Free tips air conditioner repair

Free tips air conditioner repair
Free tips air conditioner repair

Free tips air conditioner repair For service call Dc’s Mechanical 949-770-9616 Many of you have air conditioning in your home or office and my website is dedicated to people who want to save money and do their own repairs! I am a air conditioning contractor in Laguna Hills California for over 25 years helping people out is one of the great gifts that I love to do!

Free tips air conditioner repair

My website has changed in the last few months to help out people in need or just want to save some money by doing their repairs and service themselves! Before you call that contractor to do your service or repairs come by and read how to do it yourself free help on my website! I am also here to help answer your questions and comments!

Do It Yourself Free HVAC Help Repairs And Service

My website is free to all to use and together we might be able to help each other out with air condition, energy saving tips and ways that can save us some money! Who can’t use a little more money? I will keep blogging about what ever is on my mind about my HVAC & R industry to help the general public save money and make this earth a little greener! I can do this for a while because I have a great knowledge of the air conditioning field! I will need some help from you also by posting your questions and comments about any topics on the website or if you have others please post them and we can go over it!

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Tired of looking for an air conditioning & Refrigeration company that you can call without being told to buy a new system? Or maybe you just don’t know who to call or trust to fix that broken air conditioner for a fair price! Call Dc’s Mechanical at 949-770-9616 for the lowest prices for all HVAC needs! My prices cannot be beat!

Thank you and I hope my website helps you to save money!

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Fast tips to save money air conditioning

For HVAC service in Orange County, California call Dc’s Mechanical 949-770-9616. Summer is just around the corner and most are dreading having to turn on the air conditioner because of the high bill or it’s just not in your budget to shell out that hard-earned money! Lets go through some ways to help make sure you get comfortable and also keep the savings in your pocket! I have noticed a lot of people going solar or are thinking about the option of solar as a means to save money with either a lease or purchase! I have talked about both topics on my website so please use the search and read this before you go solar! Going solar is a long-term commitment and you will not see the returns that you will invest in for up to 10 years

Tips to save you money on electrical usage air conditioner

We have to know what air condoning does in order to help save money! I am going to tell you in a short term that air conditioning is removing heat from a confined space or area! Air conditioning is not blowing cold air but removing the heat energy from the air that is brought into the system! Here are some fast quick, easy ways to help save you money before you go solar or even consider it! We need to make your home or office more efficient like when you go to buy an appliance you can see the energy rating system on the yellow tag from least to most! We are going to do this with your home or office by making the confined space most energy efficient!

Electrical saving tips home office

Lets start with your lighting in your home! Do you still use the old style bulbs the cheap ones? This produces a lot of heat and uses a lot of electricity to run these bulbs! When these light bulbs are on I am sure you know not to touch them because they will be really hot and burn your hand right! The heat from these light bulbs heats your home or office up so that your air conditioner has to remove the heat! I call this the double whammy! You are using way to much electricity! Here is a great way to save money fast on electricity! Lets remove the old style bulbs and go with the LED lighting! You will be impressed how much more lighting there is and it can run all day and still be touched with your hand! These new light bulbs are more money but trust me this is a fast way to save electricity, heat, and your hard earned money!

Tip how to test your wall insulation

During the hot or cold days use the tool that is the best on the market and free to all! This is your hand! Yes by going around your whole home or office and feel for temperature changes by wall, doors, ceilings, windows and more you will be able to feel the change of temperature and this is causing energy loss or your money! Lets make sure weather seals are in place! If you need insulation in walls or attics lets take a good look at that also because you can never have enough in my book! The utility companies offer rebates for replacing or adding lighting and insulation so please check their websites or call them directly to help you save money!

Save Big Money On Your Air Conditioning Electric Bill

With my free tips and advice you can save a lot of money on your electric bill this summer. Or maybe you just don’t run your air conditioner because of the costs. My website offers a lot of do it yourself free tips on heating and air conditioning. Save money by doing these small steps and you will see great money savings.

Please use my website as I talk more about how to save money! Questions and comments are always welcome!

Tired of looking for an air conditioning & Refrigeration company that you can call without being told to buy a new system? Or maybe you just don’t know who to call or trust to fix that broken air conditioner for a fair price!

HVAC Service Area

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How to fix your furnace FAU furnance

Dc’s mechanical HVAC 949-770-9616 I am not going to go into great detail here about fixing your home furnace or FAU because of the hazards behind it! Always unplug the furnace or FAU before you start your service! I will tell you that it is important to replace your filter and oil the blower motor by removing the 2 screws that lock the blower assembly in! The older style FAU has oil ports on them! These can be found on the top of the motor bot the front and backside! We use a oiler with a long tube to reach in there without having to take the blower assembly apart!

Furnace Service And Repairs Orange County, CA

It is also important to blow out the burners and parts keeping them dust and spider webs from causing poor ignition or the unit not to work! I strongly suggest you call your current gas provider to check out your furnace each year! Most of the times this is free to their customers and they usually will make some adjustments and make sure your furnace is burning correctly and carbon monoxide free! Servicing your Furnace yourself can be dangerous the wrong thing can cost you and your family their lives so please if you cannot afford a contractor to check the furnace out before it gets cold call your local gas company and have them look and test it!

Carbon Monoxide testing furnace

Carbon Monoxide is the odorless killer and should never be taken for granted! If you have a furnace FAU that is 10 years old or older please have this tested so that you don’t have a cracked heat exchanger or carbon dioxide leaking in your home! Keep yourself and your family safe during the heating time and have your furnace checked regularly. This should always be done by a professional either a licensed contractor or your current gas provider.

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Commercial Air Conditioning Service Contracts

Orange County commercial HVAC service repairs

For the lowest price Commercial air conditioning call Dc’s Mechanical HVAC 949-770-9616 Most owners or property managers require you as the tenant or the renter to provide your own service company to do the Air conditioning preventive maintenance! I work with several large shopping centers for the owner and property managers doing the Air conditioning for mostly the big corporate companies that prefer the property manager to send out their recommended company! This is a good thing in my book because you have the right to choose whom you want and get a fair price instead of being forced to use what company they say! I never push my company on any of the stores and shops in the shopping centers because no one likes a pushy salesman or bothering people while they work!

Commercial HVAC service contract Orange County, CA

I am going to tell you that some companies are paying for a service and not getting this! In my book doing this is stealing! I have been called out to several stores large and small because the duct detector was triggering a fire and setting off the alarm! Because I work with the property manager and they control the fire alarms and the safety of their buildings. I am called in to see why these alarms are going off!

HVAC service contract work Orange County, CA

Here is a list of causes that I have found! Dirty filters yes these companies have a preventive maintenance contract for their roof top air conditioners but no one ever checks their work! I have worked on units that had filters dated back to 2 years ago. The customer paid the air conditioning company to replace them every 3 months. Air conditioning service is more than just changing the filters! Dc’s has a huge checklist when it comes to the preventive maintenance program! Trust me if we miss something during our check we get to come back for free to repair it! Keeping you comfortable and saving electricity is our job!

Rooftop Commercial HVAC System

My advice to business owners large or small is to go up on the roof and take a look at your air conditioner just because its on the roof it should never be neglected especially if you are paying a company to service it! Not sure what to look for? Maybe hire a contractor to look at it with you and get their honest opinion and estimate to do the service! With over 25 years of being on rooftops I have seen the good and the really bad! Take the guess out of what kind of job your current air conditioning company is doing! Stop wasting time and money on a company not doing their job with a second opinion!

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Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Orange County, CA

Dc’s Mechanical Inc. 949-770-9616 serving South Orange County California HVAC since 1994. Still family owned and operated! Providing heating, air conditioning and refrigeration sales and service. Our company major goal is to provide the best advice and service to our customers! We don’t cut corners to make a profit or up sale you on a new system if you do not need one!

Find The Right HVAC Company

Are you searching the Internet and trying to find a trust worthy company Air conditioning, and refrigeration for your home or business? Most people use Yelp and look for the stars and reviews, which are sometimes great right? Beware that some of the hidden comments will not show up and will be classed reviews not currently recommended! This means the company is trying to hide those bad reviews and pays companies to have them removed! So beware! I just do not understand companies that will make a Yelp page and not give awesome service right? You don’t have to have a Yelp page Dc’s Mechanical Inc. offers great HVAC service and repairs at an affordable price

We pride ourselves not by stars but what we call our customer referral program! This means we do a great job at an awesome price and our customers tell family and friends!

We are one of the most knowledgeable and honest HVAC companies!

We know that you work hard for your money like us so every nickel and dime that we save adds to dollars! This website is dedicated to those that want the honest truth or just want to fix their air conditioning and refrigeration themselves! I have made this site myself so sorry it is not fancy like others but it is free to use as a reference or you can post questions, comments, and more! I will be more than happy to share my knowledge for free to help you out!

There might just be a time you cannot fix your air conditioning or refrigeration and need a service company to come help out! Well, That is where Dc’s Mechanical can help out right? You know that we tried to do everything we could by the free online questions and you might feel this company is really nice to try to help us consumers, customers out!

Senior And Low Income HVAC Repair Discounts

I have donated many service calls, parts, and equipment to seniors and low incomes because we are all people and when you fall on hard time I want you to know Dc’s Mechanical HVAC is not all about the money but the thanks and the smiling faces!

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Before you go solar power you might want to read

Solar power is nice and we think of it as the green thing to do to save money on our electrical bill and this is one of the biggest reason’s we are considering solar power for a new addition to your home or business.

Lets go over some of the options for leasing or buying solar!

These solar companies are really making a ton of money by taking advantage of the consumers by either a lease or purchase of solar power! I am sure you have got a quote or are thinking about getting one! I am going to give you some advice and questions that your solar provider should be asked!

Leasing solar? ok they say you have no out of pocket costs and they will just install the system for free and it will be cheaper than your current electrical provider charges! Well, this is true but not all the facts have been put on the table! The leasing company will be asking you to sign a 20 – 25 year contract! This means if you go to sell your home within the lease timeline you will have to have the new or the people that want to buy your home agree to the lease! There might be costs for transfers, new contract with new prices and could make the home sale not as great as expected! We have to look at the fine print the costs you will be paying each month and the increases! Most of our gas and electric companies are regulated by the utilities trade commission and cannot raise the prices without government approval! Solar companies are telling you that you will be seeing price increases in the utilities to hard sale you the importance of solar! This is not true! Most power companies will tell you on the phone what the increase will be and those numbers will not be the same so who is not telling the truth?

Solar Lease Selling Back Power To The Customer

With the lease your solar company now that is not a part of the federal trade commission has the authority to change your rate without anyone’s authority but their own! With the lease the solar company will be taking your 20% federal tax credit and trust me if you don’t want that I will take it!

Please read the small print if this is the option you are considering! Ask if their electrical rate is locked in for the term of the lease! Ask if your usage goes over the lease plan what the penalties and fee’s are? Ask about the transfer if you were to sell or the buy out!

Buying Your Solar System vs Leasing

Buying you solar system? I like this a lot and I am currently working on installing my own system soon! I am a mechanical contractor but there are some easy ways I can help you save money! I didn’t want to have my guys do my solar system because we are busy with air conditioning jobs! I asked 3 companies that sell solar in Orange County California to come out and give me bids! These companies quoted me prices from $28,000.00 to $32,000.00 I was surprised at these numbers and it would take years to pay off or get a return from these numbers! I did my research on the internet taking to companies like and found a system exactly what these companies had gave me a bid on! Here is what I have found the solar system has a 20 year warranty and the cost was $8750.00 tax shipping and all that good stuff! Ok so far so good right? If I purchase the system I still have a good $20,000.00 to spend or so far $20,000.00 of savings but I still need to have the unit and panels installed! I called a local roofing contractor and he told me no problem I can mount the brackets and install the panels for you my guys will take 2 days and the cost will be around $1250.00! Now I need to run my electric and also hook the system up to my electrical panel! I have the electrician come look and he said 1 day $875.00 ok I need to buy a city permit owner builder $250.00 do these numbers and what I am saying look good or better yet look great?

Here Is how I Did My Solar System And Saved Money

Here are my quotes and you tell me what looks good for you

Solar company  bids $28,000.00 – $32,000.00

Did the system myself $11,125.00

Both quotes are entitled to federal tax credit so doing the system myself will be money in my pocket! Why are these solar companies huge and billion dollar companies? Well you can see by the numbers that they will hard sell you their systems and leasing will even cost you more in the long run!

Always remember that going solar will take years before you get back your initial investment! There are many other fast and cost effective ways to save on your electric bill! These things are LED lighting, More or proper home insulation, door and window seals. I have great topics and blogs on how to save money on electrical on this website

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What is a heat pump air conditioner

Heat pump repair Dc’s Mechanical HVAC 949-770-9616 Living in southern California and mostly in the commercial side of air conditioning we see a lot of heat pumps being used! This is because we have a mild winter and temperatures do not get below 40 degrees to often! Here is a description of what a heat pump air conditioner is   A heat pump is a device that provides heat energy from a source of heat to a destination called a “heat sink”. Heat pumps are designed to move thermal energy opposite to the direction of spontaneous heat flow by absorbing heat from a cold space and releasing it to a warmer one.

How Does A Heat Pump Air Conditioner Work

Ok in simple terms it just reverses the refrigerant flow so the warm or hot gas from the compression enters the home and absorbs the cold air in you home or office! Where do we use these heat pumps? Places that we do not have access to natural gas or propane. Places that outside temperatures will not get below 40 degrees! A heat pump is 10 times more efficient than electric heat strip heating!

Nothing will compare to propane or natural gas currently because these FAU units now up to 96% efficient

Here is an example of what I saw! My mother lives in Minnesota and was sold a whole new system! I went back to visit and here is what I saw and what a scam or lack of knowledge on the contractors part. First he installed a high energy efficient FAU or furnace 95% which is awesome because why not get the most out of your gas while burning right? The only problem is that the contractor installed a heat pump air conditioning condensing unit! Ok this is crazy gas is way cheaper and Minnesota get way below 40 degrees during the winter months! My mother does not have solar so she is paying full price for her electric bill! Now you have a great 95% efficient furnace not being used? I will tell you even the basic 80% furnace FAU is more efficient than a heat pump!

Heat Pump Air Conditioner Repair Orange County, California

Should you have a question or comment on heat pumps please feel free to comment! If you were the contractor that did my mothers house use that extra money you charged her and please educate yourself about your trade!

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Does your air conditioner run all day?

Call Dc’s Mechanical HVAC 949-770-9616 for a supercharge air conditioner From new to old the most common problem with people not wanting to run their air conditioner is because of the high electrical bill the air conditioning costs. I think this is the main reason why people will not turn on or run the air conditioning during the hot summer days! My website gives you do it yourself ways to help save money and make sure that your air conditioner is not taking all your hard earned money this summer!

Tune Up Your Air Conditioner To Run Like New 949-770-9616

There are so many ways we can help save money this summer by doing our own service or making our home or office comfortable without costing you a mint! I am a 25 year air conditioning contractor in Southern California making my home as green as possible without costing me a lot of green (money). My website is free to all to use and ask questions on how air conditioning works! How to make my home feel great without costing me a ton of money! What different brands are on the market and what are good and not so good!

Air Conditioner Tune Up Orange County, California 949-770-9616

New construction! Although you may have a older home at one time this home was new and trust me when it comes to building a new home most companies or developers cut a lot of corners! I never wanted my company to get involved with new home construction because of the cutthroat bidding of the jobs! Yes its true you might be selling and installing 200 plus units but you will have to do this cheap and use the cheapest units on the market today! Buying an air conditioner is like buying a car some are awesome and some are just junk!

Quotes On New Air Conditioning System

Most people when buying or getting a quote for a new air conditioning system look at the bottom line the total cost! This is ok because we all want to find a good deal but remember that quality will be overlooked when you go cheap both the equipment and the install of your new air conditioner!

My website tells you how to get your air conditioner ready for summer! How to repair your system! And the biggest part how to make sure your air conditioner or home is ready for summer to save you money! Please feel free to post questions and comments to my pages for more help!

dirty condenser air conditioner dirty evaporator coil air conditioner evaporator coil cleaning air conditioner

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Is over sizing your air conditioner better?

Dc’s Mechanical HVAC 949-770-9616 Ok I have read many different posts on over sizing your air conditioner is bad! I want to ask why do you feel this way? I took out my 3 ton air conditioners system in Laguna Hills California and replaced it with a 5 ton 16 seer high energy efficient air conditioning system!

Here are some of my results and down falls!

My electric bill went from $500.00 plus a moth down to $200.00 because the air conditioner unit does not have to run all day to cool down my home now! Yes run time is the key factor for high electrical costs! I do understand that living in southern California has less humidity than most states and we do want the air conditioner to remove the latent heat or humidity in the home or business!

Sizing Your HVAC System For Home Or Business

Ok we know or I am going to tell you that for each ton of refrigeration we need 400 cfm of airflow across the coil. Before having the 3 ton air conditioner I was only pushing 1200 cfm across the coil removing both the sensible and latent heat of the air to condition my home this result was with a 20 degree differential inside air against supply air coming out of the register.

Now that I over sized my unit to a 5 ton air conditioner the amount of air across the coil is now 2000 cfm more air to be conditioned both latent and sensible! With still a 20 degree differential the unit does not have to run long and thus saving money because the air conditioner is not running as long and all day!

HVAC Removing Heat From Your Home And Business

Here was the down falls that needed to be corrected! I was getting to much airflow through the supply registers! This is a easy fix if this happens to you just re duct with larger ducting to keep the velocity of the air lower and more flow! Velocity is the speed, which air flows and can be adjusted with dampers or the ducting. I also changed my supply registers to a newer style that allows me to change the flow directions also another cheap fix!

Removing the heat energy or cooling it removes humidity from the air! Either a large size air conditioner or smaller one will remove the moisture! I do not understand why people would not want a bigger air conditioner for those extra hot days?

Ok maybe you might say to my comment it costs a little more to run because the air conditioner is bigger now! True it will cost a fraction more but will not run as long as my old one did all day!

Like the old saying go big or go home! HAHA I did go big and I am impressed on how great my air conditioner works and the great savings on my electric bill!

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Is your air conditioner ready for this summer?

Is your air conditioner ready for this summer? Have Dc’s Mechanical HVAC supercharge your air conditioner 949-770-9616. Lets go over the do it yourself air conditioning checklist and see what you can do to make sure your air conditioner is ready for this summer heat wave!

Is your air conditioner ready for this summer?

First thing we will want to do is make sure we replace the air conditioning filter in your home or business this way we get a proper amount of air flow across the evaporator coil to prevent freezing up the air conditioning unit and providing good clean air through out your home or business. This is really important that you change the filter or clean it every 3 to 6 months. I have a blog about what filters are the best to use on my website to read so please use the search part to find many topics on how to fix your home air conditioner.

Save Money On Your Electric Bill

The second thing is to make sure the condensation drains are cleaned because the air conditioning besides removing sensible heat also removes what we call latent heat that is humidity and moisture in the air! As air gets cooler it cannot hold water causing it to condense in the evaporator coil you will notice a water pipe connected to the evaporator that will run to a drain or a pump in your home. We want to keep this clean so the water does not do damage to your home or business by over flowing and causing mold! These pipes can be blown out with compressed air or co2 easily.

Do It Yourself Air Conditioning Service

The third thing we want to do is go to the outside condensing unit make sure all leaves, grass, plants, or clothing dryer residue is not plugging or around the unit! Think of this unit like your car radiator and what would happen if you hand a plugged radiator the car would over heat! After removing all the clutter and junk around and on the unit we will now take the garden hose and wash the coils down removing all the dirt that will hinder the efficiency of the unit! Do not use high-pressure water because we do not want to bend or flatten the coils. Make sure you can see the water flowing through the coils starting from the top and working lower this way the dirt will be washed out and Wow that air conditioner never worked so great!

How To Test Your Air Conditioner Performance

Ok the fourth thing we can do is to take a thermometer and measure the inside temperature in your home or if you have a digital thermostat on you wall look and see what the temperature is with the unit running for a minimum of 20 minuets we will take your thermometer and measure the temperature coming out of your supply register to see how much heat we are removing from the air! This is the perfect way to see if your air conditioner has the proper charge! I am going to give you an example so you can do this yourself and not have to pay for an expensive service call Is your air conditioner ready for this summer?

Temperature in the house or office is 78 degrees with the air conditioner on for minimum 20 minuets you put your thermometer next to the supply register (please hold this or tape on for 5 minuets to get accurate reading) the supply air is 58 degrees.

Here is the math formula 78 – 58 = 20

78 is home or office temperature

58 is the temperature out of the supply registers

20 degrees is the split in air conditioning we look for a 15 – 20 degree temperature split and anything less we may need to look at the charge or other problems such as ducting loss of air flow around the unit!

Is your air conditioner ready for this summer?
Is your air conditioner ready for this summer?
Is your air conditioner ready for this summer?
Is your air conditioner ready for this summer?
Is your air conditioner ready for this summer?
Is your air conditioner ready for this summer?

Should you have any questions please log in and post them to my blogs I am more than happy to help you out!

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