customer of San Diego gas and electric and I was reading on their website about the cuts in the care program for low income and elderly! It’s a sad world when big companies will cut this program for people in need! I am sure that the San Diego gas and electric is not hurting profit wise and just another way for big corporations to profit! I guess my big question to the company is why they do not invest in home solar? We see big companies like solar city and all the other ones advertising free solar! Free is a term used loosely today because nothing is free! Well, these companies are just selling you power that the panels make from sunlight! You will notice that these large solar companies are making major profits from their lease programs! I am not sure why San Diego gas and electric or Edison do not jump on this program and supply solar panels to their customers! Most of the big utility companies either buy their power from dams, solar, wind, or produce it from their fossil burning power plants!


I think this would be a great way these power companies could generate profits! Keep the world cleaner with solar power and the people could see lower rates on their power bills! I am not sure about you but I do like to save money and keep this world clean without the use of fossil fuels!   Everyone deserves electricity and we all need it right? Why raise the electrical rates and cut the care program so that people have to suffer by not running their air conditioners and appliances!

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Is your Ice machine broken 949-770-9616

Dc’s Mechanical 949-770-9616 Orange County, California If your Ice machine is broken or not producing good thick ice cubes my website can help you! I have posted on my website many ways to fix and maintain your commercial ice machine to prevent long harvest cycles and small cubes! Each and every ice machine has a different style to make ice! Restaurants and bars use a lot of ice each and everyday and rely on their ice machines to do the best it can to make sure the bin is full of ice during those busy days! I have blogged about simple easy ways to make sure that your ice machine is producing great quality clear ice so your customers will love you business and keep coming back! You are welcome to post comments and questions on my website and I will help you fix that ice machine and save you money! Please use the search on my website to find keyword search to repair air conditioners, refrigeration and ice machines. Feel free to call Dc’s Mechanical 949-770-9616 if you would like us to come out and repair your ice machine we work on all brands Hoshizaki, Manitowoc, Scotsman, Ice O Matic. Located in South Orange County, California and serving Laguna Hills, Lake Forest, Irvine, Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel, Dana Point, Aliso Viejo and more. Don’t wait until your busy day to find out your ice machine is broken and you have no ice for your customers.

Don’t have a broken ice machine and you will never have to buy ice again if you follow my cleaning and maintaining program on my website!

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Ice Machine Repairs andService all great cities in South Orange County, California Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Irvine, Lake Forest, Dana Point and more.

Leisure world Laguna Woods call today

I received the cutest call today from an elderly woman in leisure world or known as Laguna Woods! This is our senior citizens home and community. She was trying to find a specific air conditioning company. I just love our seniors and talking with them and was more than happy to find the air conditioning company she was looking for by using Google and looking up the company phone number! She was using the yellow pages and yes remembers those days? I got her the number and tried to help her over the phone also to fix her air conditioner. This lady was impressed by me helping her find that name and phone number of the company so she could call and thanked me for going the extra mile to help. I don’t really think of other air conditioning contractors or companies as competition but more like collages that share the same love for air conditioning and refrigeration! I know that she is not going to read this and probably never uses the computer but I thought this was a cute thing to share and both parties feel good! I do hope the company was able to get the service completed today for her! I have to say it made my day chatting and helping her out! Making someone happy is priceless!

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Property Management Orange County Air conditioning

Many property management companies in Orange County California turn to Dc’s Mechanical Inc. 949-770-9616 for their air conditioning service because of trust and commitment our company provides for the tenants! Its nice when you lease a space or a building from the property owner or property management company and the already have a air conditioning company in place to do the service on the buildings or space! I have found in the 25 years of working commercial air conditioning some good and some bad! Most of the air conditioners are roof top package units and the customer, owner or property manager never inspects or checks the work being done that is on your contract. I have to say that because of this some or all the service may not be completed or poorly done! If you are reading this maybe its time to see what or if you are getting your moneys worth from your current air conditioning service company! Things to look at when you go up on the roof to check out your air conditioner! First thing I look at is the roof because if you see parts or screws that are from your air conditioner someone is cutting corners! I feel if an air conditioning technician is lazy and leaves broken parts or screws on the ground that shows they were in a hurry to get your job completed fast and carelessly. The screws that are lying on the room make holes in the roofing causing water leaks during the rainy season! The next thing I do is look at the condition of the air conditioner the condenser coils should be clean and free from debris. The condenser coil is really important to keep you air conditioner working great and not doing damage to the compressor! Check the air filters to see if they are clean and being changed every three months!

Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning Service and Repairs

If you feel this is not something you want to look at by yourself or want a professional to walk the air conditioning system with you feel free to give me a call 949-770-9616 and I will be more than happy to look at your air conditioning system and give you my honest opinion about how good or bad your current company is doing! You might be surprised to hear what I have to say and to be honest with you! I know you are paying for a quarterly air conditioning maintenance program but are you really getting what you are paying for? Or is your current company just taking your money? I suggest you always have a second opinion when it comes to your equipment.

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Air conditioning Refrigeration repair affordable

949-770-9616 Dc’s Mechanical Inc. located in Laguna Hills, California 92653 is working to help make the customers happy with high quality, honest and affordable services! I can do this because I really have no overhead by removing my building and fleet trucks I have saved money and can offer the lowest prices for sales and services in air conditioning and refrigeration! Sure I get a lot of calls and sometimes maybe booked out for a few days but my customers are saving hundreds of dollars! I don’t have a fancy website showing a huge building, huge fleet of service trucks, or a bunch of employees that is all overhead and costs the customer money! At one time I was a huge company with all the overhead I listed above and trust me I was not happy!

I love my customers and I am sure they love me also because they do refer me and keep calling me back for questions and service! I have seen the good and the bad in my over 25 years of service and some companies that are doing air conditioning and refrigeration are really setting their prices high or doing a job that is not so great! Did you get a repair quote that seems high or maybe you just want to know how Dc’s can beat their price and save you money.

For years I have been known to be the company to call when others fail or cannot find out the reason why the equipment is not working! I have traveled the whole state of California, Arizona, Nevada helping big companies with air conditioning and refrigeration problems and how to make the equipment work the most efficient and best way! I really like to share my knowledge and experience with others and also listen to what service technicians have to say we do share the same passion for refrigeration and air conditioning!

From home to commercial air conditioning I offer the lowest rates and can do this because of how I structured my company!

Give me a call if you might be interested in saving money 949-770-9616

dirty condenser air conditioner dirty evaporator coil air conditioner evaporator coil cleaning air conditioner

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